Thanatos and Abyss

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With January nearing an end we are pushing our first content update out sooner than originally planned! There's some new field maps, monsters, locations and more so let's dive into what comes with this content update as well as an explanation of our ATK options fix at the end:

New Field Maps

The following maps are added as part of this update:



hu_fild05 (Abyss Lake)



The rest of the Hugel fields will come with the next content update that includes, Hugel/Odins/Kiel

Thanatos Tower

Thanatos Tower and its 12 respective floors are all included as part of this update. There has only been one small change from vanilla with Thanatos Tower that has been changed. That change is that getting to the 3rd floor now only required 3 people who have a work contract (received at the front desk) rather than 5. The quest otherwise works as expected.

Abyss Lake

Like Thanatos, Abyss Lake works exactly as you would expect normally with almost no changes, but we did make one more significant one. All the major dragons including Gold/Blue Acidus and Red/Green Ferus in the 3rd floor of the dungeon have had their respawn timers lowered from 10 minutes to 3 minutes in hopes of making the place better for multiple parties on the same map.

Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Old Card Album, Mystical Card Albums, and Bloody Branches updated

-Old Blue Boxes have had Eagle Wing added -Old Purple Boxes have had Eagle Wing and Bloodied Shackle Ball added in -Old Card Album now includes the monsters added in with this content update (both Abyss/Thanatos mobs) -Mystical Card Album also now includes the monsters added in with this content update. -Bloody Branches can now summon Detale, but not Thanatos.

ATK Random Options Fix

Flat ATK Options were giving a weird form of ATK that doesn't calculate properly in Pre-Re. Effectively it gives slightly more damage than its supposed to. This resulted in gear that gave you regular ATK from DEX or STR bonuses being inferior to the flat ATK options. This is clearly wrong and unintended so the script has been adjusted to give you the proper kind of attack bonus now. It should work as you initially believed it would. (Like a Porcellio Card). This means at 110 or 120+ of a bonus depending on your gear that STR or DEX bonus is probably better now. at higher than that the DEX or STR gear is superior straight up. This will result in noticeably lower damage for everyone who was stacking raw attack options on their gear, but it was necessary as it was simply not working as intended.

Moving Forward

I will be working on Old Glast Heim and trying to get all the maps just right. So far its coming along well, but its still a ways off of being ready.