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Project Alfheim allows you to acquire items formerly found in the cash shop by instead simply playing the game.

All monsters in the game drop Green Silvervine Fruits at a rate of 0.50% and all MVP Boss Monsters drop them at a 10% rate.

Silvervine Fruit is not account bound and can be traded and sold on the market freely. Additionally there are special Blue

and Red Silvervine Fruits that can only be found through our Treasure Hunt system. These, by contrast, are character bound.

To exchange your fruits, simply talk to Premi in the main office and select your items. Below you can find a list of all

possible items you can exchange your Green Silvervine Fruit for.

Green Silvervine Exchange Items

Item Effect Cost in Green Silvervine
Dead Branch Box (x25) Gives 25 Dead Branches, summons a random monster 2
Bloody Branch Summons a random MVP monster 15
Life Insurance Removes EXP death penalty for 30 minutes or until next death. 3
Job Battle Manual Gives 50% increased JOB EXP for 30 minutes. Stacks with Battle Manual 2
Battle Manual Gives 50% increased EXP for 30 minutes. 2
Advanced Battle Manual Gives 100% increased EXP for 60 minutes. 10
Gym Pass Can be used at the NPC in payon to increase weight limit by 200. Can be used up to 10 times per character. 5
Gym Pass Box Gives 10 Gym Passes which increase weight limit by 200 each for a total of 2000 weight. 50
Halter Lead 7 Day Rental Box Gives the player a Halter Lead item that expires after 7 days. 3
Halter Lead 30 Day Rental Box Gives the player a Halter Lead item that expires after 30 days. 10
Speed Potion Box (5) Gives 5 Speed Potions upon opening. 2
Silit Pong Bottle Used for de-socketing cards with Lydia in the main office. 25
Pirate Dagger ATK +5 (Lower Headgear) 50
Rainbow Scarf MATK +1%, INT +1, MDEF +2 (Lower Headgear) 50
Spiked Scarf VIT +1, Demi-Human Resist and Damage +1% (Lower Headgear) 50
Umbala Spirit Max HP +1%, Increases Recovery of Meat by 25% (Lower Headgear) 50
Fish in Mouth Increases recovery of Fresh Fish by 25% (Lower Headgear) 50
Crimson Rose LUK +1 (Lower Headgear) 50
Donut in Mouth Max HP +100, Recover 1 HP ever 10 seconds (Lower Headgear) 50
Well-Chewed Pencil HIT +3, when worn with Model Training Hat, DEX/DEF +2 (Lower Headgear) 50
CD in Mouth While attacking has 6% chance to active 5 seconds of autocasting bolts level 1-5 (Lower Headgear) 50
Gangster Scarf ATK + 5 [Rogue Class] Enables use of Level 1 Gangster's Paradise (Lower Headgear) 50
Advanced Assassin Mask 1 crit and 1% crit damage, equippable by all classes (Lower Headgear) 50
Novice Figure Max HP + 70 [Novice Class] Max HP + 30, Max SP + 50 (Accessory) 50
Swordsman Figure VIT+ 1 [Swordsman Class] DEF + 2, Max HP + 150 (Accessory) 50
Acolyte Figure INT+ 1 [Acolyte Class] SP + 50, Heal Power + 5% (Accessory) 50
Mage Figure INT + 1 [Magician Class] After Cast Delay -5% (Accessory) 50
Archer Figure DEX + 1 [Archer Class] ATK + 10 (Accessory) 50
Thief Figure AGI + 1 [Thief Class] ASPD + 3% (Accessory) 50
Merchant Figure STR + 1 [Merchant Class] ATK + 5, 5% Zeny Cost Reduction for Skills (Accessory) 50
Pecopeco Hairband Increases Movement Speed by 25%, but decreases Attack Speed by 10% and increases Cast Time by 25%. (Upper Headgear) 50
Pecopeco Wing Ears AGI + 1 (Middle Headgear) 50
Blush of Groom Reduces damage from DemiHuman monster by 3%. (Middle Headgear) 50
Hawk Eyes +10 Hit (Middle Headgear) 50

Treasure Hunt System and Red/Blue Silvervine

We can't share pictures as it would give away locations, but in the overworld there are over 150 chests hidden!

If you find one, depending on where it was located it may include a Blue or Red Silvervine Fruit. The Red Silvervine

Fruit are significantly more rare. All of the chests whether considered "easy" (Blue) or "hard" (Red) will all be

noticeably out of your way to find. You will have to go searching the overworld for these explicitly as you are

unlikely to find them just walking about. Both Red and Blue Silvervine Fruits are CHARACTER bound. They weight 0

but if you wish to get rid of them for any reason you may sell them to NPC. Jus be warned that once you open a chest

on a character you can never open it again.

NOTE: It is against the rules to post a guide in the discord or on this wiki about possible locations. You can share

found locations with your friends, but don't make a public guide.

Glorious Chests

Within the treasure hunt system you can find much larger chests which include exclusive costumes to these specific

chests. There are 20 Glorious Chests in total on launch currently with intentions to add more as content updates.

The costumes found in these chests are account bound so they cannot be sold once found.

The costumes found in them are below: (this does not reveal which one is where only which ones are a possibility)

1.) Orchid Hairband

2.) Deviruchi Headphones

3.) Ancient Gold Deco

4.) Large Hibiscus

5.) Stole of Dominion

6.) Chick Poulet

7.) Bijofnil Wing

8.) Beelzebub's Crown

9.) Gothic Headdress

10.) Coppola Cap

11.) Sword Wings

12.) Giant Cat Bag

13) Costume of Light Darkness Crown

14) Costume Poring Letter

15) Costume White Kitten Ears

16) Angeling Hairpin

17) Cactus Hat

18) Blue Drooping Cat

19) Cat Footprints

20) Cat Eyes

Red and Blue Silvervine Fruit Rewards

The rewards for Red and Blue Silvervine Fruit treasure hunters are exclusive costumes to this system. These costumes

will never release in a costume egg and these will always be the only way to obtain them as they are ACCOUNT bound.

There are no intentions to add anymore to the Red and Blue Silvervine exclusives currently, but we may add more in

the future. Currently there are 20 possible costumes you can exchange for with a combination of Red and Blue

Silvervine Fruits. To exchange your fruits, talk to Airi in the main office. She also exchanges Event items and

former Cash Shop Headgears for quests.

Costume Cost in Blue Silvervine Cost in Red Silvervine
Artist Hat 35 10
Yellow Ribbon 35 10
Soulless Wing 35 10
Poring Bubble Pipe 35 10
Digital Space 35 10
Loli Ruri's Moon 35 10
Thanatos Sword 35 10
Happy Cat 35 10
Drooping Eddga 35 10
Crown on Shoulder 35 10
Roast Memory 35 10
Sepia Cap 35 10
White Lily 35 10
Wild Poring Rider 35 10
Duneyrr Hat 35 10
Alpaca Hood 35 10
Rose Cascade 35 10
Jasper Crown 35 10
Floating Parasol 35 10
Dolor Thanatos 35 10