Patch A.2.7

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Small patch most to refresh things this time, implementing crimson weapons since we have the opportunity and a few other small bug fixes.

New Command: @utility and MVP Board Revert

The utility npc which was previously found by clicking on the MVP icon in the top right of the client now can be accessed simply by typing @utility. This will still bring up the master account settings, protection settings, the wiki, and your login settings.

This also means the MVP Board has been fully reverted to how it was on release so no more having to type @mvpboard, although you can technically still do that too.

Crimson Weapons

So for awhile I've identified two smaller issues the server has had. One is a lack of generalist options for players who don't have the time to grind for cards in every single weapon and class they play, and the second is the need for interesting and desireable items that are exciting at Old Glast Heim's party maps. Since OGH released with players expressing that the drops were lackluster, I ultimately settled on hitting two birds with one stone by putting Crimson Weapons as drops into Old Glast Heim. But fear not, they are not only for party enjoyers, you will still be able to acquire them solo(and in a reasonable amount of time), you will just have to work a little bit more and get them less frequently than if you were partying.

So what are Crimson weapons? For those of you familiar with renewal, they are weapons that get stronger the more you refine them. They've been adjusted here as our refines stop at +10 so their cap is softer, but the idea is very similar. Unlike in renewal, where they come with slots on them, they will be entirely unslotted and instead the refines will also dictate your damage bonus to all enemies making them great general options. These were hand tested by myself on every single one vs the best in slot option, so they should be competitive. Remember, since they are generalist options they will not be as strong as best in slot weapons, especially those best in slot weapons that have near perfect rolls. But a BIS weapon that has the "right" rolls (read: 2nd/3rd options are right rolls but maybe lower to mid values for their range) then these weapons will all be pretty close (about 15-25% less damage overall)

Crimson Weapons also do not roll the normal table of random options that most weapons do and have their own table. In this table you'll see they have the ability to roll a random element, they can be indestructible, they have defensive options and more. We ultimately decided to include some normal types of options like Attack Speed and Hit, but these are also different from the normal values you'd see in the table. For more information on that look below.

You can craft these at the inside location near the bottom right of Old Glast Heim (glast_02) Picture is below:


Once you've arrived (inside ogh_in2) simply talk to Aiko like you do all our other crafting NPCs like Nathaniel at Niflheim or Mrs Button at Aldebaran. Here you'll see the requirements to craft the weapons.


Crimson Weapon Options

As mentioned before Crimson weapons have their own random options table that is different from the normal table. This is mostly utility/defensive based, but we did throw in a few standard ones so players have something to fall back on. Note that there is no % damage options and no raw attack, stats, or magic attack options, and that's intended. These are balanced around their base damage at +10 with the bonuses you get from refining them. Without any % damage options at all they are already close to best in slot! This means you should feel good regardless of what you have, but there are utility based options for those looking to get more out of the weapons or make something unique.

1st Option 2nd Option
Weapon Element: Water Small Size Resist +1~10%
Weapon Element: Earth Medium Size Resist +1~10%
Weapon Element: Fire Large Size Resist +1~10%
Weapon Element: Wind Boss Monster Resist +1~5%
Weapon Element: Holy Attack Speed +1~5%
Weapon Element: Shadow SP Consumption -1~10%
Max HP +150~350 Flee +1~10
Max SP +20~50 Hit +10~30
Defense +1~2 Indestructible Weapon
Magic Defense+1~3 N/A

Crimson Weapon Refines and Boxes

Crimson Weapons also have one more special mechanic compared to normal weapons, they come with refines! When you first craft a Crimson Weapon it will come with a random refine from 1 to 10. Obviously higher refines and getting +9 or +10 will be considerably more rare, but it is not mythically rare either! It's intended that we'll see these be a rare, but realistic to obtain sometimes giving some excitement to drops/crafting. Once the weapon exists however, you cannot "reroll" refines like you do their options, You can only reroll the options.

Speaking of drops, Crimson Weapon Boxes are a container item like Old Purple Box that contains a random Crimson Weapon. So in addition to the normal crafting for solo players, people who choose to party at Old Glast Heim will get random Crimson Weapons while they party at the maps. These weapons you get from the random containers will also roll random refines. So it will be significantly easier to get lucky with a high refine randomly from parties, than it will solo.


However, the crafting costs and expectations of solo players relatively speaking is reasonable and much lower, but you'll still have to stock up on your HD Oridecon to refine if you don't get lucky initially (which is more likely than not).

Together, we're hoping that the excitement of potential high refine drops on these weapons provides some value to the party maps and makes killing not feel awful there while you are farming your contaminated magics, but solo players also have options to get competitive best in slot weapons that cover everything while they work on acquiring the more intense late game weapons that require more coordinated content and end game gears.


1.) Mobs in OGH Church no longer teleport if pulled too far from their original spawn locations. (this is a temporary revert until we have time to properly rebalance the map spawns.)

Bug Fixes

1.) Fixed a bug with master storage that would occasionally permanently lock someone out until server reset.

2.) @hideslave command now shares its cooldown properly with other screen refreshing commands like @refresh.

3.) Jackson Rhoades and Flare Whip can now properly proc Windmill Rush and Moonlit Serenade through autocast when using Reverberation.

4.) Shadow Leap is now considered utility for plagiarism skills from rogue instead of normal plagiarism.

5.) Sealed Shrine and Nydhoggur's Nest have had their scripts fixed and return this patch.