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After a series of long delays, we're finally releasing the Summer Event for this year! This is a massive update with a lot to unpack that includes MORE than just the summer event. We're playing catch up on BGs, putting HD ores, introducing brand new reworked renewal content and so much more. So without further ado I just want to dive right into it.


After a long period of waiting BGs is finally ready. There's a lot to talk about with how we did BGs, so first let's talk about all the the aspects of it.

Joining BGs and the different Modes

To join or leave BGs you can type @joinbg and @leavebg . Note that only ONE client per computer can join BGs and trying to bypass this will result in bans. Do not attempt to farm bgs with dual clients.

There are 4 different modes that we will start with and adjust based on player feedback:

      1.) Conquest= Essentially a mini-WOE. Players are assigned to a random guild for a WOE SE castle. One defends, One attacks. If the defenders can hold off the attackers they win and vice versa.
      2.) Krieger von Midgard= This mode is a straight GVG matchup with one life for each player. Once the enemy is completely wiped,  the team left standing wins.
      3.) Team Deathmatch= Players are put on one of two random teams and are given points for each team. Every time a player dies, points are reduced by one. Once a teams points are reduced to 0 they lose.
      4.) Capture the Flag= The goal of this mode is to capture the enemy's flag, while maintaining your own, and return the enemy flag to your flag. upon doing so you will be awarded one point. First to 3 wins.

Skill Mechanics Changes for BGs

To make BGs more playable for some classes we had to make some custom changes:

      1.) Soul Linkers can use Ka skills even without Soul Link/Spirit State while in BGs
      2.) Zeny cost of skills like Cart Termination and Mammonite are removed altogether.
      3.) Monk's snap is specifically disabled in KvM and Capture the Flag game modes for balancing purposes.

BG Supplies and How they Work

There is an NPC upstairs in the Main Office that will give your BG supplies. However, there is also a tutorial NPC that will explain everything you see here in there as well.

BG Supplies are restricted to those you get from this NPC. You cannot use outside supplies.

You can only choose one type of HP potion and one type of SP potion. Otherwise you can choose as much or as little as you want from the other supplies.

However, each consumable has a restricted amount you can get. These refill upon death and you can talk to the NPC to refill inbetween rounds of BGs.

Battlegrounds Freebies

For new players who don't have PVP oriented gear, there is a free set of Battlegrounds gears given to players that can ONLY be worn while in battlegrounds.

This is a full set that includes Armor, Garment, Shoes, and Headgear, Shield, and a weapon for your class.

The weapons and gears are suboptimal to best in slot gear, but will be sufficient to compete at a basic level if you want to jump right into PVP without gear investment.

      1.) Battlegrounds Suit (8 DEF, 500 HP, 5 MDEF)
      2.) Battlegrounds Muffler (3 DEF, 10% Neutral Resist, 4 MDEF)
      3.) Battlegrounds Shoes (3 DEF, 5% HP/SP, 3 MDEF)
      4.) Battlegrounds Guard (6 DEF, 20% Demi Human Reduction)
      5.) Battlegrounds Beret (7% Demi Human Reduction)

Note: Weapons vary from class to class but most physical classes get 40% demi-human damage on their weapon.

Battlegrounds Rewards

Below you will find a lit of all rewards you can get with your BG badges. Prices vary based on the items. All gear that can roll random options will!

You can find the rewards NPC upstairs in the main office alongside the other BGs NPCs.


1.) Legacy Costume Box

2.) WOE White Potions (WOE Only)

3.) WOE Blue Potions

4.) WOE Condensed White Potions

5.) WOE Strawberries

6.) WOE Authoritative Badges

7.) WOE Yggdrasil Berry

8.) WOE Yggdrasil Seed

9.) WOE Speed Potion

10.) Gym Pass Box

11.) Gym Pass

12.) Old Card Album


13.) Coat[1]

14.) Saint's Robe[1]

15.) Chain Mail[1]

16.) Silk Robe[1]

17.) Full Plate[1]

18.) Tights[1]

19.) Mage Coat[1]

20.) Thief Clothes[1]

21.) Legion Plate Armor[1]

