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Sakura Season 2022 is here! This is a mini-event within our event. Basically nothing special here goes on besides Prontera becoming full of cherry blossom trees/petals. For 2 weeks Prontera will be in Sakura season. During this time we will have costumes you can get that are exclusive to this time of year. Additionally we have a TON of updates/fixes/adjustments as well as a brand new client. First we'll list the costumes and then get into the new client and the reasoning behind some of the major changes we're making. The biggest addition of all is first though: New Staff!

New Community GMs!

As we've grown pretty rapidly the server has gone far beyond the scope of what Me, Ken, and Patsi can really do to keep up. As such I reached out to some long time trusted friends of mine to help out with the project. These two will be community GM's just like Patsi so they won't have the same full power that I have, but that can banish you to the shadow realm if you step out of line. They'll be here to host events and be scouting around for bot checks and investigating player reports.

So without further ado I'd like to introduce GM Gelus and GM Stitch! You can find them in our discord as well so if you need help and I'm not online ping them or Patsi.

New Client and Macro Ban

So with the Sakura Season update comes a new client. You will have to redownload this from the website since Sakura Prontera utilizes new resources and they are only available in the new download. (to get you to redownload) We would have the new client as a lite option but the new GRF is a bit different than our old one and encrypted now. With the new client comes a couple changes:

Macro Ban

Macros like Auto Hot Key and things that automate gameplay/script are now banned by the client. Gepard should detect most of the common ones. We tried to not do this originally because we think assisted macros (like double strafe macros) fine. But we've noticed an uptick in macro abusers as we've grown and its become an issue. As such, the same rules still apply. We're NOT going to be policing assisted macros. If you're wondering what is and isn't ok we will outline it for you here:

1.) Using a macro to spam a skill more efficiently (this is ok) 2.) Using a macro to spam a key (this is ok) 3.) Using a macro to auto potion (NOT ok) 4.) Using a macro to automate a client you are not actively using (NOT ok) 5.) Using a macro to spam inputs to automate gameplay (NOT ok) 6.) Using a macro and then going fully AFK (NOT ok)

basically, if you are AFK dont use a macro. If you are dual clienting, don't use a macro on the clients you aren't using, tab over. IF your macro gets past our gepard shield and it falls under the ones that are "OK" then we're not going to punish you or police you for it. We don't think macros are necessary, but we've never really cared about assisted gameplay to save your wrist. What we do care about is automating gameplay or utilizing extra clients without having to tab over.

POST LAUNCH UPDATE: Currently Gepard is far more sensitive than anticipated and is basically shutting down all gaming software outright. This will likely be adjusted when I talk to functor again in a few days.

Chat Spam Removed and ETC Items on Hotkeys

The title mostly says it all! You can now put etc items on your hot keys to see your remaining items left like Blue Gems or how many items you've farmed that you are trying to stock up on without opening inventory. Additionally you can now type the same message more than 3 times in a row. This is usually an anti-bot measure but we don't have the same problems official has with those so we just removed this restriction.

Item Captor

So with this update we're introducing our new Item Captor. This is inspired by the usual Card Captor NPC on other servers and functions basically the same/similarly. What this NPC will do is guarantee you the item you are hunting after exactly 4000 kills. But the catch is you only get the item from the NPC if you do NOT drop the item before 4000 kills that you were hunting. 4000 kills is about the bottom 14% of the bad luck bell curve so we felt this should help hunting card rate items feel less terrible.

How does the npc work? Well here's how:

1.) First you register your starting date. This will set a flag in the NPC that lasts 7 days. During this time every time the Item Captor gives you an item your cost to use the NPC will go up.

2.) Then you can choose to hunt an item.

3.) First you select the mob you are going to hunt from. You should look up the mob ID FIRST with @mi. (NOTE: MVP and Mini Boss are excluded from this NPC)

4.) Then you select the item you want to hunt from the list. (Old Card Albums are excluded from choices)

5.) Then the NPC will tell you your current price. This starts at 100,000 zeny and 1 silvervine fruit (green) and you pay up front. This fee is NOT refunded. If you accept the kill count quest will begin.

