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Server Rules

Players must agree to follow all AlfheimRO rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in action taken against you or your account.

General Rules

  • Real Money Trading is strictly prohibited. Items on AlfheimRO may ONLY be exchanged for Zeny or other items. Trading for Money or Real World items is not allowed. Selling accounts is not allowed. Even joking about RMT/Account selling is not allowed.
  • If an exploit is found you must report to staff privately through our discord or in game. Those who report exploits will be rewarded as its highly encouraged for the health of the server.
  • GRF Edits on your client are acceptable, but modifying player sprites is not allowed. We will not provide support for errors you get with GRF edits. Do so at your own risk.
  • Attempting to impersonate a GM or Staff member will result in an immediate ban. Do not do this. Additionally do not speak for Staff by pretending a member said something they did not. Do not mislead players.
  • Do not scam players with NPC items that are being passed off as something they aren't.
  • Follow all the rules listed in our discord as well as here. Both are a part of our server and community.
  • Do not attempt to bypass the IP restriction on daily login rewards.
  • Illegal content in any way is also strictly prohibited. If you aren't sure if its legal, don't do it.
  • Speak english in the #main chat channels both in game and in discord. Other languages are allowed elsewhere in the appropriate channels.

Communication Rule #1: Use common sense! Just because it is not listed here does not mean it is not a rule. If you think something might be offensive, don't say it.

  • Respect your fellow players. No racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. will ever be tolerated. If the offense is egregious enough you will be permanently banned immediately.
  • Banter is a part of competitive RO, but keep it friendly. If banter turns into harassment/toxicity you will be muted and/or kicked from the discord.
  • Do not bring up divisive topics either in game or in discord. This includes religious debates, politics, etc. If you aren't sure, don't bring it up.
  • Be respectful and considerate of Staff. Do not spam ping us expecting an immediate response. Doing so will get you muted in the discord.
  • Do not spam flood any chat channels, including #trade, both in game and in discord. Just be patient.
  • Staff will never ask you for your password or login information or for favors. If anyone who claims to be Staff does this report them immediately.
  • We do not fear discussions about other servers so long as you are not trashing on ours or promoting theirs. Do not advertise other servers in game or in our discord. Doing so will get you banned immediately.
  • Reports on other players must be backed up with evidence. This could mean the offense is ongoing, you have video recording, or screenshots. Do not expect staff to respond if you do not have proof.
  • NSFW content is strictly prohibited both in game and in our discord. If you think something might be going too far then assume it is.

Gameplay Rules: Once again, just because its not listed here doesn't mean its not a rule. Use your head.

  • Automating gameplay in any way is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in action on your account. This includes auto-potion, going AFK with reflect builds, pixel botting, etc. Macros for Alchemist Brewing and ACTIVE gameplay are allowed, but you must actively be at your computer and initiating the macro. Please note that we consider automating a 2nd or 3rd client automating gameplay even if you are at your computer. If you are found to be AFK with a macro running, action on your account will be taken. If you are unsure whether something is automating gameplay simply don't do it or ask Staff. To clarify, do not attempt to AFK farm with homunculus out.
  • Mob dropping/griefing is considered harassment and not allowed. Accidents DO happen, but if its clear your intent was malicious actions will be taken. Everyone gets heated, but don't take it out on other players.
  • Multi-Clienting is allowed and not discouraged in anyway. Play the game how you want to. We have enough quality of life changes to where we feel you don't have to, but we don't want to tell you how to play the game you love either.
  • MVPs are considered truly free for all in the open world: even those summoned by Bloody Branches. You can use Pneuma/Safety Wall, etc. compete with another player but you may not mob drop or attempt to get them killed in the process. Additionally do not attempt to warp them out with Warp Portal. The one area where there is an exception to this is in Guild Dungeons. If you do not wish to deal with competition you can buy Bloody Branches with Silvervine Fruit and rent a private Branch Room in the main office.
  • Any form of exploit not mentioned previously that affects gameplay in a way clearly not intended will result in immediate action. Do not cheat.
  • Do not attempt to steal another players loot. If a player dies and has no way to get their loot, it is considered fair game.
  • Do not Kill Steal another player. Sometimes accidents happen and thats why we have @noks so this doens't happen. But still, respect other players.
  • Account sharing is done at your own risk. Staff will not compensate you if you get scammed or screwed over by another player you trusted.
  • Do not grief players in either PVP or PVM, trying to spam trade or message them can fall under this category, trying to warp them to other places when AFK, making an mvp they are actively attacking teleport away with rude attack, etc.
  • Do not block the visibility or accessiblity of an NPC or warp portal.You will be kicked.
  • Do not spawn Dead Branch/Bloody Branch monsters to troll other players.
  • All guild emblems for those who participate in War of Emperium must be clearly visible and defined. If you are found to be using a misleading or transparent guild emblem action will be taken.
  • Mobbing an entire map is acceptable if no other players are on the map, however if other players are actively playing the same map as you, leave enough mobs for them to farm comfortably. If you aren't sure if you are leaving enough mobs for them, leave more just to be safe.