22.) Ninja Suit[1]

23.) Pantie[1]


24.) Muffler[1]

25.) Heavenly Maiden Robe[1]

26.) Manteau[1]

27.) Ancient Cape[1]

28.) Undershirt[1]

29.) Pauldron[1]


30.) Shoes[1]

31.) Boots[1]

32.) Greaves[1]

33.) High Heels[1]


34.) Mirror Shield[1]

35.) Guard[1]

36.) Buckler[1]

37.) Shield[1]


38.) Beret

39.) Helm[1]

40.) Pirate Bandana[1]

41.) Apple of Archer

42.) Fairy Flower[1]

43.) Blush of Groom

44.) Spiked Scarf

45.) Well-Chewed Pencil

46.) Rainbow Scarf

47.) Pirate Dagger

48.) Hawk Eyes


49.) Ring[1]

50.) Earring[1]

51.) Bow Thimble[1]

52.) Brooch[1]

53.) Rosary[1]

54.) Necklace[1]


55.) Pike[4]

56.) Trident[3]

57.) Chain[3]

58.) Stunner[2]

59.) Saber[3]

60.) Combo Battle Glove[4]

61.) Orcish Axe[4]

62.) Arbalest[2]

63.) Gakkung Bow[2]

64.) Claymore[2]

65.) Infiltrator[1]

66.) Oriental Lute[2]

67.) Harp[2]

68.) Queen's Whip[2]

69.) Rope[4]

70.) Wing Staff

71.) Evil Bone Wand

72.) Book of Gust Wind[3]

73.) Book of Blazing Sun[3]

74.) Book of Billows[3]

75.) Book of Mother Earth[3]

76.) Encyclopedia[2]

77.) Gladius[3]

Summer Event

Before we get into the huge amount of new content, I want to talk about the summer event specifically has to offer you guys this time! It's similar to our other events like the Sweets Festival, but a few changes this time:

Pori Pori First Week

The server took down the greatest poring of all time, and as such you all will be rewarded accordingly! For the first week of the event, (and only the first) there will be an NPC and command that gives you 1 hour of EXP buffs like @dailyexp.

Note that this does NOT stack with regular or advanced manuals or @dailyexp. You can still combine this with job manuals as it is a normal manual buff. The command to bring up the Pori Pori exp is @poriexp.

Additionally, all gear that rolls random options and drops from non-boss type monsters will have its floor raised from 1.75% > 3.50% for the week as well! Headgears/Accessories are still unaffected by this. Armors/Garments/Shoes/Weapons are affected.

Again, this will last only the first week of the event so use it while you can.

Summer Annie EXP

After the first week is over, you can still get your hour of EXP buffs during the event! But you'll just have to pay 30 Starfish Tokens to do so!

Where do you get Starfish Tokens? You can get 2 from every Silvervine drop, and from farming Lasagna dungeon mobs and Byalan 6 dungeon mobs. (more on those locations later in the post)

There will also be mini games where you can get Starfish tokens for those of you who do not want to fight monsters!

You can bring up Summer Annie from anywhere! Just type @eventexp and you can buff yourself by spending your 30 Starfish tokens.

Summer Drinks

If you go to Prontera,110,238 you will find a resort employee who will offer you drinks that buff you in exchange for 10 Starfish Tokens each! These buffs last for an hour and mostly persist through death!

      1.) Jawaii Punch (20% incoming healing)
      2.) Pina Colada (+10 Crit) (doesn't persist through death)
      3.) Strawberry Daiquiri (5 Perfect Dodge)
      4.) Screwdriver (10 Flee and Hit) (doesn't persist through death)
      5.) Margarita (20 ATK and MATK)
      6.) Pink Martini (Life Insurance Buff) (removed on death like a normal Life Insurance)

Summer Costumes

      1.) Starfish Headband (Upper)
      2.) Beachball (Upper)
      3.) Fish Head (Upper)
      4.) Watermelon Slice (Lower)
      5.) Strawberry in Mouth (Lower)
      6.) Fishbowl Parfait Hat (Upper)
      7.) Diving Goggles (Middle)
      8.) Fish Bone Hair Wig (Lower)
      9.) Hooked Straw Hat (Garment)

Content Update: Lasagna

So this is our first and early foray at converting renewal content into one that is suitable for pre-renewal. This one took a lot of time and work to convert everything over so there is a lot to unpack. Lasagna had to completely repurposed since it is normally a starting area for Dorams.

