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On official servers, over the years many strong and interesting headgears were added into the game. These were usually implemented through a pay to win means through the cash shop. Despite that, they still are part of the game and our perspective is that the game was made with these gears in mind. To exclude them from the server would be a disservice to players. However, we do not intend to have any form of pay to win in our cash shop so our solution is to implement these gears through a variety of monster drops and quests. Below you will find the complete list of former cash shop headgears available on Project Alfheim and how to acquire them.

Please note that all former cash shop Lower Headgears (like Well-Chewed Pencil) are Silvervine Exchange exclusives and you can find them on the list there.

Also important is that not all headgears will be available at Launch as the appropriate monsters/items to do their quests or receive their drops are not yet available.

To exchange your items or check quests in games, talk to Airi in the Main Office:

List of Former Cash Shop Headgears

Item Slot Effect How to Acquire
5401.png Black Frame Glasses
Middle INT +1, MDEF +2 Drop from Kiel D-01 at 2%
5664.png Filir's Pinions
Middle Attack Speed +2%, Cast Time -2% Drop from Gryphon at 1.05%
5421.png Ifrit's Ears
Middle STR +1, MDEF +3, Fire Resist +5%, Water Resist -5%, Increase Damage of Fire Bolt, Fire Pillar, and Meteor storm by 2%, Increase Damage of Bash, Pierce, and Magnum Break by 2% Drop from Ifrit at 5%
5402.png Mischievous Fairy
Middle Perfect Dodge +3 Drop from Bacsojin at 2%
5325.png Robo Eye
Middle DEX +1, ATK +2%, MATK +2% Drop from Vesper at 2%
5592.png Sigrun's Wings
Middle Swordman/Merchant/Thief: STR +1, Mage/Acolyte/Ninja/Soul Linker: INT +1, Archer/Gunslinger: DEX +1, Novice: HP +80, SP +30 Drop from Chepet at 1.75%
5363.png Helm of Abyss [1]
Upper Boss Monster Resist +10%, -10% Demi-Human Resist Drop from Abysmal Knight at 0.25%
5137.png Alice Doll [1]
Upper STR +1, Physical Damage to Demi-Human +10%, Low chance of inflicting sleep on self when attacking Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
2256.png 1 Majestic Goat
5170.png 1 Feather Beret
661.png 3 Soft Apron
7047.png 500 Alice's Apron
5229.png Brown Deviruchi Hat
Upper STR +1, INT +1 Drop from Mini Demon at 0.25%
5378.png Bunny Ears Hat
Upper AGI +3, chance to cast Increase AGI, Level 5 when receiving physical damage. Drop from Spring Rabbit at 0.10%
5283.png Chick Hat
Upper LUK +2, Max HP/SP + 50, Enables Level 2 Double Attack, Brute/Demi-Human Resist +3% Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
4008.png 1 Picky Card
4011.png 1 Picky Egg Card
4076.png 1 Magnolia Card
916.png 300 Feather of Bird
5373.png Dark Randgris Helm [1]
Upper/Middle DEX +3, MDEF +1 Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
2229.png 1 Helm [1]
7024.png 1 Bloody Edge
7510.png 25 Valhalla's Flower
5211.png Dress Hat [1]
Upper STR/INT +1, ATK/MATK +2%, MDEF +7, Increase Healing by 5%, If +7: ATK/MATK +1%, Healing +1% Drop from High Priest MVP at 10%
5364.png Evil Snake Lord Hat [1]
Upper STR/INT +1, AGI +2 Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
5012.png 1 Ph.D Hat
7169.png 25 Ba Gua
5481.png Hermode Cap [1]
Upper ASPD +10%, ATK -20, MATK -10% Drop from Eremes Guile at 2.5%
5383.png Hunting Cap [1]
Upper LUK +1, Physical Damage to Brute +10%, Magic Damage to Brute +5% Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
5016.png 1 Boy's Cap
7171.png 200 Leopard Skin
948.png 200 Bear's Footskin
5420.png Ifrit's Mask [1]
Upper/Middle/Lower STR/INT +1, MDEF +5, Fire Resist +10%, Water Resist -10%, Enables use of Sight, Autocast Meteor Storm when attacked, Autocast Firebolt when dealing physical damage Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:

Essence of Fire x 10 (exclusive drop from Ifrit at 100%)

5658.png Imp Hat [1]
Upper Low chance to autocast Level 1 endow blaze when dealing a physical attack Drop from Imp at 1%
5291.png Kettle Hat
Upper Autocasts Deluge/Waterball on attack Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
7323.png 300 Battered Kettle
5372.png Koneko Hat
Upper After Cast Delay -3%, MATK +3%, Max SP +3%, MDEF +3, INT +1 Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:

Ornament Hairpin x 25 (exclusive drop from Bacsojin at 100%)

5526.png Lady Tanee Doll
Upper AGI +2, Flee +3, Wind Resist +5%, low chance to drop Banana on kill Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:

Broken Banana Juice x 25 (exclusive drop from Lady Tanee at 100%)