6.) If you get the card or item before 4000 kills the quest automatically ends and you can start again.

7.) If you reach 4000 kills before you drop the item, then the item is automatically given to you and the quest ended. You do NOT have to go back to the npc.

8.) When you talk to the NPC you can choose to start up another or give up on your current quest if you changed your mind and want to hunt something else. This NPC has no cooldown, but its cost increases for every time you reach the 4000 kills and it gives you the item. This price is linear:

100,000z + 1 Silvervine

200,000 + 2 Silvervine

300,000 + 3 Silvervine

etc. etc.

Pori Pori Drops Event

Just the other day I summoned the GPOAT (the Greatest Poring of All Time). Pori Pori took quite a bit of time to take down and he massacred many Project Alfheim adventurer's, but eventually he was defeated. As a reward for participating and taking him down even though there were no drops for anyone, I'm giving everyone a drops event. The reward is as follows:

All Random Optioned Gears Drop % Floor: 1.75% (normally) > 3.50%

So all gears that drop random options are effectively doubled. This means Weapons, Armors, Garments, And Shoes.

Headgears/Cards/Accessories are NOT included in this event. MVP and Mini bosses are NOT affected by this.

This will last for one of the two weeks of the Sakura event and then be reverted back to the normal 1.75%! Enjoy it while you can =]

Reset NPC Adjustment

The reset NPC has been confusing for a long time. It's resulted in people either bricking characters or facing unexpected costs due to lack of clarity and understanding. I've tried again and again to make the NPC as clear as possible but it was too unintuitive. As such I'm raising the level it de-levels you to from 60 > 70. The costs remain the same for first and second jobs. Novice is raised from 45 to 70, because for some reason you whacky kids like to level past the requirement to become a super novice as a novice? (/hmm)

This means first jobs are free to reset without losing levels as most people job change before base 70. 2nd jobs will still invoke a cost even if below 70, however, so make sure you reset before you job change!

Spawn Changes

Abyss Lake was already one of the best leveling spots on our server since I originally buffed it to be only 3 minute respawn timers. I decided to test out instant respawns so more people could party there, but the result was the map became too good and has now crowded out every other map in the game. As such I'm going to revert the previous changes and leave it at 3 minutes going forward. This means Abyss Lake wont be as good when multiple parties are there, but the alternative was just not palatable for me.

However though, I'm making an effort to spice things up and give more leveling spots. Bio Labs 2 is a floor that requires a bit more effort to party in, but isn't exactly worth it EXP wise. As such I've buffed the base EXP of all mobs by 20% and raised the job EXP to be 75% of their new base EXP. They should be much more valuable to level at in party.

We also gave the Bio Labs 2 Swordy Clashing Spiral and the Merchie has Critical Wounds. This is a pre-emptive counter measure to you CD in Mouth Steel Body Monk/Champion players as I want this place to be aimed for parties not solo play. This additionally makes the map a bit harder to justify the increased EXP. All classes, not just steel body monks/champs will have to be more careful now.

Class Figure Rework and New Headgear

The silvervine shop's class figures have been weak/underperforming for awhile now. For 50 silvervine they don't really offer enough or don't really have a niche. We're buffing/adjusting some of the underused ones in hopes they are now a bit more appealing and worth your silvervine in some situations.

1.) Novice Figure (BEFORE) (70 HP) > IF Novice/Super Novice (30 HP) >

AFTER: (70 HP) If Novice/Super Novice (30 HP + 50 SP)

2.) Swordman Figure (BEFORE) (Vit + 1) > IF Swordman Class (DEF 2)

AFTER: (Vit+ 1) > If Swordman Class (DEF 2 + 150 HP)

3.) Acolyte Figure (BEFORE) (Int + 1) > If Acolyte Class (50 SP)

AFTER: (Int +1) > If Acolyte Class (50 SP + 5% Heal Power)

4.) Mage Figure (BEFORE) (Int +1) > If Mage Class (SP Recovery +5%)

AFTER: (Int + 1) > If Mage Class (-5% After Cast Delay)

5.) Merchant Figure (BEFORE): (Str + 1) and If Merchant Class (Crit +5)

