Twilight Pharmacy V

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Twilight Pharmacy V.png Twilight Pharmacy V
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 200
Cast Time: 3 seconds (Fixed)
Catalyst: 400 Medicine Bowl, 400 Empty Bottle, 200 Fabric, 200 Immortal Heart, 200 Alcohol
Required Item: 1 Bottle Grenade Creation Guide, 1 Acid Bottle Creation Guide
(Alchemist) Learning Potion Lv. 10


Twilight Pharmacy V uses the Spirits from the Alchemist Spirit skill to help you quickly create white potions. When you begin casting, you will attempt to create 200 Acid Bottles and Grenade Bottles every 0.005 seconds. To cast Twilight Pharmacy V, you must have all the items you would need to create 200 Acid Bottles and 200 Grenade Bottles normally, and the success rate is no different than if you made them one at a time.

Alchemist & Creator
2nd Class
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