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Do blacksmiths crafted weapons have options too?

Blacksmiths can forge weapons with options and can have 4 options (as opposed to 3 with found weapons)

Please see Random Options/Forged Weapons: Random Options

Free Stats/Skill reset?

Single Point stat resets

There is a limited stat reset which can reset a total of 5 points per week, allowing things like going from 99 str to just 94 str in a week, with a cost of 200k per stat point removed and returning the amount of statpoints appropriate to the cost of the removed stat

200k per (1) status point reset up to 5x a week (up to 5 status points per week).

"Full" Stat Reset

First jobs and Taekwon kids(below lvl 89)  can now reset for free  by using  Statcat in the Main Office.
This is free for firstclasses .
Upon using this reset you will be returned to base level 70 if you are above it.

Second Class and Expanded Class characters will have to pay for this full reset and be returned to base level 70 upon use. This costs 5million Zeny and 25 Silvervine Fruit.

If you were lvl 77/50 mage with whatever stats, you would become a lvl 70/50 mage after using it with your stats back at 1 again - still free of charge.
if you were a WIZARD however, it would become
wizard , lvl 98/50 99 dex 95int -  would have to pay the full 5 million plus 25 silvervine fee to become lvl 70/1 wizard 

Skill resets

Free for Firstclasses
Costs 2,000,000 Zeny otherwise.

now the skill reset is exactly like the stat reset in terms of class restriction but it would only be 2million zeny for a wizard or other second class , while the mage or other firstclass could do it for free

Is there Party EXP bonus?

Yes, there is party exp bonus (each member in party interacting with mob). 25% bonus exp per tap/interaction. Also, please see tapping: Tapping System

What is the Party Share Level Range?

The party share level range is 20.

Is there a Master account?

No, but you can register multiple accounts under 1 email address.

Battle Manuals?

Battle manuals are available through the Silvervine Exchange System: Silvervine Exchange System

Is Multi-clienting allowed?

Multi-clienting is unrestricted but can only receive daily manual buffs once per IP address.

What is Tapping Bonus?

Please see the following for tapping bonus: Tapping System Please note: When multi-clienting, tapping exp bonus is restricted to 2 characters per IP address.

Repeatable Quests or Bounty Boards?

No repeatable quests or bounty boards as this is Vanilla Pre-renewal server with some modifications and features.


No mercenaries as this is a Vanilla Pre-renewal server but there is some renewal content such as Evolved Pets and Random Options.

What type of options are available in Weapons and Armor?

Please see Random Options: Random Options

How does the daily EXP boost work?

The Daily EXP buffs NPC provides a daily 50% exp boost for 1 hour. It will reset at 0:00 server time. (You can check server time by entering @time in-game.) Be aware that it does NOT stack with other EXP battle manuals but CAN stack with JOB EXP manuals.

You can find the Daily EXP buffs NPC in the Main Office next to the Prontera middle fountain.

Or type @dailyexp to bring up the NPC from anywhere!

Is there a job changer?

There is no job changer on Project Alfheim. (Gunslinger/ninja job changes are streamlined to not require the fetch items.)