To maintain this theme we decided to make Lasagna the newbie area for Project Alfheim. This means that it's where new players will probably flock to in order to get their journey started. I can't reveal everything Lasagna has to offer here, but we we will have a separate post you can find below this line if you want to read more details about what Lasagna has to offer!

Lasagna Drops and Gears

So let's start explaining a few things about Lasagna!

How to Get to Lasagna

Talk to the Ship Catptain in ALBERTA on the far east side. The same place where you can ferry to Ayothaya, Amatsu, etc.

It will cost you 500z. If you are new read below the Paradise tutorial will be free for you.

Paradise Gears and Newbie Tutorial

As a new player, it can be hard to learn about what makes Project Alfheim not only different...but easier!

Starting out without ANY gears is also quite rough so we're seeking to alleviate this a bit with a new Paradise Gear set!

You can obtain the Paradise gear set after you finish your job change to first job and talk to the Paradise Recruit NPC found at every single job change. We made this quite easy to see as they have a big Muka with a quest sign in his hand to let you know to talk to them after you've job changed.

For future Super Novice players you can talk to a different NPC in the main office to start your quest. In the novice grounds we've added a new Super Novice warper NPC next to the other classes that will warp you out once you've hit job 10 in the training grounds. She will give you every manual and warp you to the main office next to the Paradise recruiter NPC that will help you start your quest to get your gears.

I don't want to spoil too much in this post as the tutorial kind of explains itself. If you're new to Alfheim make sure you READ the text in the tutorial as its not your run of the mill how to play RO stuff. This is specific to Alfheim and helps you understand a few of our core server features.

In addition to giving you gears, it will help you get your first set of buffs as well as a free halter lead! So its well worth it as a new player.

It's still recommended you do the other quests in the normal novice grounds before leaving though so you can get your novice potions/fly wings, etc as these won't give you any of those.

Each recruiter warps you to Lasagna where you will talk to the Paradise leader to start your quest. From there its straight forward!

Lasagna Fields

Lasagna fields are full of early level monsters that are designed to be easy for newbies, but are bulkier. This makes them good for early level duo-ing and partying, but can still be solo'd if one wishes to do so. Drops from these monsters are geared to be less about making raw zeny and more about selling mats to players on the market!

Lasagna Field 1 is focused on giving you base experience, and Lasagna Field 2 will give you more job experience. Both are easier however so neither should be too difficult.

If you want a complete list of what these monsters drop and what their stats are check out our Lasagna page.

Lasagna Dungeon: Dragon's Next

Lasagna dungeon has 3 floors of varying difficulty and can be found in Lasagna Field 2.

As with most dungeons, the first floor is for first job leveling, this time as a home for melee classes to job 50. With tons of difficulties for ranged classes, we don't expect many to attempt to farm the first floor.

Fear not, however, as the 2nd floor is designed for any and all classes who can figure out a way to survive/farm it efficiently. Bring your fire resistance here as the mobs magic damage is no joke!

The 3rd floor is specifically aimed at party play with one of the most ambitiously designed mobs we've created yet. The Jungle Mandragoras are incredibly bulky and hit quite hard. We're hoping people will group up to burn them down!

All of the floors offer Starfish Tokens during the event at 2%/40%/60% respectively for the mobs.

In the final floor you will also find the Big Eggring MVP. He may look like a pushover, but he's anything but! He's also one bulky boi so don't expect to kill him quickly like you normally would in renewal.

If you want specific details on the mobs and what can drop here check out our Lasagna page.

Lasagna Quests and New Class Figures

One of the specific things we can talk about here in this post rather than the Lasagna page is the Class Figures quests. These are new accessories that you can only get in Lasagna by completing bounties for Doram Tokens in addition to bringing specific items for each accessory. The requirements can be found by talking to one of the NPCs in each house near Lasagna,80,249. They will let you know what each class figure needs to be made.

