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After a slew of fixing and testing, the MVP instance system is finally ready! So how does it work?

Well it starts by having an NPC on every single map that an MVP is on, with a few exceptions where the NPC would be impractical or get in the way. In these cases the NPC is just before the portal to the map the MVP is on. (such as Abyss Lake 3 and Bio 3.)

When you talk to the NPC (fruit), she will ask if you want to take on the instance MVP and how you want to pay. Each MVP has specific item requirements (listed below in the table).

However, you can pay with 10 Instance MVP Tokens instead. Instance MVP Tokens are given as a a reward every time you pay for and kill an Instanced MVP. Important to note that these tokens are CHARACTER bound so no trading them!

One important note is that Ktullanux and Thanatos are both removed from this system because they require quests to summon normally. If competition for these MVP becomes too fierce we will do something special for these rather than add them to this system.

Let's go into some more detail though of what paying does for you:

Getting Loot

When you choose to talk to the Fruit NPC you can choose to join a friend's instance and help out or you can start your own. To join an instance you MUST be in a party with the same person.

You do NOT have to pay to join, but if you want to get loot you must pay when you decide to go into the instance.

The person who starts the instance and pays will always roll loot since they paid to start it up, however they cannot start up an instance if their instance is on cooldown.

MVPs have a cooldown that is account AND computer restricted. It is also 3 times the duration of their normal respawn timers. This means Golden Thief Bug's cooldown is only 3 hours, while a longer respawn MVP like Valkyrie Randgris is 24 hours.

Every person can receive their own loot in the instance as long as they are NOT on cooldown and PAY the cost it would take to summon the instanced MVP. (either the requirements or 10 Instance MVP tokens)

If you are on cooldown, you can still join to help out a friend take down the MVP and get experience, but you will not receive any loot for doing so.

Important notes: MVP Cards do NOT drop in MVP instances and Old Card Albums are reduced by 75% of their normal drop rates. This means Mistress will drop her OCA at 5% instead of 20% and Amon Ra will drop his OCA at 1% instead of 4% as just a few examples. Otherwise all drops are 100% of their normal rates.

Additionally MCA's (if they are to ever drop) will be blacklisted from this system entirely.

Bio 3 Unique Restrictions

Because Bio 3 is kind of wild with its amount of high end drops we decided to make a more unique system for the Bio 3 MVPs.

       1.) You can CHOOSE which MVP you want to take down out of the 6. So if you want to take down Sinx, do so!

       2.) However, all Bio 3 MVPs share a global 24 hour cooldown. Meaning you can only receive loot from one per day before they all go on cooldown.

       3.) You must defeat all of the others individually before they are reset and you can challenge the first you fought. 
           This means if you defeat Sinx on day 1, you must defeat Lord Knight, High Priest, Sniper, High Wizard, and Whitesmith
           over 5 different days minimum before you can challenge the Sinx again. No matter how long you wait this will not reset. 

       4.) While the Bio 3 Instance Start MVP is found in bio 2, you must still meet the level requirements to go to bio 3.

How the Instances themselves Work

The instances are simply clones of the maps the MVP is on. Lord of Death and Bio 3 mvps will still spawn in their fixed spawns. Amon Ra still spawns in his fixed spot, etc. All the mobs and map hazards will still exist on these cloned maps. This means bio 3 has all the bio 3 mobs to deal with as well.

This was so the maps are still challenging. However, while all these mobs will give experience in the instance, none of them drop loot so you will not want to waste time farming the instanced mobs for this reason.

You should go in, kill the MVP and get out!

