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I'm new to RO, what should I play for my first class? Suggested beginner first class & builds

For solo farming:

Easy difficulty

  • Gypsy/Clown arrow vulcan
  • Assassin Cross sonic blow, any
  • Lord Knight bowling bash into spiral pierce
  • Sniper double strafe / sharp shooting
  • High Priest TU into magnus exorcismus

Medium difficulty

  • Alchemist acid terror, either stay AT or switch to acid demo
  • Crusader holy cross into GC

For party play:


  • Full support High Priest
  • Linker
  • Bragi Clown
  • Sp song Gypsy

Group DPS classes and mobbers/tanks take significant money to gear before people will want to group with you/before you will be viable, generally, so not recommended as a first character.

Base game tutorial

Talk to all the NPCs, read their dialogue, and do what they say until you reach the killing field. Kill things here until you reach job 10.

Speedrun strat
When you reach the killing field, do the first quest to kill a poring to unlock the first job NPCs.
Allocate your stats into about 10 DEX, with the rest in STR. This server has free stat resets until base level 70, so you can reset these later.
Pick up a quest from the swordsman, thief, merchant, and mage NPCs.
Ask the thief NPC to try thief NPC skills. He will give you a book to equip that will give you envenom level 3 on your etc. skills tab. This will let you quickly kill for the tutorial.
Do all of the quests, and with a few extra kills you should quickly reach job level 10 and roughly base level 12.
Talk to the job NPC of your choice to be sent to the proper quest NPC to change jobs.

Do your first job change quest

Here is a list of all the first job change quests (In alphabetical order):

Do the Project Alfheim tutorial

After you are done, talk to the Doram (cat person) next to the job change NPC to be warped to Lasagna to start the second tutorial. It's recommended to read the tutorial, since the mechanics it is intended to teach are unique to the server.

Once you have completed it, you will be rewarded with some quality starting gear, and can warp to Prontera and visit the main office to stat reset if you wish.

First character: Making early money

If this is your first time playing on the server, you will need some early zeny to fund basic supplies like bwings, fwings, warping, inn buff, arrows or pots, and kafra cards. The easiest way is to farm some commonly used materials from low level mobs, like strawberries from spore and wolf. Sell them to players using the chat command @wb (item). It's recommended to do specifically this if you absolutely need money to play your class, such as buying arrows for archer.

OPTIONAL: Creating a merchant and getting to a minimum of job level 16 for level 10 overcharge will allow you to make more money from selling items to vendors.

Get to ~60/ Second job

Continue killing in lasa field 1 with picky and wolf pups.

When you are able to kill eggring (You require 60 HIT to not miss blows on them) or leaf lunatic (63 HIT Requirement), you can choose to stay in lasa field 1 on eggring for faster overall leveling, and fairly valuable eggring card, or move to lasa field 2 around level 30. Killing Sweet Drops (92 HIT Requirement) / Hunter Wolf (97 HIT Requirement) for more job xp / cute grass necklace drop, which you can potentially sell to players for ~1m. Farm in these zones until second job.

MELEE ONLY: When you are able, move to Dragon Nest 1. Use @lasafigure and collect a couple doram tokens while you are leveling there. Sometimes you can join a group for this zone early (30+)

RANGED ONLY: Geographers is an option at around 30-40+.