Tapping System

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Tapping Overview

Previously, bonus exp is added to a monster every time a unique player interacts with the monster in some way. This can be done in a variety of ways from casting a status skill on the monsters, to using a debuff like Signum Crucis. Of course, simply attacking a mob is the easiest way to apply this bonus.

Many players are unaware that this is how the bonus EXP system works for party play. More hardcore players are aware and often use Signum Crucis out party to buff their experience. Considering this, we have changed the tapping EXP bonus to be party exclusive so taps from out of party will not increase your experience.

Custom Tapping Skill

On Project Alfheim we also introduce a custom tapping skill called "Tap!" This works identical to Signum Crucis except it does not apply an actual debuff that does anything in particular. It simply interacts with all monsters on screen to apply the tapping EXP bonus.

You acquire this skill at the same time you learn Play Dead during the novice tutorial so remember to talk to Jinha and learn both!

Our vision with this change was to make party play never feel suboptimal. By allowing all classes, even support classes like Bard/Dancer and Melee classes like Whitesmith to apply bonus EXP, it is never a bad idea to have someone extra come along!

(Please note - tapping EXP bonus only apply to a maximum of two characters per IP address.)

Current EXP Tap (per person added to party):

          Person Solo = 100% EXP
          2 person party (2 tap) = 100% EXP Each (100% tap) (NO PENALTY)
          3 Person party (3 tap) = 83% EXP Each (150% tap) (-17% for 3rd)
          4 Person party (4 tap) = 75% EXP Each (200% tap) (-8% for 4th)
          5 Person party (5 tap) = 70% EXP Each (250% tap) (-5% for 5th)
          6 Person party (6 tap) = 66.67% EXP Each (300% tap) (-3.33% for 6th)
          7 Person party (7 tap) = 64.28% EXP Each (350% tap) (-2.39% for 7th)
          8 Person party (8 tap) = 62.5% EXP Each (400% tap) (-1.78% for 8th)
          9 Person party (9 tap) = 61.1% EXP Each (450% tap) (-1.4% for 9th)
          10 Person party (10 tap) = 60% EXP Each (500% tap) (-1.1% for 10th)
          11 Person party (11 tap) = 59.09% EXP Each (550% tap) (-0.91% for 11th)
          12 person party (12 tap) = 58.33% EXP Each (600% tap) (-0.76% for 12th)