MVP Instance Requirements List

MVP Name Item 1 (ID) Item 2 (ID) Item 3 (ID) Item 4 (ID) Location of Instance NPC
Osiris Silver Ring(2611) x 1 Rotten Bandages (930) x 75 Elixir Bandages (23256) x 1 moc_pryd04
Baphomet Evil Horn (923) x 15 Halberd[2] (1464) x 1 Yellow Herb (508) x 60 prt_maze02
Doppelganger Silver Robe[1](2333) x 1 Little Evil Horn (1038) x 50 Horseshoe (944) x 75 gef_dun02
Mistress Khukri (13006) x 1 Dragon Scale (1036) x 75 Fancy Flower (2207) x 1 mjolnir_04
Golden Thief Bug Insect Feeler (928) x 100 Worm Peeling (1055) x 50 Fluorescent Liquid (7326) x 1 prt_sewb4
Orc Hero Ogre Tooth (7002) x 75 Orc's Fang (922) x 50 Buster[2] x 2 gef_fild14
Drake Pirate Bandana (2287) x 1 Well-Dried Bone (628) x 1 Skel Bone (932) x 75 treasure02
Eddga Bear's Footskin (948) x 100 Nine Tails (1022) x 50 pay_fild11
Maya Worm Peeling (955) x 75 Royal Jelly (526) x 2 Sticky Mucus (938) x 25 anthell02
Moonlight Flower Nine Tails (1022) x 75 Stone Heart (953) x 10 pay_dun04
Pharaoh Broken Sword (7110) x 75 Honey Pot (7121) x 60 Falchion[4] (1105) x 5 in_sphinx5
Phreeoni Earthworm Peeling (1055) x 75 Fatty Chubby Earthworm (632) x 1 moc_fild17
Orc Lord Orcish Voucher (931) x 75 Battle Axe[4] (1352) x 2 gef_fild10
Stormy Knight Piece of Cake (539) x 20 Manacles (1098) x 20 Well-Baked Cookie (538) x 20 xmas_dun02
Garm Bear's Footskin (948) x 100 Opal (727) x 1 xmas_fild01
Dark Lord Ragamuffin Manteau (2508) x 2 Bible[2] (1551) x 2 gl_chyard
Turtle General Turtle Shell (967) x 50 Old Shuriken (7072) x 15 Broken Shell (7070) x 15 tur_dun04
Lord of the Dead Bat Cage (7214) x 75 Old Manteau (7207) x 30 Mr Scream (2288) x 1 nif_in
Dracula Jack O' Pumpkin (1062) x 75 Tooth of Bat (913) x 15 Wing of Red Bat (1025) x 50 gef_dun01
Evil Snake Lord Cloud Crumb (7162) x 50 Guitar[1] (1908) x 1 Snake Scale (1025) x 50 gon_dun03
Incantation Samurai Shinobi Sash[0] (2654) x 3 Broken Shuriken (7156) x 75 Thief Clothes[1] (2336) x 1 ama_dun03
Amon Ra Armlet of Obedience (639) x 1 Nose Ring (941) x 75 Two-Handed Axe (1361) x 1 moc_pryd06
Tao Gunka Red Flame Whip (1965) x 3 Horrendous Hair (1048) x 50 Sea Witch's Foot[1] (1973) x 1 beach_dun
RSX Old Pick (7318) x 75 Flashlight (7327) 2 Mould Powder (7001) x 15 ein_dun02
White Lady Folding Fan of Cat Ghost (7262) x 15 Cat's Eye (7263) x 15 Bao Bao (5042) x 1 lou_dun03
General Egnignem Cenia Handcuffs (7345) x 30 Research Chart (7347) x 20 lhz_dun02
Bio 3 MVPs Handcuffs (7345) x 500 Research Chart (7347) x 400 lhz_dun02
Vesper White Crest Piece (7356) x 3 Green Crest Piece (7357) x 3 Brown Crest Piece (7358) x 3 Red Crest Piece (7359) x 3 jupe_core
Lady Tanee Destroyed Armor (7069) x 75 Tassel (7301) x 100 Straw Basket (7299) x 10 ayo_dun02
Detale Yellow Bijou (7448) x 20 Blue Bijou (7446) x 15 Red Bijou (7447) x 10 Green Bijou (7445) x 10 abyss_03
Kiel D-01 Burnt Part (7512) x 20 Solid Iron Piece (7507) x 30 Old Broom (637) x 1 kh_dun02
Valkyrie Randgris Rune of Darkness (7511) x 40 Soft Feather (7063) x 20 odin_tem03
Gloom Under Night Suspicious Hat (7567) x 20 Bloody Rune (7563) x 75 Will of the Darkness (7340) x 20 ra_san05
Atroce Rotten Meat (7564) x 75 Sticky Poison (7565) x 50 ra_fild04
Big Eggring Basil (22985) x 10 Dragon Scale (1036) x 100 Dragon Tail (103) x 50 lasa_dun03
Kraken Mystic Frozen (995) x 3 Coral Reef (7103) x 25 Fin (951) x 25 iz_dun05