For now here's a screen shot of all the figures and what stats they offer so you know if they even interest you or not! Only the respective classes can equip their own figures, but pre-trans can equip them. So Rogue can equip the stalker figure, for example but an Assassin can't.


Every figure will require 300 Doram Tokens to make which you can get by talking to the Lazy Father and taking up his kill bounty quests. (lasa_in01,22,63)

Important to note that these kill bounty quests are computer and account restricted so no dual client cheesing them here! The Doram tokens themselves are account restricted as well so you'll have to actually earn them. The class figures themselves are tradeable however so you don't have to kill on the class you want to make the figure for!

There are many hidden quests/costumes in Lasagna that I won't reveal here or in the Lasagna post as I want people to explore and feel like they are genuinely experiencing new content. So if you want to see what Lasagna has to offer you'll have to find out yourself!

Content Update: Byalan Dungeon 6

With this content update comes a new floor to Byalan Dungeon! This floor has been completely reworked and adjusted from renewal.

You can reach this floor by entering the new portal found in the top middle of the 5th floor of Byalan dungeon. (the one with Strouf/Merman).

Note that this floor is quite difficult and the monsters are no joke. This floor is NOT for the feint of heart and if you are unprepared these monsters will absolutely run you over.

However they offer new gears and new cards as well. You can also find a new MVP: The Kraken, who brings with him some early gears such as Cardo and Hunting Spear!

To see more of what you can get as Byalan Dungeon 6 visit our Byalan Dungeon 6 Page!

MVP Instances

After a slew of fixing and testing, the MVP instance system is finally ready! So how does it work?

Well it starts by having an NPC on every single map that an MVP is on, with a few exceptions where the NPC would be impractical or get in the way. In these cases the NPC is just before the portal to the map the MVP is on. (such as Abyss Lake 3 and Bio 3.)

When you talk to the NPC (fruit), she will ask if you want to take on the instance MVP and how you want to pay. Each MVP has specific item requirements (listed below in the table).

However, you can pay with 10 Instance MVP Tokens instead. Instance MVP Tokens are given as a a reward every time you pay for and kill an Instanced MVP. Important to note that these tokens are CHARACTER bound so no trading them!

One important note is that Ktullanux and Thanatos are both removed from this system because they require quests to summon normally. If competition for these MVP becomes too fierce we will do something special for these rather than add them to this system.

Let's go into some more detail though of what paying does for you:

Getting Loot

When you choose to talk to the Fruit NPC you can choose to join a friend's instance and help out or you can start your own. To join an instance you MUST be in a party with the same person.

You do NOT have to pay to join, but if you want to get loot you must pay when you decide to go into the instance.

The person who starts the instance and pays will always roll loot since they paid to start it up, however they cannot start up an instance if their instance is on cooldown.

MVPs have a cooldown that is account AND computer restricted. It is also 3 times the duration of their normal respawn timers. This means Golden Thief Bug's cooldown is only 3 hours, while a longer respawn MVP like Valkyrie Randgris is 24 hours.

Every person can receive their own loot in the instance as long as they are NOT on cooldown and PAY the cost it would take to summon the instanced MVP. (either the requirements or 10 Instance MVP tokens)

If you are on cooldown, you can still join to help out a friend take down the MVP and get experience, but you will not receive any loot for doing so.

Important notes: MVP Cards do NOT drop in MVP instances and Old Card Albums are reduced by 75% of their normal drop rates. This means Mistress will drop her OCA at 5% instead of 20% and Amon Ra will drop his OCA at 1% instead of 4% as just a few examples. Otherwise all drops are 100% of their normal rates.

Bio 3 Unique Restrictions

Because Bio 3 is kind of wild with its amount of high end drops we decided to make a more unique system for the Bio 3 MVPs.

