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This spring we're going with the Sweets Festival event and we're going hard on this one. There's a lot to explain however, so we're going to cover everything else first and hit the event at the end. Scroll down if you mostly care about the event!

Skill Update and Rebalance

A lot of these changes were skill rebalances I wanted to do all along but was really hesitant on. After seeing how the server played out, we felt some of these changes would add to the fun and really bring a lot of underplayed classes to life. So without further ado, let's get right into it!

To see a complete list of the skill changes in an easier to read format: check out our Skill Changes page!

Priest/High Priest

The first major skill change goes to both Priest/High Priest. We reworked Magnus Exorcismus to hit ALL mobs. Unlike in Renewal/RO: Zero however, it does not get its reduced after cast delay or cast time. It also does not get its increased damage vs demon and undead. (its still good vs those mobs because they are weak to Holy).

Magnus Exorcismus

The second major skill change is High Priest exclusive. For one skill point each the player can learn Canto Candidus and Clementia. Canto Candidus functions as a 15 x 15 AOE Increase AGI buff for your party. Clementia is the same but for Blessing. Both skills are nerfed from their renewal version and only give the same strength as Level 10 Blessing and Increase AGI. They also both require level 10 of their respective skills to learn.

Canto Candidus



Crusader and Paladin's Holy Cross is a weak skill in pre-renewal. In renewal, it massively increases your damage with a two-handed spear, so we did the same here. Its not double like it is in renewal, but it does increase your damage by 60% when using a two handed spear. We hope this opens up a new fun single target agi build for Crusader players to level with. Especially pre-trans.

Holy Cross


Rogue and Stalker's backstab is mechanically useless before the Zero rework. We applied the zero/renewal mechanics to Backstab to make it useable. It has a 250% attack ratio down from 700%, but it hits twice with a dagger for a total ratio of 500% ATK. The skill is very spammable and no longer cares whether you are in front of or behind an enemy.

Back Stab


Mr Kim nerfed from 80% bonus EXP > 30% bonus EXP. This is a straight nerf to adjust for the massively increased EXP people will get from our tapping bonus buffs in party play. Mr. Kim is exponential in scaling meaning it multiplies all of your exp including tapping bonus, manuals, spotlight buffs, etc. As such leaving it at 80% with double tapping bonus was infeasible so it had to be lowered. Even with the big nerfs to Mr.Kim you will still gain more total exp in a 12 man party than before with Kim.

Mr. Kim A Rich Man

Arrow Vulcan (trans only), has had its animation lock out removed. You can now move after casting Arrow Vulcan. It is still unaffected by Bragi and additionally we made it unaffected by After Cast Delay from items/gear just to be safe. The skill should feel more safe to use now and make the class more fun.

Arrow Vulcan


Combo monk focus here and a few changes: Raging Trifecta Blow/Triple Attack now has a 30% chance at all ranks. Chain Combo has had its sp cost lowered. Raging Thrust also has had its SP cost lowered and additionally no longer consumes a spirit sphere when used. Chain Crush Combo for champion has had its sphere requirement lowered from 2 to 1.

Triple Attack

Chain Combo

Combo Finish

Chain Crush Combo

Additionally Knuckle type weapons have had their size modifiers adjusted from 100/75/50 > 100/100/75

Merchant Class

Merchant class is by far the weakest first class to level as they really dont have a skill they can realistically use due to mammonites high cost. We also had a problem with our @identifyall command making Item Identify useless as a skill. So we removed the skill from Merchant and replaced it with the previous Blacksmith Quest skill "Dubious Salesmanship". This skill lowered mammonite's zeny cost by only 10%. We've turned into a regular skill that costs 1 skill point and replaces Item Identify in the Merchant skill tree. It has a pre-requisite of Mammonite Level 1 to get.

It has also had its Mammonite cost reduction tripled from 10% > 30%.

Dubious Salesmanship

Wizard/High Wizard

Lord of Vermillion has been changed to the renewal mechanics. This means it does damage all up front in one hit rather than over time. It has the same after cast delay and cast time as in pre-renewal however. It also keeps the same damage formula, but now does it all in one burst instead.

Lord of Vermillion


For Alchemist class we created a brand new custom skill called Alchemy Efficiency. This is an easy to acquire quest skill found by talking to Alchie Breno in the Alchemist Guild and giving her 5 Alcohol and 5 Immortal Hearts. This skill has two levels and is selectable. Level 1 will cost 1 Acid Bottle and let you use Acid Terror without cost for 5 minutes. Level 2 will cost 1 Bottle Grenade and let you use Demonstration without cost for 5 minutes.