5555.png Leaf Cat Hat
Upper AGI +2, low chance to cast Heal, Level 3 when attacked Drop from Leaf Cat at 0.10%
5527.png Lunatic Hat
Upper LUK +3, Crit +5, Damage to Plant +20% Drop from Eclipse at 1%
5138.png Magic Eyes
Upper MDEF +5, Cast Time -10%, SP Consumption +20% Drop from Kathryne Keyron at 10%
5214.png Moonlight Flower Hat
Upper DEX +2, autocast Increase AGI, Level 1 when attacking Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:

Symbol of Fox x 25 (exclusive drop from Moonlight Flower at 100%)

5502.png Necromancer's Hood
Upper/Middle 5% chance to autocast Dark Soul Strike when receiving Physical Damage Drop from Necromancer at 1%
5495.png Power of Thor [1]
Upper INT +1, DEX +1, MDEF +3, FLEE +5 Drop from Valkyrie (mini) at 1%
5208.png Rideword Hat [1]
Upper Randomly absorb 8% of physical damage as HP, Randomly Absorb 4% of physical damage as SP, Drains 10 HP every 5 seconds Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
4185.png 1 Rideword Card
4388.png 1 Death Word Card
7015.png 50 Bookclip in Memory
7449.png 100 Bloody Page
1097.png 600 Worn Out Page
18539.png Skull Cap [1]
Upper MATK +2%, If +5, MATK +3%, If +7, MATK +3%.

- Combos:
Elven Ears: SP Consumption -3%.
Evil Bone Wand or Thorn Staff of Darkness: Each weapon refine adds MATK +1% and if +10: Cast Time -10%.

Drop from Dark Lord at 2%
5659.png Sleeper Hat
Upper Low chance to autocast level 1 Endow quake when attacking Drop from Sleeper at 0.10%
5388.png Snake Head [1]
Upper Enables use of Level 5 Double Attack Drop from Evil Snake Lord at 2%
5343.png Telling Doll Hat [1]
Upper Demi-Human Resist +5%, 10% more healing from White Potions/Condensed White Potions Drop from Aliza at 0.10%
5579.png Wanderer's Sakkat [1]
Upper AGI +2 Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
2280.png 3 Sakkat
7005.png 100 Skull
18656.png Witch's Pumpkin Hat
Upper MDEF +10%, Physical and Magic Damage to Demon/Undead +15%.

- Combos:
Mr. Smile: Adds a chance of gaining Pumpkin Pie when killing monsters.
Hahoe Mask: ASPD +1.
Alarm Mask: Healing of Pumpkin and Well-baked Cookie increased.
Opera Mask: Flee +10.

Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
7225.png 200 Pumpkin Lantern
2252.png 10 Wizard Hat
7019.png 1 Loki's Whispers
7212.png 100 Hung Doll
7209.png 100 Helm of Dullahan
7223.png 50 Contorted Self Portrait
7213.png 100 Needle Packet
5385.png Yoyo Hat
Upper Enables use of Level 1 Hiding Drop from Yoyo at 0.10%
5611.png Turtle Hat
Upper AGI +1, 0.5% chance of auto casting level 3 decrease agi on an enemy when hit by a physical attack. Drop from Permeter at 0.10%
18791.png Shrine Maiden Hat [1]
Upper Priest/High Priest Only: INT +1, After Cast Delay -15%, Cast time of Magnus Exorcismus -15%, Magnus Exorcismus damage +10% Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
2244.png 1 Big Ribbon
2294.png 5 Stellar
2206.png 3 Wedding Veil
7054.png 500 Brigan
18542.png Benevolent Guardian [1]
Upper Heal Power +2%, Healing Received +5%, At +7: Additional Heal Power +3%.

- Combos:
Healing Staff: +1% Heal Power per refine.

Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
2217.png 3 Biretta [1]
2617.png 1 Celebrant's Mitten
1099.png 500 Worn-out Prison Uniform
18597.png Mercury Riser [1]
Upper ASPD +3%, Critical Chance +3, Critical Damage +3%, At +5: Additional ASPD +1%, Critical Chance +1, Critical Damage+ 1%, At +7: Additional ASPD +1%, Critical Chance +1, Critical Damage+ 1% Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
969.png 3 Gold
5017.png 1 Bone Helm
2652.png 5 Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch
5897.png Ascendant Crown [1]
Upper Super Novice Only, All Stats +1, HP +300, SP +100, MDEF +5, MATK +2%, ATK +10, Critical Chance +5, HIT +5, FLEE +5, At +5: Additional ASPD +1%, MATK +1%, CRIT +1, At +7: Additional ASPD +2%, MATK +1%, CRIT +2, At +9: Additional ASPD +2%, MATK +1%, CRIT +2 Airi Exchange & Quests in Main Office:
5119.png 20 Super Novice Hat [1]
918.png 200 Sticky Webfoot
907.png 200 Resin
916.png 200 Feather of Birds
1034.png 200 Blue Hair
930.png 200 Rotten Bandage
917.png 200 Talon