       1.) You can CHOOSE which MVP you want to take down out of the 6. So if you want to take down Sinx, do so!
       2.) However, all Bio 3 MVPs share a global 24 hour cooldown. Meaning you can only receive loot from one per day before they all go on cooldown.
       3.) You must defeat all of the others individually before they are reset and you can challenge the first you fought. 
           This means if you defeat Sinx on day 1, you must defeat Lord Knight, High Priest, Sniper, High Wizard, and Whitesmith
           over 5 different days minimum before you can challenge the Sinx again. No matter how long you wait this will not reset. 
       4.) While the Bio 3 Instance Start MVP is found in bio 2, you must still meet the level requirements to go to bio 3.

How the Instances themselves Work

The instances are simply clones of the maps the MVP is on. Lord of Death and Bio 3 mvps will still spawn in their fixed spawns. Amon Ra still spawns in his fixed spot, etc. All the mobs and map hazards will still exist on these cloned maps. This means bio 3 has all the bio 3 mobs to deal with as well.

This was so the maps are still challenging. However, while all these mobs will give experience in the instance, none of them drop loot so you will not want to waste time farming the instanced mobs for this reason.

You should go in, kill the MVP and get out!

MVP Instance Requirements List

MVP Name Item 1 (ID) Item 2 (ID) Item 3 (ID) Item 4 (ID) Location of Instance NPC
Osiris Silver Ring(2611) x 1 Rotten Bandages (930) x 150 Elixir Bandages (23256) x 1 moc_pryd04
Baphomet Evil Horn (923) x 15 Halberd[2] (1464) x 1 Yellow Herb (508) x 60 prt_maze02
Doppelganger Silver Robe[1](2333) x 1 Little Evil Horn (1038) x 75 Horseshoe (944) x 100 gef_dun02
Mistress Khukri (13006) x 1 Dragon Scale (1036) x 100 Fancy Flower (2207) x 1 mjolnir_04
Golden Thief Bug Insect Feeler (928) x 150 Worm Peeling (1055) x 75 Fluorescent Liquid (7326) x 1 prt_sewb4
Orc Hero Ogre Tooth (7002) x 100 Orc's Fang (922) x 75 Buster[2] x 2 gef_fild14
Drake Pirate Bandana (2287) x 1 Well-Dried Bone (628) x 1 Skel Bone (932) x 150 treasure02
Eddga Bear's Footskin (948) x 200 Nine Tails (1022) x 75 pay_fild11
Maya Worm Peeling (955) x 150 Royal Jelly (526) x 3 Sticky Mucus (938) x 50 anthell02
Moonlight Flower Nine Tails (1022) x 100 Stone Heart (953) x 20 pay_dun04
Pharaoh Broken Sword (7110) x 100 Honey Pot (7121) x 100 Falchion[4] (1105) x 5 in_sphinx5
Phreeoni Earthworm Peeling (1055) x 100 Fatty Chubby Earthworm (632) x 1 moc_fild17
Orc Lord Orcish Voucher (931) x 150 Battle Axe[4] (1352) x 2 gef_fild10
Stormy Knight Piece of Cake (539) x 25 Manacles (1098) x 25 Well-Baked Cookie (538) x 25 xmas_dun02
Garm Bear's Footskin (948) x 100 Opal (727) x 1 xmas_fild01
Dark Lord Ragamuffin Manteau (2508) x 2 Bible[2] (1551) x 2 gl_chyard
Turtle General Turtle Shell (967) x 75 Old Shuriken (7072) x 20 Broken Shell (7070) x 20 tur_dun04
Lord of the Dead Bat Cage (7214) x 75 Old Manteau (7207) x 30 Mr Scream (2288) x 1 nif_in
Dracula Jack O' Pumpkin (1062) x 150 Tooth of Bat (913) x 50 Wing of Red Bat (1025) x 150 gef_dun01
Evil Snake Lord Cloud Crumb (7162) x 50 Guitar[1] (1908) x 1 Snake Scale (1025) x 50 gon_dun03
Incantation Samurai Shinobi Sash[0] (2654) x 3 Broken Shuriken (7156) x 75 Thief Clothes[1] (2336) x 1 ama_dun03
Amon Ra Armlet of Obedience (639) x 1 Nose Ring (941) x 75 Two-Handed Axe (1361) x 1 moc_pryd06
Tao Gunka Red Flame Whip (1965) x 3 Horrendous Hair (1048) x 50 Sea Witch's Foot[1] (1973) x 1 beach_dun
RSX Old Pick (7318) x 75 Flashlight (7327) 2 Mould Powder (7001) x 15 ein_dun02
White Lady Folding Fan of Cat Ghost (7262) x 15 Cat's Eye (7263) x 15 Bao Bao (5042) x 1 lou_dun03
General Egnignem Cenia Handcuffs (7345) x 30 Research Chart (7347) x 20 lhz_dun02
Bio 3 MVPs Handcuffs (7345) x 500 Research Chart (7347) x 400 lhz_dun02
Vesper White Crest Piece (7356) x 3 Green Crest Piece (7357) x 3 Brown Crest Piece (7358) x 3 Red Crest Piece (7359) x 3 jupe_core
Lady Tanee Destroyed Armor (7069) x 75 Tassel (7301) x 100 Straw Basket (7299) x 10 ayo_dun02
Detale Yellow Bijou (7448) x 20 Blue Bijou (7446) x 15 Red Bijou (7447) x 10 Green Bijou (7445) x 10 abyss_03
Kiel D-01 Burnt Part (7512) x 20 Solid Iron Piece (7507) x 30 Old Broom (637) x 1 kh_dun02
Valkyrie Randgris Rune of Darkness (7511) x 40 Soft Feather (7063) x 20 odin_tem03
Gloom Under Night Suspicious Hat (7567) x 20 Bloody Rune (7563) x 75 Will of the Darkness (7340) x 20 ra_san05
Atroce Rotten Meat (7564) x 75 Sticky Poison (7565) x 50 ra_fild04
Big Eggring Basil (22985) x 10 Dragon Scale (1036) x 100 Dragon Tail (103) x 50 lasa_dun03
Kraken Mystic Frozen (995) x 3 Coral Reef (7103) x 25 Fin (951) x 25 iz_dun05

