Patch Notes August 12th 2022

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This maintenance is mostly resolving some long standing bugs as well as adjusting some mob drops and adding in some new items. Let's just dive into exactly what bugs we fixed.

Bug Fixes

1.) Melody Strike now properly prioritizes endow for element over arrows.

2.) Asura Strike now will not attempt to cast in wall of fog if it fails (like other skills for wall of fog)

3.) Spring Trap will now instantly remove an ankle snare trapped ally in War of Emperium

4.) Hot Keys have been globally reset and fixed. You will have to enter them again, but they should save now.

5.) Party skills now work in Battlegrounds for both the user and their team.

6.) Reset NPC now tracks your quest skills when it resets you and gives them back to you when you choose the option to get your quest skills back after resetting. Also have backups for GM commands if anything goes wrong with quest skills with our custom alchemy efficiency skill. If you still have issues from before talk to me. (Charlie) I will get everything situated and get your skills back. Moving forward should be no issues.

7.) MVP Instances and Branch room both now properly apply tapping EXP.

8.) Alchemist's Summon Marine Sphere now properly slides when auto attacked.

9.) Created Potions attempts from alchemist/creator will now drop to the ground if you are overweight or your inventory is full instead of disappearing into the void.

10.) Sonic Blow's cooldown is now properly 2 seconds instead of 1 second.

11.) Echio Bounty quest now properly rewards you with golden silvervine.

12.) Players now have access to the @bingbing and @bangbang commands like they always should have.

13.) Ancient Mummy and Osiris now properly apply their Undead race damage both physical and magic as described on our wiki.

14.) Nameless Island and Veins quests removed as for some reason they have been in since launch? /hmm

15.) WOE Warper no longer gets mixed up with the main warper and properly displays its last warp.

Other Changes

1.) Mistress now drops Red Square Bag[2] at 2%

2.) Orc Lord drops Erde[2] at 62%

3.) 50% global ACD removed from BGs, Poem of Bragi enabled again.

4.) Charge Basilisks respawn in Lasa_dun03 lowered to 30 seconds.

5.) Charge Basilisks Ori/Elu/OBB drops raised to 14.13%

6.) Charge Basilisks made slightly faster and their Varety spear casts less often and much faster now. They should be more threatening solo and easier to mob now.

7.) Loli Ruris in Niflheim Field 2 made instant respawn.

8.) Curse of Gaebolg quest now has an option to skip the quest for 2m zeny.

9.) Warps updated for Rachel and save points for morocc/yuno/alde/comodo, etc from last patch all set to match their warp points.

10.) Prontera center Cooking NPC now carries all the materials you can get from NPC. If I missed any just post in #bug-report and I'll add it in for next update.

11.) Boss Protocol monsters like Owl Baron (that have many spawns and function like normal mobs) all drop their cards at 0.05 now instead of 0.01 and their random option-based gears now drop at 1.76%

this includes:

Owl Duke, Owl Baron, Thanatos Maero, Dolor, Despero, Odium, Dame of Sentinel, Mistress of Shelter, Baroness of Retribution, Lady Solace, Galion, Gemini-S58, Skeggiold, and future Thors/Nameless/Satan Morocc mobs.

12.) WOE Treasure Boxes adjusted:

Geffen 4 (Bergel)

Regular Box:

1.) Silvervine (both) > 90%

2.) WOE Supply Box > 100%

3.) High Heels[1] > 40%

4.) Elegant Manteau > 40%

5.) Old Card Album > 20%

6.) Yggdrasilberry > 80%

God Item Box:

1.) WOE Supply Box > 100% (added)

2.) Union of Tribe > 50%

3.) Bloody Branch > 30%

4.) HD Oridecon > 25%

5.) HD Elunium > 50%

6.) Dragon Slayer > 3%

7.) Survivor's Manteau > 10%

8.) Necklace[1] > 6%

Payon 1 (Bright Arbor)

Regular Box:

1.) Silvervine (both) > 90%

2.) Yggdrasil Berry > 80%

3.) WOE Supply Box > 100%

4.) Greaves[1] > 40%

5.) Heavenly Maiden Robe[1] > 40%

6.) Old Card Album > 20%

God Item Box:

1.) WOE Supply Box > 100% (added)

2.) Union of Tribe > 50%

3.) Bloody Branch > 30%

4.) HD Oridecon > 25%

5.) HD Elunium > 50%

6.) Executioner > 3%

7.) Holy Robe > 10%

8.) Shinobi's Sash[1] > 6%

Moving Forward

Thor's Volcano comes out next week as all the ground work has already been laid out. Nameless Island about 2 weeks after that as we try to catch up after the BGs and gravity fiasco delaying our content. This puts back in line to be where we were for renewal content with it being early next year.

Other than that, still working on bug fixes, and maybe finally getting into the expanded rework as I've promised! Summer event ends this month so make sure you use your starfish tokens while you can!