Spawn Rate Changes

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      1.) Byalan Island = Strouf and Merman made random/instant respawn on the final floor.
      2.) Clock Tower 4 = Owl Dukes spawns massively increased (from 10 > 100)
      3.) Turtle Dungeon = 4th floor heaters/freezers/assaulters spawn massively increased and made random/instant. 
          (assaulters = 60) (heaters = 60) (freezers = 30)

      4.) Glast Heim = Majoruros slightly increased in spawn, gl_prison first floor has rybios/hunter flies lowered and skel prisoners added to the floor and zombie prisoners increased greatly. 
                       (60 Majos in gl_dun02), (rybio/hunter fly = 5 each in gl_prison)  (50 zombie prisoners in gl_prison) (20 skel prisoners added to  gl_prison)

      5.) Juperos = Juperos Core has had venatus removed and the exp of all the remaining mobs have had their exp increased by 25%
                   (archdams/all 4 dimiks)
      6.) Einbech Mines = waste stoves made instant respawn and number of spawns greatly increased (50 waste stoves in ein_dun02)

      7.) Amatsu Dungeon = Shinobi spawn slightly increased but made instant respawn/random, Tengu made instant respawn and random. The Paper made instant respawn

      8.) Gonryun Dungeon = Evil Nymphs made instant respawn on 3rd floor.

      9.) Louyang Dungeon = Yao Jun (40) and Civil Servants (25) moderately increased on the 3rd floor. Green Maiden/Zhu Po Long instant respawn

      10.) Beach Dungeon 2 = Stalactic Golems spawns increased (80 spawns)

      11.) Yuno Field 07 = Harpy's made instant respawn and increased (50 harpies)

      12.) Bio Labs 2 human monsters = (increased base exp by 25% and job exp raised to be 75% of their new base exp) (swordy does clashing spiral/merchie does grievous)

      13.) Abyss Lake 3 = Gold Acidus repsawn timers lowered from 10 minutes to 3 minutes

      14.) Kiel Dungeon = Aliza/Alice made instant respawn on the first floor (teleport still disabled, but room that usually requires quest progress now can be entered
                          even after the quest is completed.

      15.) Odin's Temple 2/3 = Skeggiolds have had base EXP slightly lowered, their job exp increased to be 60% of their new base EXP. Frus/Skogul have had their job
                               exp raised to be 50% of their base exp.

       16.) Thanatos Tower Floor 7 and above= only requires base level 80 now to enter or be trans 2nd job.

       17.) nif_fild01 = dullahans made instant respawn and increased in spawns to 30

       18.) mag_dun02 = spawns increased by 5-10% overall. (very minor spawn increases)
       19.) ra_san05 = Agav/Echios all made instant respawn
       20.) ice_dun03 = Ice Titans instant/random respawns raised from 22 to 32. (this results in 80 ice titans on the map instead of 70)