Additionally, Acid Terror has been completely reworked to function similarly to how it does in renewal/ragnarok zero. The skill has been changed from special magic damage and one hit that never misses, to a skill that is normal long range physical damage that can miss. This means it is affected by cards. Additionally the damage ratio has been raised from 200% ATK > 600% ATK at rank 5.

Acid Terror

Tapping Bonus Doubled and Spotlight Reworked

Spotlight Rework

The Spotlight system was our first attempt to bring people together to party. In many ways it succeeded in that regard as some parties certainly happened. (as opposed to the near nonexistence of party play previously). However, the spotlight system left many players feeling forced to buy into it and grind hard for 3 days. It also would often leave players waiting to play until a good spotlight was rolled.

To fix this we have effectively nerfed the value of spotlight, but made it have no cost, change every day, and be far more flexible.

Spotlights will now roll the following:

1.) ONE size modifier (small/medium/large) 2.) TWO elements 3.) TWO races 4.) TWO dungeons (now includes all dungeons) 5.) TWO Field Regions (like all of prontera fields or all of payon fields)

The value for EXP bonus has been GREATLY nerfed as they roll a value of only 5-10% each at random. However, these bonuses now STACK. This means they can (in an unlikely best case scenario) stack up to 40%. More likely the EXP bonus will be anywhere from 15% to 30% depending on how things line up for particular mobs. Due to the fact that no particular mob is highlighted, players shouldn't feel like they have to wait around for a particularly good mob.

Additionally, Anubis has been special cased to NOT be affected by the spotlight since we feel it never encourages party play in any scenario and just creates a need to go to Anubis whenever its spotlighted.

Tapping Bonus Doubled

This is straight forward, but the tapping EXP bonus has been doubled from 25 > 50% this means the max goes from 275% > 550% for party play. We're hoping this further encourages people to group up as its now far more rewarding to play with another human being.

Our tapping bonus is also now gepard/computer restricted on top of the two IP restrict. This means you can only get one bonus per computer. Still two per IP so roomantes/families won't have issues, but we hope this shows that we're really aiming on having you play with another human being, not dual clienting your way to success. You can still do that if you want, but we hope it feels more enticing to party now and you'll think twice about going solo.

I would also like to take this moment to remind you that the tapping bonus is affected by manuals. this means 275% with a 100% exp manual goes to 550% and the new bonus goes from 550% > 1100%, a 550% increase! Go out there and make some friends maybe!

New Stat Resetter

With a huge debate on it raging for god knows how long, we finally decided on a compromise we're comfortable with regarding stat resets. We STILL value character identity, but now you can reset your character completely at a HEAVY COST. For 5m and 25 Silvervine Fruit (green) you can fully reset your character in the main office.

Most importantly resetting this way will LOWER your LEVEL to Base level 60. Heed the warnings of Sara the Stat Cat. IF you choose to reset you will be lowered to base 60 and your job level will accordingly be lowered 1.

However, stat resets are free as long as you are first job including Taekwon. However, Taekwon loses their free stat reset at base 89 as they don't really need it past that point.

The minimal stat reset still exists so if you only need small adjustments you can still reset for 200k per point, 5 times per week. You can also skill reset for 2m as well.

Skill and Stat reset are basically free reset for first job so level your first job however you please!

Homunculus Changes and Macro Rule Changes

AFK Chemist has been more than a headache for us. We certainly know that people love their homunculus, but the last thing we want to do is legalize what is essentially botting on our server. Even though it hurts legitimate Alchemist players too, we are removing autoloot from all kills where the Homunculus deals more than 50% of the monster's HP.

Additionally you MUST move to remain active to keep your exp from homunculus. This means just setting a macro is not going to work.

Most importantly, we're clarifying our rules that using a macro to keep up activity on an Alchemist is simply unacceptable even if you are at your PC.

If you MUST semi-afk on your alchemist and thats how you want to play, then you'll have to manually input commands on your Alchemist. Move manually, press a skill button, etc. All players found doing otherwise and using a macro to automate gameplay will be jailed and/or banned depending on if its a repeat offense or not.

We have reworked Acid Terror/Demonstration to be essentially low cost now and far stronger. So we suggest actively playing your chemist now. Tanking with homunc and throwing Acid Terrors on a mob is a lot of fun. Try it out!

As compensation, expect Greed to be given to Alchemists in the next day or two for these changes as we dont want to hurt legitimate alchemist players too much. But for now we didn't have time to squeeze it in yet.

