Patch Notes July 20 2022

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After another crash on BGs we've pulled our BG queue rotation auto updater and now you have to re-apply to each BGs mode as it rotates.

We took the opportunity to fix some bugs and apply some new things though! So its not all bad! Let's get into it.

New Command: @bigmvp

This command will make an MVP appear larger and thus easier to click on and its slaves smaller and harder to click on. You can already GRF edit and do this but were kind of easing the accessibility of doing this by having it built into the game now. You can turn this on or off by default in @settings.

Note that this does not change the monsters actual size for purposes of minorous/skel worker/desert wolf cards. Just makes it visually bigger or smaller for you and you only.

Bug Fixes and New Items

1.) Costume Harem Beret now drops from Wootan Fighter at 0.10% rate.

2.) Raydrics have had Elunium shifted from the first slot in their drop table to the 2nd to last. (swapped with brigan). Drop rate is the same.

3.) Wanderers have had Old Card Album Shifted to the 2nd to last slot in their drop table. Drop rate remains the same.

4.) Stalker Figure's steal success rate has been temporarily removed while we rework the item bonus. Currently it was bugged and giving far more than intended value.

5.) Combat Basilisks in Lasagna Dungeon 2 lowered from 30 > 25. Fruit Pom Spiders raised from 15 > 25.

6.) Acid Terror's elemental bonus is now properly only applied once instead of twice.

7.) Portals added to MVP Instance for Pharaoh MVP.