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Under Construction, for the latest major patch please refer to Episode A.2.0- Card Captor Sakura

Summer Event


Beach prontera returns for July and August! This years event is similar to the past summer event we had in 2022 where we're bringing back event drinks buffs, beach/summer/water themed costumes, starfish tokens, and also the return of the trusty adventurer's towel so you can relax in town in summer style! (RIP dsicher, you are missed).

Summer Drinks


The drink buffs can be found just northwest of center prontera behind the tool dealer shop.

Event EXP Buffs


The @eventexp command also returns! If you find yourself in the main office you can also talk to Annie here too, but you can bring her up from anywhere with the command. As with all our events, this will grant you the equivalent of a standard Advanced Battle Manual (1 hour of 100% exp) and cost 30 event currency, in this case Starfish Tokens (your old ones wont work, dont bother trying, we have new ones).

You get event currency with your standard silvervine drops as well as by doing bounty quests in the main office. The newest content is not included in these bounties so if you're gonna party up to get the currency, you'll have to do some of the older stuff or vanilla content. Remember, each unique party member counts as a turn in for each monster kill. this means if you have 12 unique party members, you can complete these bounties VERY quickly.

Below you'll find the table for Bounty Quests for this event and how much currency you can get for each turn in:

Monster Location Starfishtoken.gif
Owl Duke Clock Tower/Thanatos 20
Ice Titan Ice Dungeon F3 15
Kavac Icarus Bio Labs 12
Armeyer Dinze Bio Labs 12
Egnigem Cenia Bio Labs 12
Errende Ebecee Bio Labs 12
Wickebine Tres Bio Labs 12
Laurell Weinder Bio Labs 12
Cecil Damon Bio Labs 20
Eremes Guile Bio Labs 20
Margaretha Sorin Bio Labs 20
Howard Alt-Eisen Bio Labs 20
Seyren Windsor Bio Labs 20
Kathryne Keyron Bio Labs 20
Dimik (Blue) Juperos Core 20
Dimik (Red) Juperos Core 20
Dimik (Green) Juperos Core 20
Dimik (Orange) Juperos Core 20
Archdam Juperos Core 20
Frus Odin Temple 30
Skogul Odin Temple 30
Skeggiold (Blue) Odin Temple 50
Skeggiold (Brown) Odin Temple 50
Aliza Kiel Dungeon 10
Aliot Kiel Dungeon 30
Aliza Kiel Dungeon 30
Owl Baron Thanatos Tower 15
Baroness of Retribution Thanatos Tower 15
Mistress of Shelter Thanatos Tower 15
Lady Solace Thanatos Tower 15
Dame of Sentinel Thanatos Tower 15
Sedora Byalan Dungeon 8
Sropho Byalan Dungeon 8
King Dramoh Byalan Dungeon 8
Pot Dofle Byalan Dungeon 8
Nightmare Terror Magma Dungeon 15
Stalactic Golem Beach Dungeon North 15
Medusa Beach Dungeon West 15
Blue Acidus Abyss lake 30
Gold Acidus Abyss Lake 30
Agav Rachel Sanctuary 30
Echio Rachel Sanctuary 30
Heater Turtle Dungeon 10
Assaulter Turtle Dungeon 10
Freezer Turtle Dungeon 10
Majoruros Glast Heim 30
Necromancer Cursed Abbey 20
Banshee Cursed Abbey 20
Zombie Slaughter Cursed Abbey 20
Incarnation of Morocc (Angel) Dimensional Gorge 10
Incarnation of Morocc (Brown) Dimensional Gorge 10
Incarnation of Morocc (Exorcist Girl) Dimensional Gorge 10
Incarnation of Morocc (Ghost) Dimensional Gorge 10
Kasa Thors Volcano 20
Salamander Thors Volcano 20
Grote Niflheim Dungeon 15
Blue Moon Loli Ruri Niflheim Dungeon 15
Pierrotzoist Niflheim Dungeon 15
Disguiser Niflheim Dungeon 15

Trusty Adventurer's Towel


We've finally fixed the issue related to the trusty adventurer's towel that was causing resource issues previously and so we can bring it back. Note that the towel will still disable attacks and you can't do anything while wearing it, but if you want to idle in town in beachwear you can do so!

Just enter the building to the south east of center pront and then talk to Susan. Each towel is 100 starfish tokens and is fully tradeable if you want to buy one for a friend.