Event City: Jawaii

With this update we have opened up Jawaii to everyone regardless of whether or not you are married. The NPCs there still care if you are married, but access is completely open to anyone. Just make your way to the beach, but first make sure you talk to our Event City Helper who will give you two items:

1.) Jawaii Wing= Unlimited Use Fly Wing that weights nothing. (this only works in Jawaii and you only get one per account so keep track of it!) 2.) Jawaii Leaf = Unlimited Use Ygg Leaf that casts level 4 ressurect (this only works in Jawaii and dead branch is not enabled on this map to prevent abuse)

These are for our fly wing events and our monster/mvp/pori pori events!

We have also added the following events to our rotation:

1.) Devil's Square 2.) Cluckers

MVP Viewer Unveiled

Finally after a long time we can unveil our MVP viewer. This button next to your mini map will open up a effect image that shows you whether MVPs are alive or dead. This updates live so you know whether or not to go down somewhere to waste time or not. Note that this has a brief 3 second cooldown and does NOT give timers. It only shows you whether an MVP is alive or not. Also for Orc Hero (and eventually Atroce) it does not specify WHICH atroce or orc hero is alive, only that some may be dead.

New Main Office

The new main office is in the same location but has been changed to what is normally Eden group on official servers. It doesn't have the bounty boards and all that, its exactly the same as our previous main office, just less cluttered now.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments

A metric ton of bug fixes and small adjustments so lets just list them all here:

1.) @refresh now has a 1 second cooldown to prevent skill delay abuse.

2.) Mystical Amplification no longer deals double damage and instead deals 50% damage like it should have been (yikes)

3.) Branch Room NPC in the main office now will rent to entire guilds in addition to parties. Parties are up to 12 and cost 3 silvervine to rent a room. Guilds can go up to 72 and cost 10 to rent the room. You must be a party leader or guild leader to rent.

4.) Death packets now are delayed instead of sending twice. We hope this makes killing mobs a little smoother. Like the previous double death packet sending, this doesn't completely solve the Ghost Mob issue, but it should still keep it down for now while we continue to try to figure out a permanent fix. (this one is very difficult to fix)

5.) Marriage NPC reinstated and now properly allows Same Sex marriage with no bugs. Don't bug me to marry you now! you can just go marry yourself at Prontera church like normal!

6.) Warper NPC has now had all locations Alphabetized. Additionally a few Non-Kafra towns have been added like Ayothaya, Amatsu, etc. Warpers also added next to every Kafra we could find! If we missed any let us know!

7.) Prontera warps from Kafra now warp you to the center of Prontera instead of south Prontera.

8.) You can also warp to Prontera from any Kafra now even though is airship towns or island towns like Ayothaya/Lighthalzen/Einbroch/Lutie, etc.

9.) You can no longer fly wing or teleport while casting. You have to finish your cast.

10.) Additionally, you can no longer teleport on top of a portal. No more losing your key of underground because you landed on a portal or ending up in Bio 3 while farming in Bio 2!

11.) Cursed Water now properly removes the shadow endow when you change weapons.

12.) NPC Grand Darkness (monster skill) now properly hits 3 times instead of 100 times. (KEK)

13.) Hermode Cap now properly reduces ATK by 20.

14.) PVP rooms for Izlude/Alberta now check for walkable cells and won't place you in places that get you stuck.

15.) Thanatos Tower now only requires 1 person to enter the 3rd floor. (you still need a temporary work contract from the first floor)

16.) Blinding Bullets added to the Expanded Tool Dealers, Blinding Cartridges can be made from Kenny in Izlude.

17.) Lord of Death and Turtle General now properly spawn in their correct locations. Additionally some of their drops, namely Iron Driver and War Axe have been increased substantially in rate.

18.) Slave Mobs now properly give EXP for the first set of slaves. This means if you kill the slaves you'll get EXP but if the monster resummons slave you wont get anymore. Slaves still do not drop loot even the first time. and they still do not work with cards like Myst Case.

19.) Ranged Mobs now properly chase you when they lose vision around a corner. You can still lose them if you go fast, but they will no longer stop dead in their tracks and give up immediately.

Coming Soon (TM)

Expect a few adjustments to some skills moving forward in the few days as well as we keep an eye out for bug fixes. We are going to take some time off to rest, but after that we're going to look at some systems that encourage party play some more. (we hope). For now we hope you enjoy the Sweets Festival and all that it entails.

Sweets Festival

This event for spring we're doing A LOT more, so let's get right into how this works. This event has only one currency: Sweets Festival Coins! You can get these in many ways based on how you want to play the game:

1.) Kill any mob and drop Silvervine, they now also give you 1 coin every time you drop a Silvervine fruit. (0.50% chance)

2.) Play the Treasure Hunter mini game in Prontera next to the tool dealer. (free to play) (5 coins if you win)

    -To play this game just talk to the cat on the stage next to the tool dealer and say you want to go hunting.
    -When you choose to hunt he will give you a hint of a location (usually an entire city like Prontera)
    -It then spawns a chest based on that hint for 30 minutes. 
    -This chest is unique to YOU and only YOU can open. This means if you find a chest and CANT open it, its probably not yours. Try auto attacking or using skills. Both work.
    -You can play this as much as you'd like.

