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Project Alfheim is a Pre-Renewal MMORPG server that offers many unique mechanics to spice things up such as Random Options on gears, evolved pets, and more!

Server Rates and Stats Other Key Info
Max Level 99/70 Current Episode Template A1- Old Glast Heim (13.2 Pre-Re+)
EXP Rates 3x Base, up to 6x with Manuals. Gameplay Pre-Renewal Mechanics
Drop Rates 5x, 1.75% floor for random optioned gears. Security Gepard Shield
MVP Drops 2x pre Lighthalzen, 1x post Lighthalzen. Player Commands @noks, @lgp, @shopjump, @autotrade, @autoloot, @bigmvp, @refresh, @monsterinfo, @iteminfo, @whereis, @searchstore, @whobuy, @whosell,
MVP Cards 1x
Mini-Boss Drops 3x
Mini-Boss Cards 1x
Welcome to Project Alfheim!

Project Alfheim is a community for people who love to enjoy classic MMORPGs. We follow Pre-renewal Mechanics, but do not shy away from custom changes or renewal content. The biggest part of our vision is endless progression, meaning the server will never stop updating. Read more.

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Custom Changes

Project Alfheim is not afraid to make custom changes to make the game feel more balanced and overall fun to play. We mostly focus on quality of life, but class balance is a key focus of ours as well!

Quality of Life Changes

Most of Project Alfheims primary goal is to ease up on the tedious aspects of the game. From improving sitting regen dramatically, giving inns 30 minutes increase agi and blessing buffs, and having warps unlocked after visiting, we hope things should feel better. You can read more by clicking here

Skill Rebalancing

Project Alfheim does not shy away from custom rebalancing of the classes often taking precedent from changes made in renewal and tweaked to be more balanced in a prerenewal setting. Most classes and builds should at a bare minimum feel viable and fun to use! You can see a complete list by clicking here

Random Options

Random Options on Weapons, Armors, Garments, and Shoes are a key feature of Project Alfheim. All these gears have increased drop rates to 1.75% minimum and add a new flavor to existing pre-renewal builds! Now you have more long term goals to grind for than just refines! You can read more about these by clicking here.