Twilight Pharmacy II

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Twilight Pharmacy II.png Twilight Pharmacy II
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 200
Cast Time: 3 seconds (Unaffected by DEX)
Cast Delay: 10 seconds
Catalyst: 200 Empty Test Tube, 200 Medicine Bowl, 200 White Potion, 200 Witch Starsand
Required item: 1 Condensed Potion Creation Guide
(Alchemist) Learning Potion Lv. 10


Twilight Pharmacy II (Alt: Spiritual Potion Creation 2) is a 2nd class active skill available as Alchemist and Biochemist, if they are under the effects of Alchemist Spirit. It allows the caster to create 200 Condensed White Potions at once. When you begin casting, you will attempt to create 200 Condensed White Potions, one every 0.005 seconds. To cast Twilight Pharmacy II, you must have all the items you would need to create 200 Condensed White Potions normally, and the success rate is no different than if you made them one at a time. When used, your Alchemist Ranking will rise based on your success rate as if each potion were created separately.


  • The skill technically only requires 200 Medicine Bowl to be cast but requires all the other items as well to create the potions. This also means it will consume the 200 Medicine Bowls even if the caster does not have all the ingredients required.
  • You no longer need a Super Novice and Soul Linker in a party to cast the skill.
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