HD Ores and HD Weapon Refine

So after letting the server play out for awhile, we've seen the refine system essential un-used past the safe point. Some people take risks on trash rolls, and shields/headgears still get their refines, but for the most part getting a high refine gear with random options that are desireable is non-existent because people feel its not worth the risk.

I was aware of this potentially being the way things played out when I first started the project, so after seeing it play out as expected its time to make the change I initially considered.

We're introducing HD Oridecon and HD Elunium to the server for safe refining. These basically work the same as normal Oridecon and Elunium except instead of breaking your weapon, they lower its refine level by 1 on failure.

Importantly, they do not lower refine by 1 if they fail at the highest safe refine. This is so you can spam HD easier without having to worry about "wasting" HD Elu and HD Ori. An example of this would be a Level 4 weapon getting to +4. Once its +4 with normal Oridecon, if you fail with HD Oridecon specifically trying to go for +5, it will NOT degrade to +3 and will instead stay +4 so you can just keep spamming. This applies to both HD Weapon refine and NPC refining. (both armor/weapon for NPC)

We don't intended for either of these to be the default way to refine, but an option and luxury for those who want to refine their rare optioned gear that's best in slot.

So don't be expecting to +9 and +10 every single piece of gear you have immediately. These are high cost/investment relative to the power/safety they provide.

HD Weapon Refine

Whitesmith obviously needs to be a part of this system as one of the primary reasons to make a Whitesmith is for the Weapon Refine skill.

As such we have created a custom quest skill called HD Weapon Refine that functions identically to Weapon Refine 10 only it uses HD Oridecon for all weapons instead and lowers refine level instead of breaking on failure.

To get this skill go to the Blacksmith guild in Einbroch once you have learned Weapon Refine, Level 10.

You can find Whitesmith Thor at ein_in01,35,27 once you are in the Blacksmith guild and he will teach you the skill.

Note that the same Job Level scaling applies to HD Weapon Refine as normal weapon refine. This means that it is worse than using NPC before job 50 and better after that.

How to Get HD Ores

To get HD Ores, simply talk to Premi in the main office. The same cat girl you exchange your Green Silvervine Fruits with. She will take 25 Oridecon for 1 HD Oridecon and 10 Elunium for 1 HD Elunium. Note that you can also buy in boxes of 5, 10, and 50 appropriately for an equivalent cost. (i.e. 125 ori for a box of 5 HD ori). You will find them under the "Consumables" option.