Gunslinger Rebirth into Night Watch

The time is finally upon us. Our first expanded class able to rebirth is Gunslinger! Just like with any other trans class, upon hitting 99/70 and paying the appropriate zeny fee they can rebirth and start the journey all over again, this time with access to better gears as well as improved stats and new skills.

Night Watch Hideout

All new Night Watches are welcome to come to the guild's secret hideout. You'll find this north of Einbroch, in ein_fild04. It's very tucked away and well hidden, however, but here's a picture that will show you where to start looking.


Inside you'll find the Night Watch guild hard at work to craft gears for each other that can only be worn by them. This includes various guns, as well as a few headgears. You can save, rest, and shop here as well if you want to stock up on ammo or use the Kafra like most other inn type locations.

You can buy these gears at the main desk from Pekora, but you'll first have to get your hands on some Night Watch Coins to buy anything from her. To get Night Watch Coins you have a bevy of options as there are many Night Watch members who are looking for different types of help for the guild and will give you varying amounts of Night Watch Coins for your troubles.

We won't reveal what everything is here, just explore the hideout and talk to the members, they'll explain it!

Gunslinger Skill Adjustments

Rebirth for Gunslinger doesn't just give them new skills, it looks over their entire skill tree and tries to make sure no skill is left behind. Every skill should have some niche use now and other staples of the class have been rebalanced to give a better overall feel for the class. This is pretty much exclusively buffs so Gunslinger even before rebirth should be exceptionally better as a class. There's far too many details to list entirely on this page so make sure you go to the Gunslinger page on our wiki and look at each skill's page for more detailed descriptions of the changes.

1.) Coin Flip skill lowered from 5 skill points to 1 skill point.

2.) Increase Accuracy buff duration increased from 1 minute > 4 minutes.

3.) Bull's Eye skill ratio lowered to 110% ATK ratio and reworked. Now marks enemies. Enemies who are marked will also be hit by auto attacks by the Gunslinger who applied it.

4.) Triple Action no longer requires Chain Action, Level 10 to learn, it only requires Level 1 coin flip.

5.) Magical Bullet reworked. No longer deals damage. Consume 1 Little Ghost doll to endow you with Ghost element. This persists through weapon swaps.

6.) Cracker stun chance raised to consistent 100%. Enemy VIT based resist is ignored by this skill in PVM, but not PVP.

7.) Chain Action now applies to all guns/weapons at different rates. Skill points lowered from 10 > 5. Gatling Guns gain 14% proc rate per skill point, Revolvers gain 10% , and other guns gain 5%.

8.) Rapid Shower bullet cost lowered from 5 > 1. SP Cost now changed to 16-25 based on skill rank down from 22-40.

9.) Desperado Reworked, no longer applies individual hits around the caster. Instead always hits enemies with 3 bundles of two hits for a total of 6 hits around the gunslinger in a 7x7 area of effect. Knocks back enemies 1 cell.

10.) Desperado skill points lowered from 10 to 5. SP Cost reduced to 22-30 down from 32-50 previously. Skill ratio adjusted to 900-2100% ATK. (ends up same damage/dps on average compared to old desperado)

11.) Gatling Fever skill points lowered from 10 to 5. No longer requires Desperado, Level 5 or Rapid Shower, Level 7 to learn. Instead requires Chain Action Level 5.

12.) Gatling Fever SP cost reduced to 15-30 down from 30-48. Skill formula is now only the latter half of its original formulas (basically level 1-5 now is the same as 6-10 was previously). Cannot be used with the new Gatling Berserk skill.

13.) Tracking reworked. Now has a fixed 2 second channel time at all ranks. Deals 1-4 hits based on channel time with 4 hits at full channel. The skill can critically strike on each hit and deals double or triple damage depending on target under the effects of fully stacked Intensive Aim.

14.) Tracking Damage ratio adjusted to 100-235% per hit based on rank. No longer requires Single Action, Level 5 and instead requires Snake Eyes, Level 5. SP Cost reduced to 22-40 down from 15-60. Now hard requires a Rifle only instead of a Rifle or Revolver.

15.) Disarm reworked vs monsters. Now has a 20-100% chance based on rank to affect monsters. No longer reduces monster attacks by 25% and instead applies a debuff the causes monsters basic attacks to miss 35% of the time. This affects boss monsters, but not MVP monsters.

