Patch Notes July 19 2022

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Ok guys short patch notes this time. (well technically not a patch, you dont have to patch anything in) A few things return and a few changes to MVP instances and skills. Let's dive into it!

Battlegrounds Returns

Battlegrounds is BACK. A quality of life change to it as well with the mode keeping you in queue as you rotate between modes. We got some help from a kind stranger (shout out to Wardruna) who helped us with fixing the BGs. We're hoping this is the fix that finally lets us move on to our other bug fixes/big projects. For now we will be tentatively watching this. If we still have issues or another crash expect BGs to be pulled immediately so we can work on it again.

Costume Compensation

Pori EXP is gone since we haven't crashed since the last maint, but for you guys I've decided to introduce the Costume Compensation NPC in the main office. This NPC is only active when I set it and turns itself off after a server maintenance and restart. You can only claim one costume box per gepard ID/computer. So choose wisely! This will not be a reward for every single crash we get. Only for when we have a frequent series of crashes in such a short period like we did the last week or two. Thanks for sticking through the rough times!

MVP Instance Adjustments

MVP Instance mats are still taking a bit too long to farm up for players. They should take about 5 minutes and are taking noticeably more. Some of the mats have bottlenecks where youd be otherwise done if not for one mat so I've tried to adjust where I can accordingly. Hopefully now most of your time is spent actually MVPing rather than grinding mats all day just to do the MVPs. The main limiter of the instances is intended to be their cooldown and the fact that OCAs are nerfed in addition to them not dropping MVP cards.

The mats are there to slow you down slightly so you dont just spam all MVPs without issues.

We've also changed Amon Ra's spawn in point to be in the island just behind where he spawns for easier set up for groups and parties.

Acid Terror Changes

Alchemist/Creator as a main farmer is still underperforming as a class. Considering we've removed AFK farming with Homunculus altogether, I've felt the class should be appropriately able to farm by itself. The main issue here is that Acid Terror is both underpowered relatively the mats it requires, and is awkward once you transcend and become a Creator.

So we've buffed the base ATK ratio up to 750% and given it a new 300% MATK ratio in addition to this. You'll still need to wear ATK gear and put on a good carded weapon when you want to do decent damage with Acid Terror on your 99 INT Acid bomber build....but we hope that it feels somewhat useable so you have an avenue to level yourself as a Creator that doesn't require leeching or relying on homunculus.

We also applied some bug fixes to the skill. Its no longer forced neutral so it can hit ghosts. It was still considering element for damage, but for some reason still forced neutral in actual application.

It also ignored HARD defense for some reason instead of SOFT def. This is an effective "nerf" vs high DEF mobs, but should make Ice Pick more appealing for Acid Terror now.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments

1.) @ii and @mi now post linkable items in chat.

2.) Byalan 6 mobs have had their Ori and Elu drops raised to 14.13%

3.) Jungle Mandragoras HP doubled to 830k, they also now cast Lord of Vermillion and Clashing Spiral.

4.) Bio 3 MVPs have had their variance removed.

5.) Lord of Death instance cooldown adjusted to its proper time.

6.) Life Insurance Package and Life Insurance are both now fully tradeable.