Spotlight System

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To access the spotlight system NPC you can either talk to the NPC in the main office or use the command @spotlight to access him from anywhere. This will reveal the rolled spotlights available to unlock or the ones ongoing if it is already locked in.

How the Spotlight Works

Every night at midnight server time 00:00 (19:00 EST), the spotlight will reroll the table.

         2 Regions (all field maps in this region)
         2 Dungeons (the entire dungeon)
         2 Elements (if a monster is either element, it is buffed)
         2 Race (if a monster is either race, it is buffed)
         1 Size (small/medium/large)

When you go to the NPC or type @spotlight you will see numbers in parentheses. These numbers mean how much the category is buffed. For example you may see Comodo Fields as a region so it says Comodo (7) This means all Comodo Field monsters are buffed by 7%. You may also see Medium (10). This means all medium-sized monsters are buffed by 10% exp. These buffs STACK.


  • Anubis and MVPs are excluded from the spotlight.
  • Only monsters in the dungeon or on the field are affected, if they spawn elsewhere those are not affected.
  • Spotlight stacks with battle manuals, daily exp buff, and Mental Sensing