16.) Piercing Shot reworked. Now also applies a debuff on monsters that affects the caster who applied it. When attacking a monster who has been pierced by this skill, the caster will ignore 20-100% LUK based defense for purposes of calculating critical strikes based on skill rank.

17.) Full Buster no longer requires Dust, Level 3 and instead requires Spread Shot, Level 1. Skill points lowered from 10 to 5. SP Cost reduced to 15-35 down from 20-65. Number of bullets normalized to be always 4 regardless of rank. (down from up to 10 bullets per cast).

18.) Full Buster Damage ratio changed to 500/700/900/1100/1300% ATK based on rank. (same at max rank as previous). Cast Delay based on rank changed to 1.5/1.875/2.25/2.625/3 seconds. (same at max rank as previous).

19.) Ground Drift skill removed entirely and replaced with Basic Grenade in the skill tree. Can be learned as a Gunslinger.

20.) Dust skill points lowered from 10 to 5. Ratio adjusted to 400-600% (same at max rank as previous). SP Cost adjusted to 8-20, from 3-30. Ranged increased from 2 > 6 cells. Knockback increased to 7 cells from 6.

21.) Spread Shot damage ratio increased to 125-350% up from 100-280%. SP Cost reduced to 11-20 down from 13-40. No longer has any pre requisites.

New Night Watch Skills

NOTE: Rapid Fire is a skill able to be learned as a Gunslinger

Skill Description Levels Type
Rich's Coin.png Rich's Coin
Consume 10 zeny to generate 10 coins. 1 Active
Platinum Altar.png Platinum Altar
Consume 5 coins to create a protective barrier. 5 Supportive
Fallen Angel.png Fallen Angel
Consume 1 coin to move to targeted location immediately. Range doubles when swapping guns. 1 Active
Gatling Berserk.png Gatling Berserk
Channel for 1 second, then root self in place for 1 minute. Gain 10% ASPD, and raise Chain Action chance to 100%. ASPD Cap is raised to 193 temporarily. 1 Supportive
Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire
Channel for a fixed time of 1 seconds, then fire 5 bullets at a target that can critically strike at a 200% ATK ratio. These bullets fire in a line and stop on first enemy hit individually. 5 Offensive
Mass Spiral.png Mass Spiral
Fires at a target to deal more damage based on targets defense and VIT. 5 Offensive
Hasty Fire in the Hole.png Hasty Fire in the Hole
Deals 850% ATK ratio at a ground targeted location after a short cast. 5 Offensive
Mission Bombard.png Mission Bombard
After a long channel deal 750% or 500% ATK over 4 seconds in an 11x11 AOE. Apply status effects based on rank. 4 Offensive
Intensive Aim.png Intensive Aim
Quest skill. Gain stacks of Intensive Aim each time a new Gun exclusive skill is used with a new type of gun. Stacks up to 10 for unique buffs that are consumed once stacked. 1 Supportive
Slug Shot.png Slug Shot
Quest skill. Consume fully maxed AP to fire a devastating area of effect shot. 1 Offensive
Weapon Swap.png Weapon Swap
Quest skill. Assign specific weapons to each type of gun, rotations order for guns, and then swap through weapons with the skill itself. 7 Supportive

Transcendent Gear Updates

As comes with transcending, Night Watch can now equip a myriad of new rebirth gears. For the sake of consistency we've kept a general rule here for the upcoming expanded trans classes. The rule is if it already applied to "all" classes then it will work for the new expanded. If it was meant for only a handful of classes or one specifically (example: sniping suit) then they will NOT be able to equip that gear. However, there were many cases an item was specifically coded for essentially any trans 2nd job but not "all" and those have been included as well for consistency. For gears like the Valkyrian set the bonuses will mirror that of an Archer since we feel this is most close to their archetype. For choosing which gear they can equip for things like Diabolus Robe vs Armor we also looked for consistency by comparing them with an Archer class. So there you'll see them able to equip a Diabolus Robe. There's a bit too many to keep going over all of them, however so here's the complete list. If you feel we missed one please post in feedback in the appropriate channel.