Note that HD Ores weight 0, and Rough Ori/Elu and regular Ori and Elu have had their weight lowered to 2 in anticipation of this system requiring you to hold many Ori and Elu at once.

New NPCs: The Wiki NPCs

If you're reading this here, you probably won't care too much about this, but we've basically ported over the core of the Wiki information to NPCs in game now! There are individual NPCs found in Northwest Lasagna town. However, you don't even have to visit them.

You can simply type @wiki and it will bring up the Wiki Master NPC who will then ask you which NPC you want to be directed to.

The NPCs themselves are actually more detailed than the Wiki here in many ways due to our restrictions on having images on the Wiki online now. So if you want better visuals and clarity, I really recommend trying it out!

Note that you can only do one Wiki NPC at a time, but it will let you loop around within itself if you want to keep asking it more and more questions. So for example you can keep starting over with the Random Options NPC once you start it, but once you are done you have to type @wiki again to get the initial list of NPCs.

We hope this helps you guys learn about the server and provide clarity on how to be successful here!

Ranking System Update: Alchemist and Blacksmith

This is largely irrelevant right now as the ranking points across the board are very low, but consider this a future proof.

Basically, if you are not ranked, but hit certain point threshholds you will still get the ranked bonus as if you were ranked.

So this means you do not need to spam points once you hit these threshholds.

Alchemist is 50k points for theirs.

Blacksmith/Forging is 1k points for theirs.

Skill Adjustments

We've done some more skill adjustments once again! I keep thinking I'm done with the non-expanded classes, but things don't feel quite right yet.

Knight/Lord Knight

Brandish Spear has been updated to function like in renewal.

This means it is considered RANGED physical damage, and always hits for the same damage regardless of distance.

Additionally, its damage has been buffed from 300% > 850% to be more competitive with Bowling Bash.

It's cast time is 0.7 seconds, and it is still aspd based just like bowling bash. However, its SP cost has been raised to 20 to compensate for its damage buffs.

However, we have given monsters NPC_BRANDISH to make sure their damage is unaffected by this change.


Backstab is still falling short of its intended power level even after multiple buffs. As such it is now able to apply Gank/Auto-Steal at the same rate it does with auto attacks!

Often I see that Rogue's are opting to just become a discount Knight with Bowling Bash, and while I don't want to crowd out that build altogether, I feel like Rogue's should feel good using Rogue skills too!


As you all know I absolutely hate Alchemist as a class. So I'm buffing them again! Of course.

Jokes aside, I've felt for awhile that its pretty dumb to RNG pray to the gods that you get the homunculus you want.

This is even more painful as a new player where the cost of even making 1 embryo is prohibitive. As such, we're removing the RNG and letting you pick your own homunculus!

The descriptions are based off what they evolve into, not what they are when you get them. So keep that in mind. If this is frustrating or unclear PLEASE provide feedback in discord.

I'm more than open to adjusting their descriptions. Lastly, you can find this NPC in the Alchemist's guild in Aldebaran near the same NPC that teaches you Alchemy Efficiency.

We've also buffed the Twilight Alchemy skills to have far lower after cast delay. From 10 seconds > 2. And their cast time has been lowered to 1 second. Now you can brew MUCH faster.

Silvervine and Pet Balance Adjustments

So Silvervine and Pets are getting some buffs and adjustments. Some items are underbought, and some pets are simply not worth the investment or are just prohibitive in cost even IF they are strong.

Silvervine Cost Changes

1.) Life Insurance: 3 > 1

2.) Speed Potion Box(5): 2 > 1

3.) Speed Potion Box(25): Added > 5

4.) Sillit Pong Bottle: 25 > 10

5.) Advanced Battle Manual Box(5): Added > 50

6.) Battle Manual Box (5): Added > 10

7.) Job Battle Manual Box (5): Added > 10

Pet Changes

1.) Gloom Under Night: Fire/Elemental Ghost Damage from 3% at Loyal > 7%

2.) Wild Rider: SP Consumption -5% > -10%

3.) Wandering Duck (summer event pet): 5% drop increase > 5% Physical and magic Damage to Fish monsters

4.) Wild Rose: Max Weight +300 > +600

5.) Abandoned Teddy Bear: 100 SP > 200 SP (300 Cursed Seals requirement lowered from 300 > 100)

6.) Osiris: 4 Mummy Cards requirement lowered to 2. 300 Runes of Darkness Lowered to 150.

