Alchemist Mass Brew Skills

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When Soul Linked Alchemists gain access to "Twilight Alchemy" skills. These skills are used to mass brew items such as Condensed White Potions. Normally there

are only 3 Twilight Pharmacy skills, but on Project Alfheim there are 5 in total. The player still needs the mats to brew the items, but can do so all at once. Success

rate is still determined by stats when mass brewing.

Twilight Pharmacy 1 and 2

Twilight Pharmacy 1 is unchanged and brews 200 white potions at once. Twilight Pharmacy 2 has had its arbitrary Super Novice and Soul linker requirements removed. This does not mean that you can use the ability without being soul linked, but only that you do not need a soul linker in your party.

Twilight Pharmacy 3

Twilight Pharmacy 3 has been completely reworked. Officially it brews 100 Alcohol, 50 Acid Bottles, and 50 Bottle Grenades all at once. This is not only confusing, but impractical. On Alfheim this skill has been changed to brew 200 Alcohol at once. Additionally the Taekwon and Soul Linker requirements to use the skill have been removed as well. Again, you still need to be soul linked to unlock the skill, but do not need a soul linker in your party.

Twilight Pharmacy 4

Twilight Pharmacy 4 is a new custom skill that mass brews 200 blue potions at once. It functions identical to Twilight Pharmacy 1 and has no requirements besides the mats necessary to brew 200 blue potions normally.

Twilight Pharmacy 5

Twilight Pharmacy 5 is another new custom skill, but this one is unique. It brews 200 Bottle Grenades AND 200 Acid Bottles at once. Similar to old Twilight Pharmacy 3 but instead condensed down to just the two bomb materials for Biochemists Acid Demonstration.

Twilight Pharmacy 6

Twilight Pharmacy 6 is another new custom skill, but this one is unique. It brews 200 Glistening Coats at once.


Our goal with these changes is to lessen the time burden for guilds to brew for WOE. Without mass brewing skills, some members of guilds can be relegated to brewing all day. We think you should spend more time playing and less time setting an efficient macro for brewing so we implemented as many of these as we could. We will consider adding another in the future for Glistening Coats as well, but for now these are the ones we will have. Combined with increased WOE supply drops it should be significantly easier to participate in WOE without it feeling like an overwhelming investment of time and effort.