1.) Bison Horn (2702)

2.) Black Leather Boots (2434)

3.) Chameleon Armor (2386)

4.) Rider's Insignia (2530)

5.) Dark Bacilium (5808)

6.) Diabolus Boots (2433)

7.) Diabolus Manteau (2537)

8.) Diabolus Ring (2729)

9.) Diabolus Robe (2374)

10.) Dragon Breath (2527)

11.) Expert Ring (2703)

12.) Flame Manteau of Naght Seiger (2542)

13.) Leather of Tendrilion (2544)

14.) Linen Glove (2749)

15.) Nydhoggur's Shadow Garb (2554)

16.) Orleans's Glove (2701)

17.) Orleans's Gown (2365)

18.) Orleans's Server (2123)

19.) Pinguicula Corsage (2745)

20.) Ring of Flame Lord (2678)

21.) Ring of Resonance (2679)

22.) Shield of Naga (2134)

23.) Sprint Mail (2387)

24.) Spring Ring (2744)

25.) Sprint Shoes (2440)

26.) Thorny Buckler (2124)

27.) Tidal Shoes (2424)

28.) Valkyrian Armor (2357) (Silence Bonus)

29.) Valkyrie Manteau (2524) (Perfect Dodge Bonus)

30.) Valkyrian Shoes (2421) (HP Bonus)

31.) Valkyrie Helm (5171)

32.) Variant Shoes (2423)

33.) Vesper Core 01 (2659)

34.) Vesper Core 02 (2660)

35.) Vesper Core 03 (2661)

36.) Vesper Core 04 (2662)

37.) Vital Tree Shoes (2450)

38.) Wool Scarf (2528)

Night Watch Job EXP Table

This information has already been added to our EXP chart page, but I'm reposting here for anyone interested on release of what the Night Watch Job EXP table looks like. Because Night Watch has a unique 85 job levels we had to create our own table for them that scales a bit more linearly near the end rather than having a huge spike randomly like other trans classes. This was to ensure that each job level takes more EXP than the previous like normal, but the total job exp by job 85 still mirrors that of other trans classes.

Night Watch Job Experience
Job Level Total Job EXP EXP to next Level
1 0 288
2 288 368
3 656 568
4 1,224 696
5 1,920 1,206
6 3,126 1,774
7 4,900 2,192
8 7,092 3,196
9 10,288 5,080
10 15,368 7,352
11 22,720 8,580
12 31,300 9,892
13 41,192 13,358
14 54,550 18,984
15 73,534 31,925
16 105,459 35,860
17 141,319 40,013
18 181,332 51,605
19 232,937 68,585
20 301,522 87,770
21 389,292 96,443
22 485,735 105,515
23 591,250 131,770
24 723,020 167,428
25 890,448 206,720
26 1,097,168 223,860
27 1,321,028 241,673
28 1,562,701 294,553
29 1,857,254 362,303
30 2,219,557 479,053
31 2,698,610 513,362
32 3,211,972 548,856
33 3,760,828 656,197
34 4,417,025 787,507
35 5,204,532 927,154
36 6,131,686 985,696
37 7,117,382 1,046,034
38 8,163,416 1,231,134
39 9,394,550 1,449,220
40 10,843,770 1,678,177
41 12,521,947 1,773,024
42 14,294,971 2,182,221
43 16,477,192 2,534,978
44 19,012,170 3,043,585
45 22,055,755 3,782,865
46 25,838,620 4,461,912
47 30,300,532 4,672,971
48 34,973,503 5,971,896
49 40,945,399 6,250,158
50 47,195,557 6,875,174
51 54,070,731 7,562,691
52 61,633,422 8,318,960
53 69,952,382 9,150,856
54 79,103,238 10,065,942
55 89,169,180 11,877,812
56 101,046,992 14,015,818
57 115,062,810 16,538,655
58 131,601,465 19,515,624
59 151,117,089 20,491,405
60 171,608,494 21,515,975
61 193,124,469 22,591,774
62 215,716,243 23,721,362
63 239,437,605 24,907,430
64 264,345,035 26,152,802
65 290,497,837 27,460,442
66 317,958,279 28,833,464
67 346,791,743 30,275,137
68 377,066,880 31,788,894
69 408,855,774 33,378,339
70 442,234,113 34,045,905
71 476,280,018 34,726,823
72 511,006,841 35,421,360
73 546,428,201 36,129,787
74 582,557,988 36,852,383
75 619,410,371 37,589,430
76 656,999,801 38,341,219
77 695,341,020 39,108,044
78 734,449,064 39,890,204
79 774,339,268 40,688,008
80 815,027,276 41,501,769
81 856,529,045 42,331,804
82 898,860,849 54,184,709
83 953,045,558 59,356,427
84 1,012,401,985 72,272,401
85 1,084,674,386 N/A

Magma Dungeon 3

Surprise! We squeezed in some new content while Night Watch was on the public test server. It's only one floor, but we thought we should give you guys something if we have the time to do it while we waited for everyone to test.

