Patch A.2.6

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General Adjustments

1.) Daily EXP Buffs now also grant a life insurance buff for its entire duration.

2.) Expanded Tool Dealer added near Tool Dealer in Hugel.

3.) Ammo Bullet Case Dealers now properly mention that you should not have ANY bullets equipped if you want to exchange rather than making it seem like its specific to the one you are making.

4.) Nightmare Clock Tower 3 (c_tower3_) map gat updated to be significantly easier to traverse/walk. Many snipeable cells changed to walkable cells.

5.) Warp Portals in Bottom Right and Bottom Left in OGH Castle 1 (ogh_cas1) now are linked to each other to allow a new path out when going to these locations. (previously they were another entrance to OGH prison 1)

Map Adjustments

Old Glast Heim (Church/Abbey)

1.) Royal Clergy MDEF lowered from 50 > 30.

2.) Royal Druid HP lowered from 1.1m > 1m

3.) Royal Druid DEF lowered from 40 to 30.

4.) Royal Druid VIT raised from 30 to 40.

5.) Corrupted Bishop HP lowered from 1.2m > 1.1m

5.) Corrupted Bishop DEF lowered from 45 > 25.

6.) All Little Demon's Contaminated Magic drop rate increased from 50% > 100%

7.) Royal Clergy, Royal Druid, and Corrupted Bishop all drop 1 extra Contaminated Magic (not a box) each.

8.) Little Demons are now Boss flagged. (not MVP)

9.) Corrupted Bishop, Royal Druid,and Royal Clergy all will teleport to their original spawn locations if they are pulled more than 20 cells from them. (this should give counterplay to getting ran over by another unexpected mob, just run away!)

10.) Mob Spawns slightly changed, slightly more bishops, slightly less clergy, one less spawn on middle left side. Some mobs direct spawn location slightly adjusted to more open areas.

Skill Adjustments

1.) Severe Rainstorm's After Cast Delay removed entirely. (cooldown still remains)

2.) You can now swap weapons while Severe Rainstorm's cast persists.

3.) Swapping weapons or using Amp/Adaptation to Circumstance will no longer cancel Severe Rainstorm. (note: the effect will always be whatever song you were playing when you started the cast, it cannot be changed mid cast)

3.) Asura Strike no longer pushes the caster through the target when cast by monsters.

4.) Recognized Spell's cooldown lowered to 30 seconds.

Item Adjustments

1.) Life Insurance now lasts 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes on use.

2.) Regular Battle Manuals exp bonus raised from 50% > 67% (this effectively gives you 5x rates up from 4.5x on the previous patch)

3.) Regular Battle Manuals now last 1 hour instead of 30 minutes.

3.) Regular Battle Manuals silvervine cost lowered from 2 > 1.

Item Additions

1.) Luxury Battle Manual, works the same as regular battle manual but also includes a life insurance buff. (Costs 2 Green Silvervine)

2.) Luxury Advanced Battle Manual, works the same as regular advanced battle manual but also includes a life insurance buff. (Costs 11 Green Silvervine)

Bug Fixes

1.) Many dead cells in OGH Castle 1 fixed so monsters dont spawn on cells that get them stuck.

2.) Shadowdecon, Zelunium, Temporal Crystals (all), Contaminated Magic, Holly Sprigs, and Clock Gears added to the list of items you can put up in a buyshop.

3.) Weird region in bottom right of gl_sew01 fixed to not allow you to walk inside the walls.

4.) Super Novice can now properly equip Thorn Staff of Darkness and Exquisite Yellow Foxtail when soul linked.

5.) Prontera mini map properly updated to match the Sakura Prontera theme.

6.) Himmelmez Quest library check, now properly translates the books when you turn them in without having talked to the librarian a 2nd time instead of telling you something went wrong.

7.) Volcano no longer gives an MATK buff to fire armor users who are inside it.

8.) Ki Translation/Spiritual Bestowment is no longer copyable for Rogue's with plagiarism.

9.) You can no longer use consumable items in the Bombring event to bypass the decrease agi debuff.

10.) Various typos and errors with items fixed in iteminfo clientside.