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Job Base: Novice
Job Type: First
Changes At: Prontera Church
Number of Skills: 14
Total Skill Points: 90
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+3 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4


Acolytes are thoughtful protectors and healers of all that is good in Rune Midgarts. Though they are still new to holy magic, Heal, Blessing, and Increase AGI skills are vital to turning the tide of the battle. Growing up in the Capital City of Prontera, they learned how their skills could protect fellow adventurers from evil.

Acolytes cannot equip bladed weapons, but their dedication to all that is good allows them to fully support others in all situations. They can be solid tanks given the right attribute and armor.

Job Change Guide

Base Level: None
Job Level: 10
Class: Novice
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Acolyte

1. Go to the Prontera Church pront234314 in the northeastern corner of Prontera. Go to the room on the right-hand side and talk to Father Mareusis. He will ask you to go meet one of the following NPCs:

  • Note: Once you talk to the Ascetic, you will automatically be saved at their location. If you die or use a Butterfly Wing, you will return to the Ascetic's spot instead of your previous save point.

2a. Mother Marthilda in Morroc: With the Episode 12 patch, this is no longer an easy NPC to reach. The easiest way to get to this Ascetic is to use the Kafra teleport service to go to Morroc and head north. You will then be on Sograt Desert 07. Mother Marthilda is located in the northwestern corner of the map moc_fild0741355. To return to Prontera and use the Kafra teleport service again.

2b. Father Yosuke in East Geffen: Use the Kafra teleport service to warp to Geffen and walk 2 maps to the east to locate Father Yosuke on Prontera Field 00. It is also possible to reach him by traveling 1 map west, 1 map north, and 1 map west from Prontera. Father Yosuke is located in the center of the map prt_fild00208218.

2c. Father Rubalkabara in East Prontera: Father Rubalkabara is on Prontera Field 03 to the east of Prontera. He is located in the northeastern corner prt_fild03365259. This quest is actually one of the hardest of the three choices due to the Mandragoras on Prontera Field 02 you must pass through.

3. Return to the Priest at the Church to change into an Acolyte.


See Priest Builds or Monk Builds for build strategies.

  • Learn Battle Mode before turning Priest. The Acolyte skills probably won't fill up more than one hotkey bar, but just getting used to battle mode's quirks will make the transition to Priest much easier. Mastering Pneuma will save your party's EXP.


Class Data


See Priest Skills or Monk Skills for second class skills.
See Skill Reset for information about skill resets.

Note that not all of these skills are a requirement for all Acolytes, some people have different playing styles, but almost all of them are used as other Acolyte skill prerequisites, Priest skill prerequisites, or are just extremely useful.

Two skills that no two Acolytes turning Priest will ever agree on are Cure and Decrease AGI. One should do their research before choosing to get or not get either, as both options have pros and cons. If the Acolyte doesn't get Cure or Decrease AGI then they'll be putting those points into Angelus.

Skill Description Levels Type
Angelus.png Angelus
Increase soft DEF by 5~50% for the user and all party members nearby for 30~300 seconds. 10 Supportive
Aqua Benedicta.png Aqua Benedicta
Create 1 Holy Water while standing in shallow water. Each use consumes an Empty Bottle. 1 Active
Blessing.png Blessing
For 60~240 seconds, increase target's STR, DEX, and INT by 1~10. When used on Undead or Demon monsters, reduces their DEX and INT by 50%. 10 Supportive
Cure.png Cure
Cures a target from Silence, Blind, and Chaos statuses. 1 Supportive
Decrease AGI.png Decrease AGI
Attempts to lower a target's AGI by 3~12 for 30~120 seconds vs. monsters and 20~65 seconds vs. players with 42~60% base chance of success. 10 Active
Demon Bane.png Demon Bane
Increases mastery attack against Demon and Undead monsters. 10 Passive
Divine Protection.png Divine Protection
Increases soft DEF against Demon and Undead monsters. 10 Passive
Heal.png Heal
Restore a target's HP or damage Undead targets. 10 Supportive
Increase AGI.png Increase AGI
For 60~240 seconds, increase target's AGI by +3~12 and movement speed. 10 Supportive
Pneuma.png Pneuma
For 10 seconds, protects a 3×3 area from incoming ranged attacks. 1 Supportive
Ruwach.png Ruwach
Reveal hidden enemies in a 5×5 area around the user and deal 145% MATK Holy property magic damage damage to them. 1 Offensive
Signum Crucis.png Signum Crucis
Decrease hard DEF of Undead-element and Demon monsters' by 14~50% in a wide radius around the user, with 27~63% success chance. 10 Supportive
Teleport.png Teleport
Instantly move to a random spot on the map or the user's save spot. Does not work in PvP environments. 2 Supportive
Warp Portal.png Warp Portal
Use a Blue Gemstone to open a portal to the user's save spot or an area memorized earlier for up to 8 players to pass through. 4 Supportive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Holy Light.png Holy Light
Holy-element attack that deals 125% MATK damage to a single target. Cancels Kyrie Eleison on target. 1 Offensive 30 Holy Light Quest

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4
STR 26 42 49
AGI 22 40
VIT 6 30 44
INT 10 33 46
DEX 14 36 46
LUK 2 18 38 50
Skills Angelus • Aqua Benedicta • Blessing • Cure • Decrease AGI • Demon Bane • Divine Protection • Heal • Holy Light • Increase AGI • Pneuma • Ruwach • Signum Crucis • Teleport • Warp Portal
Quests Acolyte Skill Quest • Acolyte Training Quest
Weapons Mace • Rod
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