3.) Memory Game in Jawaii (1 coin to play) (3 coins if you win for a net gain of 2)

    -This game can be found on the beach of Jawaii. Talk to the assistant and give her 1 coin to play.
    -Try to match all the monsters in the 2 minute time limit. If you fail you get your coin back.
    -If you win, you get 3 coins, if you finish somehow in 40 seconds or less you get 10 coins.
    - You can play this as much as you'd like.

4.) Old Glast Heim Mobs drop Coins at a very high rate depending on their difficulty. All mobs drop at 10% rate except for those found in Chivalry 1 (40%) and Chivalry 2 (90%)

Wait...Old Glast Heim?

Old Glast Heim

As a big part of our event we've reworked and release Old Glast Heim rebalanced for trans classes. To get to Old Glast Heim, go to regular Glast Heim and head to the castle. At the base of the Castle talk to Hugin and agree to hear the (very) short story of Glast Heim's fall. He will ask for a Chivalry Emblem in exchange for permanently warping you to the past to go to Old Glast Heim. You can talk to Hugin again to go back any time. Once you give him the Chivalry Emblem it has no cost after that.

After arriving you can go to 4 different maps:

1.) Castle 1 (requires a Chivalry Emblem on hand, not consumed) = Has corrupted wanderers and prison breakers (buff ragged zombies)

2.) Staircase = has Ice and Fire ghosts

3.) Sewer (go through staircase to reach or chivalry 1) = has Contaminated Stings/Frozen Gargoyles

4.) Chivalry 1 (designed for duo or small parties) = has contaminated Raydrics and contaminated archers, small amount of White Knights and Khalitzburg Knights (these are scary, avoid them if you arent prepared)

           -Additionally has the root of corruption MVP on a fixed spawn at the top of the map. has a 4 hour cooldown when killed. (note: if you rude attack him he will not teleport but will instead heal to full)

5.) Chivalry 2 (designed for large well geared parties) = has Corrupted Raydrics/Corrupt Raydric Archers/White Knights/Khalitzburg Knights. This place is difficult, you will need gear, trans classes and a proper set up to clear here efficiently.

           -Additionally you can summon Amdarais by completing the quest that starts on the first floor. Talk to Varmundt then Heinrich to begin. The rest is straight forward. Amdarais has a two hour cooldown and is summoned by
           challenging Himelmez on the 2nd floor. Upon defeat she Amdarais has a two hour cooldown and the person who initiated Himelmez's challenge has their quest line reset. (so they have to start back at step 1)

NOTE: We will have tons more detail including skills/drops/etc. to come.

Event Rewards

With the exclusive drops for the event comes rewards! You can exchange your Sweets Festival Tokens for consumables and/or exclusive event costumes! To do this go to the main office in Prontera and talk to Airi. She is the normal headgear quest NPC and will temporarily include all event items now and in the future. You can find the main office at prontera,136,186.

Valentine Heart Hairband

During this event, for 60 Sweets Festival Tokens, you can craft this headgear. For the duration of the event it will drop Fierce Cacaos and Chocolate Strawberries at 2.5% from all monsters. Fierce Cacao heals you for 5% Max HP and Chocolate Strawberries heal you for 5% Max SP.

Consumable Rewards

Consumable Item # of Sweets Festival Tokens Description
Plus 5 Stat Foods 30 Plus 5 to one stat. Varies by the food.
Old Purple Box 60 Gives a random item at a chance when opened

Advanced Manual EXP Buffs

For the duration of the event, you can exchange 30 Sweets Festival Tokens for an Hour and 5 minute long EXP buff that gives you 100% more EXP. This is basically the same as an Advanced Battle Manual from our previous event and currently in our Silvervine Exchange shop, but is an NPC buff instead like our Daily EXP buff NPC. Note that this does NOT stack with the Daily EXP Buff NPC or other EXP manuals including our Advanced Battle Manuals. It DOES stack with JOB EXP manuals which are a different type of bonus from our EXP buffs/manuals.

You can find Annie in the main office next to our spotlight NPC.

Sweet Drops Pet

Don't forget you can evolve a drops into a Sweet Drops with 500 of our Sweets Festival Coins! This is an event exclusive pet so get it while you can. You need more than just the coins, but the coins will only be available during this event. The Sweet Drops Pet gives 5% bonus EXP as a loyalty bonus. (and hes dapper and cute)