Utility Plagiarism

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Utility Plagiarism.png Utility Plagiarism
Utility Plagiarism Info.gif
Type: Active/Passive Skill
Levels: 5 (Selectable)
Cast Time: 3 seconds (Fixed)
Cooldown: 10 seconds
(Rogue) Plagiarism Lv. 10


Utility Plagiarism is a 2nd class active/passive skill available as Rogue and Stalker. The skill is automatically acquired when Plagiarism is learned at level 10. It functions the same as Plagiarism, but Utility Plagiarism learns utility/supportive skills instead of offensive skills. This means if a monster casts a skill like Endure, you will learn Endure at the highest possible level for this skill (Level 5). This is with the exception of Heal and Sanctuary, which will be learned at level 10 regardless of the level of this skill. Casting Utility Plagiarism allows you to set any skill you have learned as your utility plagiarism skill. This allows the player to use the skill as if it were their own.

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