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Homunculus Changes

Autoloot Disabled

Homunculus do not autoloot if they deal more than 50% of the damage to a mob. Alchemist's have been Greed as compensation.

Experience Gain

Homunculus may get 50% of the master's experience if the master kills the monster, or is in an exp share party and a party member kills the monster. The portion of experience the homunculus gets for its own contribution is still in relation to the percentage of damage it did to the monster.

Homunculus and their owner do not gain exp from homunculus kills if they are considered IDLE. To not be considered IDLE the owner of the homunculus must move once every 3 minutes.

Job Experience

The homunculus no longer reduces the master's job experience in relation to the percentage of damage dealt by the homunculus.


Homunculus kills will stop granting experience after 3 minutes of inactivity. Any kill where the homunculus deals the majority of damage will have autoloot disabled.

Obtaining a Homunculus

The player must be an Alchemist or Biochemist and must go through the Bioethics Quest to unlock the appropriate skill required to create a homunculus. After learning this quest skill, the player will gain access to the rest of the homunculus related skills.

To call out a Homunculus, an Embryo is required. These can be purchased from other Alchemists or self-made. In order to make an Embryo, an Alchemist must use the Skill Pharmacy/Prepare Potion with the following materials purchasable from the Al De Baran Alchemist guild:

  • Dew of Yggdrasil
  • Seed of Life
  • Glass Tube
  • Medicine Bowl
  • Potion Creation Guide (Not Consumed)

Success rates of creating Embryo are affected mainly by the Alchemist's DEX and LUK.

Once an Embryo is obtained, speaking to Homunculus Master alde_alche31186 will allow you to choose the type of homunculus when you use the Call Homunculus skill.

Name Type Food Skills
Amistr HP/DEF
912.png Zargon Castling
Amistr Bulwark
Adamantium Skin
Blood Lust
Vanilmirth MATK
911.png Scell Caprice
Chaotic Blessings
Instruction Change
Self Destruction
Filir Flee/ASPD
910.png Garlet Moonlight
Accelerated Flight
Lif Support
537.png Pet Food Healing Hands
Urgent Escape
Brain Surgery
Mental Charge

Homunculus Status and Skill Points

Homunculus have their own set of stats. They begin with a set amount upon calling it for the first time and raise each level randomly. The chance for each stat to increase is listed on their specific homunculus page. These stats are visible on the homunculus stat window (ALT+R).


  • ATK
    • Min ATK = STR + [STR(Rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10) / 10]2 + DEX
    • Max ATK = STR + [STR(Rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10) / 10]2 + Max(STR + Level, DEX)
  • MATK = INT + [INT(Rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5) / 5]2
  • HIT = Level + DEX
  • DEF
    • Armor DEF = [Level / 10] + [VIT / 5]
    • VIT DEF = VIT - 1
  • MDEF = [Level / 10] + [INT / 5]
  • FLEE = Level + AGI
  • ASPD = 200 - (Delay / 10) + ([4 * Delay * AGI / 1000] + [Delay * DEX / 1000]) / 10


New homunculus begin with 20 intimacy (Awkward).

Homunculi can evolve by using a Stone of Sage (double click it) when the homunculus' intimacy is Loyal. The homunculus will gain a random bonus of 1-10 for each of their stats, increased HP and SP, and change sprite to their evolved form.

After evolving, the homunculus' intimacy resets to 10 (Hate). Once its intimacy reaches 910 again, its fourth skill will be unlocked.


Homunculus intimacy levels will not show on the homunculus window. Type @hominfo to see homunculus intimacy.

Every 60 seconds, the homunculus' hunger will go down by 1.

Feeding a homunculus affects its intimacy. Below is a table that displays the amount of intimacy gained or lost from feeding based on its hunger.

Hunger Intimacy
Starving at 1%~10% -1 every 60 secs
1%~10% 1.5
11%~25% 3
26%~75% 2.25
76%~90% -0.05
91%~100% -0.5
Intimacy Status
1-3 Hate with Passion
4-10 Hate
11-100 Awkward
101-250 Shy
251-750 Neutral
751-910 Cordial
911-1000 Loyal


Q: My Filir doesn't cast Moonlight while approaching a monster

A: The AzzyAI Config Utility setup for the Default monster in Homunculus Tactics tab sometimes resets the setting for Debuff to Never. Change the Debuff dropdown menu to Any and it will work again. This issue only happens to the Default monster, and happens occasionally when you change anything in the Homunculus Tactics tab and then apply settings. If you are experiencing this, if you change anything in the Homunculus Tactics tab reselect Any for the Default monster's Debuff dropdown menu and then click apply settings.

Q: My Homunculus doesn't automatically cast offensive skills against MVP monsters

A: The AzzyAI that comes with Project Alfheim has default Homunculus Tactics for MVPs that prevent it from accidentally rude attacking, you may change these in the Homunculus Tactics on a per MVP basis, or manually cast offensive skills.

Q: How do I use AzzyAI?

A: Type /hoai and ensure the message reads "Homunculus has been customized". If your homunculus is already called, rest and call it again to take effect of the customization.