Magma Dungeon 3 can be accessed as seen in the picture below by entering in the bottom right of Magma 2.


Individual Loot

This map is intended to be partied at and not aimed at solo players, however the party size limit is 8 so choose your party wisely! This basically has the same standards as Horror Toy Factory, floor 4. (xmas_dun04)

Lava Leather Gears

Similar to the Aegirnion set, Magma includes a set exclusive to its dungeon. Unlike Byalan 6, however, you craft these like you do at most of our other content such as Nightmare Clock Tower, Niflheim Dungeon, or Horror Toy Factory.

You can find a man named Tristan in Yuno and he will help you to craft the gears. This building pictured is located near 214,177. (just east of the Kafra.)


You can reroll the gears that roll options here as well just like all other content.

And since I'm sure some of you will notice, previously this map was used as part of the God Items quest. However, now it serves a new purpose!


Unlike a lot of our previous custom maps more recently, this one has far less unique mechanics that we've created. That said the following is something we kept to ensure the party map at least plays somewhat how intended:

1.) Monsters will take 1 damage while rooted/immobilized (no ankle snare cheese/spider web/etc.)

2.) No icewall and no teleport

3.) Reflect based autocasts will deal 1 damage.

4.) Star Gladiators cannot assign hatred or the map itself, and miracle cannot proc.

New Costumes

A bit more than usual this month!

Cash Shop Boxes

New Costume boxes for the first time in over a month, sorry for the delays here, night watch took up a lot of our time.

June 2024 Costume Boxes

Mythic Costume Box

A player in discord suggested that we have some forms of rare costumes that are more of a chase for the long term players on the server (since mostly what we have is gear content.) I actually really liked the idea so I'm experimenting with a Mythic Costume system.

Essentially, Legacy Costume Boxes now have a 0.50% chance to give you a Mythic Costume Box AND a Mythic Costume Token instead of the normal random older costume box. This box currently contains 10 costumes for launch of this system, but we will add more over time.

To help combat the RNG of not getting the costume you may want from the box right away (there are 10 after all and its random), the token is included to give you a free costume for every 3 tokens. You don't have to exchange the costumes you don't want either. You get to keep those, and then you can exchange your tokens with Premi in the main office under the new category of Mythic Costumes to get the exact costume of your choice!

In addition to blank cards and the silvervine exchange for legacy costume boxes, we're also adding in a chance to get them from Old Blue Boxes (not old purple boxes though). This will hopefully give old blue boxes a bit more value as they've fallen by the wayside over time on our server. It also in general gives free to play players more of a chance to get costumes if they so wish to grind them out.

To see the available mythic costumes check out the Mythic Costumes page.


We've updated Patreon to include the usual 2 new costumes this month. we also updated the wiki page to preview the last months costumes from april which were for some reason never previewed/uploaded here on the wiki. This months costumes are Queen of Calamity and the Food Stall costumes.

You can preview them on the Patreon and Donations page.

Slot Position Exchange

1.) Nydhoggur Wig and Nydhoggur Wig (White) are now labeled with a U for upper and can be exchanged for their L version which is a lower.

2.) Asgard Blessing is now labeled with a M for middle and can be exchanged for the U version which is an upper.

Map Balance Adjustments

1.) HTF 3 Mobs that are not Decorated Evil Tree have had their Holly Sprig drop rate increased from 25% > 60%

2.) HTF 3's Decorated Evil Tree's Holly Sprig drop rate increased from 25% > 100%

3.) 1@dth2 (airship assault) is now individual loot up to 2 people. party cap is still 12 so you can still dual client to your hearts content, but only the first two unique members will get loot.

4.) Jing Guai fixed area spawns removed from Louyang Dungeon 1, those 25 spawns are added to the existing Jing Guai completely random spawns that are instant respawn for a total of 45 random/instant respawn Jing Guais.

Niflheim Dungeon Mini-Rework

So this one has its own section because its once again a bit much to explain. Niflheim Dungeon F1 has gotten next to no use outside of a few edge cases. (mostly either cheese leveling lowbies, or reflect solo builds) which leaves it as an opportunity for us to provide players with an opportunity to approach Niflheim items without having to party.