AFTER: (Str+ 1 ) and If Merchant Class: (Atk +5 + 5% Zeny Cost Reduction on Skills)

Shrine Maiden Hat

Additionally we are adding in a new former cash shop headgear to our ever growing list of headgears to hunt for:

-Shrine Maiden Hat[1]

Priest Only:



-15% ACD

-15% Cast time for Magnus Exorcismus

+10% Damage for Magnus Exorcismus

Required to make:

1 x Big Ribbon (wild rose drop at 0.10%)

5 x Stellar (0.25% drop from Marionette)

500 x Brigan (numerous mobs common drop

3 x Wedding Veil (0.50% from Wraith)

Skill Changes

There were a couple classes we felt could use some adjustments. These are both quite large of buffs, but I am confident these will not push things too far and will only make the classes enjoyable to play:


Grand Cross now always hits the maximum amount of times regardless of mob stacking


Arrow Vulcan can now be used while performing songs. (still unaffected by Bragi and ACD from items)

Bug Fixes/Other Adjustments

1.) Branch Room is now free. If we won't let you branch anywhere else it should be free. The Guild room has had its Silvervine cost lowered to 5 Silvervine fruit but its zeny cost removed.

2.) Bio 3 Sniper no longer sends you to the shadow realm for hitting her from range while she is on another target. She will stay on her initial target unless you get too close.

3.) Mystical Amplification now properly adds bonus damage to single target spells. (this was caused by an attempt to fix a previous bug)

4.) Ghostring Card disables the effects of all freeze resist options from our random options in all your gear, making it impossible to be freeze immune while wearing a Ghostring card. (this is in preparation for WOE)

5.) Amdarias and Root of Corruption now cast NPC Wide Soul Drain instantly the moment Asura Strike is cast on them. This is a NO Asura zone. Additionally Root casts this whenever you use Combo Finish on him as well. If you can somehow get a combo fist off on Amdarias you probably deserve it though. So good luck! Lastly, Wide Soul Drain also prevents recovery of SP for 5 seconds for monks/champions who are hit by the spell so you can't cast and then pop a ygg berry either. Again, this is a no Asura zone. These MVPs are intended to be taken down by other classes, and Amdarias is especially meant to be taken down by a party.

6.) Orc Lord and Baphomet have had their Earthquake cast time raised to 5 seconds to provide ample opportunity to walk away.

7.) Guild Storage is now added to all normal Kafra NPCs

8.) Sharpshoot no longer goes on full cooldown when cast at a weird diagonal angle.

9.) Earth Deleter Card no longer disables HP regen from either sitting regen or natural. Only the SP it is supposed to.

10.) Incubus Pet SP Leech lowered from 5% > 1%. Apparently I set this at 5% way back in early beta and never reverted back to the official value so my bad on this one guys. It was not intended to be at this percentage so I'm putting it back at the official value of 1%. But hey, we made Carat's drop the incubus pet accessory at we're even right? Kappa

11.) Songs now properly cause dissonance when overlapping/stacking.

12.) New command: @droploot. Type @droploot +(itemid) to always drop an item on the ground when farming. You can remove with the same command but a -. Note that your @alootid will take priority over this so make sure you remove from @alootid if you dont want to loot it.

13.) YuNA has finally drowned in our prontera fountain and has been removed.

14.) Castle Flags in Pront moved farther north away from the main square so people can enjoy our central hub a bit more.

15.) Veeyop NPC moved away from from the East Prontera inn to a location more out of your path.

16.) Peco Peco Breeder has been moved to in front of the Knight inn and is no longer merging with the wall.

17.) All Kafras now can warp to any other Kafra town. Even those in Airship towns or faraway towns. So Einbroch, Lighthalzen, Ayothaya, Amatsu, etc. The cost is 5000 zeny + whatever the next warp would be.

18.) @settings is now account wide.

19.) You can now reset the names on your storages and additionally special characters are disabled. this is to prevent you from messing up the storages to be inaccessible by typing something that would be read as a script.

20.) Alchemy Efficiency now has a visual effect when casting and when you have the buff to let you know when it runs out easier.