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By donating, you're supporting the community! In return, you will be rewarded donation credits that you may use to purchase costumes from our cash shop.

If you would like to donate, please go to the following:

To redeem your cash points go to the main office in center Prontera. It is just to the left and slight down from the main center/tree/fountain. Once inside talk to the donation redeemer and convert your credits into cash points. After that you can use the cash shop in the top right like normal.


Patreon Exclusives

Additionally, we had a Patreon you used to be able to subscribe to, so you could support us! You would get 1 free costume box (of your choice from the current month) and 2 exclusive costumes every month this way.

However, as of March 2024, Patreon has been reworked to be done entirely in game through our cash shop. You can purchase Patreon tokens of Tier 1, 2, or 3 and get appropriate rewards that way.

Note that you still get 1 free costume box of your choice and 2 exclusive costumes for the most recent month with a standard Tier 1 Patreon Token.

For Tier 2, you'll get your choice of two exclusive costume from within the last 3 months, and 2 costume boxes of any month of your choice. Additionally you will still get the Tier 1 rewards.

for Tier 3, you'll get your choice of two exclusive costumes from any previous month so long as its May 2022 or later. (since April 2022 and before are forever locked) You'll also 6 costume boxes of your choice from any month. Additoinally you will still get the Tier 1 AND Tier 2 rewards. (total 10 costume boxes, 2 exclusive costumes from last 3 months, 2 exclusive costumes any month, 2 most recent exclusive costumes)

Up until April 2022, all Patreon exclusive costumes were restricted to that month's Patreon members and will never return. Every patreon exclusive costume after April 2022, is available by using a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Patreon token.

Below you will find a list of all Patreon Exclusives ever released. Remember, all exclusives from April 2022 or before are unavailable and must be purchased from players who subscribed in that month.

Retired Exclusives

December 2021 Patreon Preview
Moon and Stars (Middle) Moonandstars.gif
Floral Waltz (Lower) Floralwaltz.gif
January 2022 Patreon Preview
White Cat Ear Hat (Upper) Catearhatwhite.png
Zealotus Doll (Upper) Zealotusdoll.png
February 2022 Patreon Preview
Cyber Cat Ear Headphones (Blue) (Upper) Cybercatblue.png
Kirin Wings (Garment) Kirinwings.png
March 2022 Patreon Preview
Note Headphones (Upper) Noteheadphones.png
Triple Ice Cream (Garment) Tripleicecream.png
April 2022 Patreon Preview
Honorable Knight Cloak (Lower) Honorableknightcloak.png
Valkyrie Feather Band (Upper) Valkyriefeatherband.png

Available Exclusives (Depending on Tier)

May 2022 Patreon Preview
Gerhard Von Deviruchi Bag (Garment) Gerhardvondeviruchibag.png
Giant Shark (Garment) Giantshark.png
June 2022 Patreon Preview
Diabolic Rock Guitar (Garment) Diabolicrockguitar.png
Tree Frog Hood (Upper) Treefroghood.png
July 2022 Patreon Preview
Piglering Bag (Garment) Pigleringbag.gif
Leaf Umbrella (Garment) Leafumbrella.gif
August 2022 Patreon Preview
Belka and Strelka (Middle) Belkaandstrelka.gif
Ifrit's Breath (Lower) Ifritsbreath.gif
September 2022 Patreon Preview
Falling Red Foliage (Garment) Fallingredfoliage.gif
Diabolic Lapel (Lower) Diaboliclapel.gif
October 2022 Patreon Preview
Whisper's Blessing (Garment) Whispersblessing.gif
Halloween Poring Bag (Garment) Halloweenporingbag.gif
November 2022 Patreon Preview
Nidhogg Glam (Upper) Nidhoggglam.gif
Punkish Cat Ears (Upper) Punkishcatears.gif
December 2022 Patreon Preview
Christmas Wings (Garment) Christmaswings.gif
Santa's Pocket (Garment) Santaspocket.gif
January 2023 Patreon Preview
Calabash (Garment) Calabash.gif
Jumbo Bunny (Middle) Jumbobunny.gif
February 2023 Patreon Preview
Nydhoggur's Wig (White) (Upper) Nydhoggurwigwhite.gif
Valkyrie Wings (Garment) Valkyriewings.gif
March 2024 Patreon Preview
Baby Gloom (Middle) Babygloom.gif
Snow Rabbit Wig (Lower) Snowrabbitwig.gif
April 2024 Patreon Preview
Cinnamoroll Crown Backpack (Garment) Cinnamoncrown.gif
Butler Bunny (Middle) Butlerbunny.gif
June 2024 Patreon Preview
Food Stall (Middle) (Only Visible While Sitting) foodstall.gif
Queen of Calamity (Lower) queenofcalamity.gif