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Tapping Overview

Every time a unique party member interacts with a monster it will add bonus experience when the monster, considered a tapped monster, is killed. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Casting a non-ground target skill. This taps all monsters visible on the screen.
  • Performing a song. This taps all monsters visible on the screen every second.
  • Getting hit by a monster. This taps the monster that hit the player.
  • Damaging a monster. This taps the monster that the player hits.

This means that tanks and supports will naturally tap monsters by using their skills or tanking.

Players that attempt to tap outside of the party will not increase the bonus experience.

Tapping EXP Bonus only applies if you are within 20 cell range of the mob when it dies.

Custom Tapping Skill

A custom tapping skill called "Tap!" is given to all players once they learn the First Aid skill during the beginning tutorial. It costs 0 SP, applies no effects, or deals any damage, and is simply used to tap all monsters visible to the player.

Alfheim's vision with this change was to make party play never feel sub-optimal. By allowing all classes, even support classes like Bard/Dancer and Melee classes like Whitesmith to apply bonus EXP, it is never a bad idea to have someone extra come along!

Teleport interaction

Since using a skill will tap all monsters on screen, Teleport can also be used to tap. The way it works is that once the skill is used, Teleport will then tap all monsters visible to the player 'after' the play has moved to a new location. Flywings do not count as it is not a skill.

Tapping experience chart

Current EXP Tap (per person added to party):

          Person Solo = 100% EXP
          2 person party (2 tap) = 100% EXP Each (100% tap) (NO PENALTY)
          3 Person party (3 tap) = 83% EXP Each (150% tap) (-17% for 3rd)
          4 Person party (4 tap) = 75% EXP Each (200% tap) (-8% for 4th)
          5 Person party (5 tap) = 70% EXP Each (250% tap) (-5% for 5th)
          6 Person party (6 tap) = 66.67% EXP Each (300% tap) (-3.33% for 6th)
          7 Person party (7 tap) = 64.28% EXP Each (350% tap) (-2.39% for 7th)
          8 Person party (8 tap) = 62.5% EXP Each (400% tap) (-1.78% for 8th)
          9 Person party (9 tap) = 61.1% EXP Each (450% tap) (-1.4% for 9th)
          10 Person party (10 tap) = 60% EXP Each (500% tap) (-1.1% for 10th)
          11 Person party (11 tap) = 59.09% EXP Each (550% tap) (-0.91% for 11th)
          12 person party (12 tap) = 58.33% EXP Each (600% tap) (-0.76% for 12th)


  • Tapping EXP bonus only applies to a maximum of two characters per IP address. This means that two players in a shared household can tap, but anymore players after the first two can no longer tap a monster.
  • Multiple clients on the same machine beyond the first are not able to tap. This means the player cannot self-tap.
  • All skills will act as if the Tap skill is used.

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