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By donating, you're supporting the community! In return, you will be rewarded donation credits that you may use to purchase costumes from our cash shop.

If you would like to donate, please go to the following:

To redeem your cash points go to the main office in center Prontera. It is just to the left and slight down from the main center/tree/fountain. Once inside talk to the donation redeemer and convert your credits into cash points. After that you can use the cash shop in the top right like normal.


Patreon Exclusives

Additionally, we have a Patreon you can visit here to support us! You will get 1 free costume box (of your choice) and 2 exclusive costumes every month this way.

To visit our Patreon and subscribe click this link:

Up until April 2022, all Patreon exclusive costumes were restricted to that month's patreon members and will never return. Every patreon exclusive costume after April 2022, is available by subscribing to our Tier 2 or Tier 3 Patreon membership to unlock them as a choice.

Below you will find a list of all Patreon Exclusives ever released. Remember, all exclusives from April 2022 or before are unavailable and must be purchased from players who subscribed in that month.

December 2021 Patreon Preview
Moon and Stars (Middle) moonandstars.gif
Floral Waltz (Lower) floralwaltz.gif
January 2022 Patreon Preview
White Cat Ear Hat (Upper) Catearhatwhite.png
Zealotus Doll (Upper) Zealotusdoll.png
February 2022 Patreon Preview
Cyber Cat Ear Headphones (Blue) (Upper) Cybercatblue.png
Kirin Wings (Garment) Kirinwings.png
March 2022 Patreon Preview
Note Headphones (Upper) Noteheadphones.png
Triple Ice Cream (Garment) Tripleicecream.png
April 2022 Patreon Preview
Honorable Knight Cloak (Lower) Honorableknightcloak.png
Valkyrie Feather Band (Upper) Valkyriefeatherband.png
May 2022 Patreon Preview
Gerhard Von Deviruchi Bag (Garment) Gerhardvondeviruchibag.png
Giant Shark (Garment) Giantshark.png
June 2022 Patreon Preview
Diabolic Rock Guitar (Garment) Diabolicrockguitar.png
Tree Frog Hood (Upper) Treefroghood.png
September 2022 Patreon Preview
Falling Red Foliage (Garment) Fallingredfoliage.gif
Diabolic Lapel (Lower) Diaboliclapel.gif