7.) Ancient Mummy: 150 Runes of Darkness requirement lowered to 100

8.) Corrupted Wanderer: 50 Hand of Gods requirement lowered to 10

9.) Diabolic: 50 Hand of Gods requirement lowered to 10

10.) Orc Hero: 30 ATK > 40 ATK

11.) Angeling: 3 Poring Cards required > 2

12.) Earth Deleter: 100 petites tails required > 50

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

1.) Cooking experience now will begin properly calculating.

2.) Lunatic Hat now available as a quest headgear in the main office. (100k zeny, 1 Lunatic Card, 1 Leaf Lunatic Card, and 5 Clown Noses)

3.) Ifrit Mask auto cast of meteor storm lowered from 3 > 2.

4.) Cool Event Corp npcs properly converted into Kafras, meaning they do all the things a kafra can and can warp you to all non-airship/faraway towns. They also don't give you the option to warp to Veins.

5.) Fresh Fish, Meat, and Mastela Fruit added to all "major" tool dealers in towns.

6.) Red and Blue Silvervine now have a sprite visually when you drag them.

7.) Pitman card description fixed

8.) NPC refiner now gives you the option to use vanilla NPC refine methods or use the renewal UI.

9.) Shop adjusted to place Legacy Costume Box/Job Rings in the "Popular" tab.

10.) Steel Body and all bonuses from gear now properly update even when you are being hit by many mobs. This means Loli Ruri Carded armor will stop working when you take it off. It also means that your defense updates immediatley both going INTO steel body and going OUT of steel body. So watch out CD monks, you are gonna have to watch that timer more often now.

11.) Teddy Bears in ein_dun02 made instant respawn and have had their spawn count increased from 30 > 40.

12.) Novice Manuals now give higher levels of first class skills so novice have an easier time leveling!

13) Ice Necklace Quest is now repeatable by talking to the starting NPC and resetting your quest. Note that EXP given by the quest has been removed altogether to prevent early level abuse. Ktullanux still maintains his two hour respawn on his flames.

14.) Emergency Call KEKW guys. My bad.

War of Emperium

War of Emperium so far has been fun to watch for me, but there are some adjustments necessary moving forward so lets go over those!

New Castle: Geffen 4

Geffen 4 will be our next castle and will be in addition to Payon 1. As such we will have two castles active in WoE for the forseeable future unless more guilds start showing up. Then we can open more castles.


Flag ins have been adjusted to be farther from the emp room. They are about halfway through in pre-pre-emp rooms, so its more punishing to die on defense. If you want to fish for kills outside of your pre-cast you will risk a more punishing death now.

Participation Rewards

To encourage more people to show up and participate I'm adding in rewards based on time spent in castles during War of Emperium! Here's how it works:

1.) For every 10 minutes you spend in a castle, you will receive 1 Purple Silvervine Fruit.

2.) You can receive a maximum of 3 Purple Silvervine Fruit each week.

3.) These are automatically given to you at the end of WoE. If your inventory is 100/100 or you are offline but did participate it will be mailed to you instead.

4.) There is a rewards shop npc to spend your purple silvervine on upstairs in the main office.

5.) To be blunt there are too many items available to list here and they include consumables, headgears, accessories, weapons, and even exclusive costumes!

My goal was to make WOE attendance feel good, even if you don't win, so as such the rewards are the same win or lose. what will separate winners from losers is guild treasure!

If you want to see whats available for your purple silvervine, go check out the WOE Rewards Shop NPC upstairs in the main office.

Costume Boxes and Patreon Exclusives for June

You can read about both of these on our Costume Boxes page and our Patreon and Donations page.