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Project Alfheim has a public test server separate from the one we develop on so players can test changes that might be too impactful to push to live immediately. Its also there for you to feel free to test builds and strategies you aren't sure are worth investing into!

Its basically a relatively recently updated version of the live server at all times. (although not always up to date)

What makes the public test different is the commands players have access to that are normally restricted to players and only available to GMs.

Registering For the Test Server

There is NO website to register for the test server, instead when you first attempt to login, type your username like follows


Note that you only need to type the " _M " portion this first time, after that it is just the username. So let's get into an example, we're going to pretend that we are registering charlietestsu on the test server.



This creates an account with the login "charlietestsu" and the password for this account is "charliewikiexample".

Now to login from here on out I would type:


Cloning an account

Main accounts are cloned to the test server at unknown intervals. Simply log in using the account's details on the test server. The cloned accounts will have all characters, equipment, and items as the original and allows for quick testing. As an example, if my account details for the main server is as follows:

  • Account: Test1
  • Password: Test2

Typing the account details in the test server will login to the Test1 account for the test server. If it shows as unregistered, not enough time has passed for the account to be cloned.

Special Commands


You can use this to quickly jump to a specific town by either typing @go and then the town name or @go and a number.


        @go prontera
        @go 0


This is a more specific warper that lets you instantly teleport to any specific location in the game! It has a specific format:


           @warp (mapname) (x coordinate) (y coordinate)


           @warp moc_fild01 100 100


This acts like a fly wing for the specific map you are on. You can also use specific coordinates like with @warp for this too! just typing @jump will go somewhere random on the same map. You can use this even on maps you cannot normally teleport on.


This lets you instantly change your job to a desired job. It is recommended you job level up in order and then use @jlvl (mentioned below) to get your appropriate job points and spending them rather than instantly jumping to your final job.


        @job High Novice
        @jlvl 10
        Spend Skill Points
        @job High Merchant
        @jlvl 50
        Spend Skill Points
        @job Creator
        @jlvl 70
        Spend Skill Points

@blvl and @jlvl

These instantly raise your base level or job level. You can also lower them too!


       @blvl 99
       @blvl -50
       @jlvl 70
       @jlvl -50


This will instantly reset your stats and skill points. Not much else to explain here.


This allows you to create an item and an amount of it. This is the basic version. You must know the item id but you can look that up with @ii (item info).


       @item 610 30 (makes 30 yggdrasil leaves)


Item 2 is a bit more complex and honestly confusing for players who are not familiar with GM commands. This will allow you to bypass all normal item restrictions to create items with anything in their card slots that you so wish. With the introduction of @itemopt (explained at the end of this page, this is rather obsolete, but for those of you who still wish to use it I will explain.


        @item2 (itemid) 1 1 (refine) 0 (card id) (card id) (card id) (card id)


       @item2 13027 1 1 7 0 4086 4086 4086 0

The above example will make a Scalpel[3] (item id = 13027) that is refined to +7 and has 3 Soldier Skeleton Cards (item id = 4086) in them. the 0 for the last card slot means it is empty.

@skillid and @questskill

These two are intended to go together. Quest skills require the latter command, but if you dont know the skillid you wont be able to use it. So first look up the skill id number with @skill id then use that id with @questskill to learn the skill on the appropriate class.


        @skillid Arrow Crafting
        It returns: skill147: Arrow Crafting (AC_MAKINGARROW)
        @questskill 147
        You've now learned Arrow crafting


This will give you the amount of zeny you enter. Pretty basic.


This command will let you refine a specific gear slot you HAVE EQUIPPED to a certain value.

The Slots are as follows:

         256 = Top Headgear
         2 = Right Hand (Weapon)
         32 = Left Hand (Shield)
         16 = Armor
         4 = Garment
         64 = Shoes

Let's say we want to refine our shield to +9, here's an example:


        @refine 32 9

Then that will refine our shield from its CURRENT refine to +9.

Note that if your shield was say, already +4 and then you wanted +9, you would type:

       @refine 32 5

@makeegg and @petfriendly

Pet Eggs cannot be made with @item, they must be made with @makeegg instead. Simply look up the item id of a pet egg with @ii and then use @makeegg with id instead. @petfriendly simply makes a pet loyalty change to whatever you set it to. 1000 is the maximum.


        @makeegg 9042 (this will make a Loli Ruri Egg
        Hatch the egg with a Pet Incubator (@item 643 to make a pet incubator)
        @petfriendly 1000  (this will give the loli ruri max loyalty and thus give it, its strongest loyalty bonus)

@homlevel and @homfriendly

You can easily make a homunculus by creating an embryo (@item 7142) and making one normally at the alchemist guild in Aldebaran (@warp alde_alche 31 184). Then talk to the Homunculus Master and choose your homunculus.

