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Alfheim has custom Warp Portals to Non-Kafra Towns, Dungeons and Special maps. They are accessible via a Warper NPC that exists on every town and they are unlocked by clicking on the Warp Point on the destination maps. They consume 1 Blue Gemstone per use.

When you first go to Lasagna, there is a small in-game tutorial for Warp Portals.

The Warp Points are unlocked per character, so you will have to unlock it for every character you have. Once they are unlocked, the Warp Point is no longer clickable.

List of Dungeon Warps

Name Warp Point Location
Abyss Lake hu_fild05176304
Airship Assault hugel211167
Amatsu Dungeon ama_in02115184
Ant Hell moc_fild04207331
Ayothaya Dungeon ayo_fild02283144
Beach Dungeon 1 (Medusa) comodo32218
Beach Dungeon 2 (Stalactic Golem) comodo172354
Beach Dungeon 3 (Thara Frog) comodo325178
Bio Labs 1 lhz_in0136220
Bio Labs 2 lighthalzen312293
Brasilis Dungeon bra_in01209183
Byalan Dungeon izlu2dun10283
Byalan Dungeon F4 iz_dun03264240
Clock Tower B3 alde_dun0326019
Cursed Abbey ve_fild07132132
Dimensional Gorge morocc_des295211
Dragon's Nest lasa_fild02347238
Einbech Mines einbech132249
Geffen Dungeon gef_tower15735
Glast Heim Castle glast_01194291
Glast Heim Chivalry glast_0179186
Glast Heim Church glast_01204136
Glast Heim Lowest Cave gl_dun02231268
Glast Heim Sewers gl_sew03179286
Glast Heim Staircase glast_0148112
Gonryun Dungeon gonryun167192
Hidden Labrynth Alde mjolnir_123921
Hidden Labrynth Pront prt_fild01140367
Ice Dungeon ra_fild01226325
Juperos jupe_cave3356
Kiel Dungeon yuno_fild0881175
Louyang Dungeon louyang37277
Magma Dungeon yuno_fild0336135
Mjolnir Dead Pit mjolnir_0288357
Moscovia Dungeon mosk_fild02183252
Nidhoggur's Nest nyd_dun02104192
Niflheim Dungeon niflheim154119
Old Glast Heim (Abbey) glast_02195136
Old Glast Heim (Castle) glast_02206290
Old Glast Heim (Chivalry) glast_0278187
Old Glast Heim (Churchyard) glast_02204171
Old Glast Heim (Prison) ogh_prison1153176
Old Glast Heim (Sewers) ogh_sew167284
Old Glast Heim (Staircase) glast_0253114
Old Glast Heim (Heart of Ymir) und_sanc03114129
Odin Temple hugel203110
Orc Dungeon in_orcs0123174
Payon Cave pay_arche41136
Prontera Culverts prt_fild05273216
Pyramid moc_ruins56156
Rachel Sanctuary ra_temin21318
Sphinx moc_fild1910796
Sunken Ship alb2trea94106
Thanatos Tower hu_fild01145159
Thor Volcano ve_fild03176239
Toy Factory xmas150312
Turtle Island tur_dun01160242
Umbala Dungeon umbala112279

List of Non-Kafra Towns Warps

Name Warp Point Location
Amatsu amatsu100154
Ayothaya ayothaya207169
Brasilis brasilis200225
Einbroch einbroch229208
Hugel hugel97167
Jawaii jawaii217199
Lasagna lasagna202189
Lighthalzen lighthalzen152100
Louyang louyang205103
Manuk manuk231164
Moscovia moscovia226191
Niflheim nif_in1716
Rachel rachel122147
Splendide splendide203185
Veins veins211132

List of Special Warps

Name Warp Point Location
Daytime Nameless Island namelday2258
Midgard Expedition Camp mid_camp218289
Old Glast Heim (Grand Library) glast_0233856
Old Glast Heim (Royal Sanctum) ogh_sanc1720
Yggdrasil Tree yggdrasil014859