Basically we've significantly nerfed/adjusted the Niflheim F1 mobs, this means Gan Ceann, Brutal Murderer, Lude Gal, and Ghost Cube are all significantly squishier (they're more homogenous and weak to holy now with only lude gal being not weak to holy), take more damage, deal less damage, and some of the more obnoxious skills like Spider Web and NPC power up have been removed entirely. Other skills have had their levels or ratios lowered, their hit and flee has been adjusted, etc. Its too much to list all of it here. The target goal is end game players, not mid game or early game players. And we aren't expecting players to come in here without assumptio solo and have an easy time. That said, if players figure out ways to solo easily more power to you.

EXP of these have also been adjusted for their new HP values, but is also a higher ratio than before. This means they will be more efficient than before since we now hope this will be a good place to solo level in the end game if you can handle it. Consumables are probably necessary, but we hope the higher EXP is worth it.

Ultimately there are two goals by gutting the mobs in the fashion that we did. Provide a way to get Shadowdecon/Zelunium, albeit much slower than through partying and it will be akin more to what you saw at Old Glast Heim's release in terms of solo difficulty. Perhaps a bit more or less in some ways give or take.

There have also been adjustments to the map itself. For one, individual loot is now reduced to 4 people in a party. You can still dual client as much as you want, but a party is limited to 4. Since the map is likely soloable now, we feel a party of 4 should have no problem clearing it now. It could be a good place for a smaller party to get their shadowdecon and zelunium without committing to the harder Niflheim Dungeon F2.

To make sure the map isn't only for solo mobber (or rather we're hoping at least) the spawns have been decently decreased, but not so much that being an LK or Paladin or something like that and mobbing isn't viable. But now there is enough room we hope for single target killers to do their thing here too. Again, this should be a lot slower than your normal RO content. but its mostly there as a way to challenge yourself and give you a way to get the party based loot without having to party. If you want the fastest way to get shadowdecon/zelunium you are still going to have to catch a floor 2 party.

Drops on Floor 1 are mostly the same overall, but Old Purple Boxes are significantly reduced now that the mobs are easier making the first floor a poor source of them, but they still drop so you'll get some here and there.

Speaking of Floor 2, since the floor 1 mobs are also here on Floor 2 and nerfed, it would have effectively nerfed the dungeons 2nd floor. Based on previous feedback we haven't had the time to act on until now really (we've been quite busy with the expanded rework) we've now buffed the 2nd floor mobs and adjusted spawns. We were told previously that the floor is just a tad too mobby now with the increased spawns, and we also have been told numerous times it no longer feels "worth it". We don't want to go back to the world where Niflheim Dungeon is the only location that matters, but giving it some love to hopefully make it feel worth the hassle is something we're trying here. EXP is increased on all the F2 exclusive mobs pretty significantly, about 30-50% in many cases. and the spawns have been increased by 1 for each mob in each region of the map. We've cut the mobs from F1 that spawn in F2 by half across the board so it should be slightly less mobby, but there are now more of the valuable F2 exclusive mobs.

Also, since the F1 OPB nerfs also affected the F2 value of the map, we've buffed the OPB drop rate on all 4 of the major F2 mobs across the board as well.

TLDR | Not reading that, Charlie

1.) F1 mobs nerfed and elements of the mobs adjusted (mostly weak to holy now), 4 man indidvidual loot, OPB drop rate nerfed, EXP ratios up, should be soloable with effort.

2.) F2 mobs EXP buffed, OPB drop rate buffed, F1 mobs on the F2 floor lowered, F2 mob spawns slightly up.

General Adjustments

1.) Expanded 99 Rewards NPC no longer includes gunslinger since they now get an MCA as Night Watch when they hit 99.

2.) Dimik_3 now also drops a Thunder P at 1.75%

3.) Convex Mirrors silvervine cost lowered from 3 > 1.

4.) Owl Marquees is no longer required for any aspect of Card Captor Sakura.

5.) Panzer Goblin now instantly respawns at prt_fild11 instead of a 40-60 minute variance.

Bug Fixes

1.) Added in many missing cards from the table for OCA and MCA.

2.) Survivor's Shoes now properly have a slot.

3.) Reverberation now deals the minimum 1 damage vs ignoreaoe flagged monsters.

4.) Card Captor Sakura's Tier 5 no longer requires secondary turn ins for cards that you have yet to turn in.

5.) Battlegrounds Bloody Roar should now be properly storageable.