@homlevel is exactly like it sounds like and will instantly level your homunculus just like @blvl levels yourself. @homfriendly will raise your intimacy of your homunculus if you want to evolve it for any reason.

Special Command: @itemopt

This is the command players will find themselves using the most as it allows you to create random options with specific values on gears. You unfortunately cannot card at the same time you use this nor can you refine. But it will create the item with random options you set.

Below at the end of this guide you will a table with the list of options ID that you will need to use. For now lets get into explaining how the command works!

For this example we are going to try to make a Valkyrian Armor[1] with +3 DEX on the first option and 10% Neutral Reduction on the second option!

First, lets use @ii to look up the item id for a Valkyrian Armor


Now that we have our ID (2357), we can use @itemopt to bring up the command and choose to make a Valkyrian Armor.


Next you will notice it is asking for "Options" and "Values", below in the table you will find those. So lets find out what the ID for DEX and Neutral Resist are!

DEX's random option ID is 7


Neutral Resistance ID is 25

Will enter these on two separate lines, So ID is 7, and value is 3 for +3 DEX

and ID is 25 and value is 10 for 10% Neutral Resist! Here you can see it in action below!


Now let's check if our item turned out right!


Yep, looks right! As you can tell, its as simple as using the table below to look up the ID and entering a value. If you don't remember what the values you can roll for each option are check out our Random Options page!

Armor/Garment/Shoes Options

Option Name ID
ATK 17
HP (Flat) 1
SP (Flat) 2
HP recovered per 10 11
SP recovered per 10 12
Freeze Resist 255
Stone Curse Resist 256
Neutral Elemental Resist 25
Wind Elemental Resist 29
Fire Elemental Resist 28
Water Elemental Resist 26
Earth Elemental Resist 27
Shadow Elemental Resist 32
Holy Elemental Resist 31
Ghost Elemental Resist 33
Poison Elemental Resist 30
Undead Elemental Resist 34
Flee 22
Hit 18
Undead Race Resist 88
Brute Race Resist 89
Plant Race Resist 90
Insect Race Resist 91
Fish Race Resist 92
Demon Race Resist 93
Demihuman Race Resist 94
Angel Race Resist 95
Dragon Race Resist 96
Formless Race Resist 87
Perfect Dodge 23
Critical Chance 24
Critical Damage 164
Long Range Damage Resist 167
Small Size Resist 160
Medium Size Resist 161
Large Size Resist 162
Boss Monster Resist 150
Heal Power(Casting) 168
Defense 20
Magic Defense 21

Weapons Options

Option Name ID
ATK 17
Attack Speed % 16
SP Cost Reduction 172
Critical Chance 24
Critical Damage 164
Cast Time Reduction 170
After Cast Delay Reduction 171
Flee 22
Hit 18
HP (Flat) 1
SP (Flat) 2
Max HP % 9
Max SP % 19
Phys. Damage to Small 157
Phys. Damage to Medium 158
Phys. Damage to Large 159
Phys. Damage to Boss 148
Phys. Damage to Shadow 51
Phys. Damage to Fire 43
Phys. Damage to Earth 41
Phys. Damage to Neutral 37
Phys. Damage to Poison 47
Phys. Damage to Holy 49
Phys. Damage to Ghost 53
Phys. Damage to Undead 55
Phys. Damage to Water 39
Phys. Damage to Wind 45
Long Range Phys. Damage 166
Phys. Damage to Angel 105
Phys. Damage to Brute 99
Phys. Damage to Demon 103
Phys. Damage to Dragon 106
Phys. Damage to Fish 102
Phys. Damage to Demihuman 104
Phys. Damage to Insect 101
Phys. Damage to Formless 97
Phys. Damage to Plant 100
Phys. Damage to Undead 98
Magic Damage to Boss 152
% MDEF Pierce to Shadow 270
% MDEF Pierce to Fire 266
% MDEF Pierce to Earth 265
% MDEF Pierce to Neutral 263
% MDEF Pierce to Poison 268
% MDEF Pierce to Holy 269
% MDEF Pierce to Ghost 271
% MDEF Pierce to Undead Ele 272
% MDEF Pierce to Water 264
% MDEF Pierce to Wind 267
% MDEF Pierce to Angel 145
% MDEF Pierce to Brute 139
% MDEF Pierce to Demon 143
% MDEF Pierce to Dragon 146
% MDEF Pierce to Fish 142
% MDEF Pierce to Demihuman 144
% MDEF Pierce to Insect 141
% MDEF Pierce to Formless 137
% MDEF Pierce to Plant 140
% MDEF Pierce to Undead Race 138