Patch A.2.5

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Small update this time. Just cleaning things up as we head into our big rathena update and prepare for the expanded rework.

Nydhoggur's Nest and Sealed Shrine

Both of these instances are being investigated for issues and are currently disabled indefinitely while we try to figure things out. We'll have more info as soon we know what is or is not going on with them.

Map Balance Adjustments

Old Glast Heim (Abbey/Church)

So Abbey/Church was grossly overtuned so my apologies there. It's basically unplayable without extreme levels of gear. And by taking that away last patch(with the resistance caps), it just made the map basically unplayable/not worth it.

After having played it and tested it more myself, I got a few ideas and this patch implements them. We've implemented 4 new custom AOE spells that will replace the ones you saw the monsters have previously.

These spells specifically vary in elemental type, but more importantly are hybridized damage that will split both a fixed damage component and the raw damage it also does as well. However, the damage is overall lower.

This means that the spells should not instantly one shot non-squishy classes. Squishy classes may still get chunked or one shot potentially, but we expect anyone with reasonable resists to be able to easily survive.

However, there's a catch. There's mechanics in place that should discourage simply face tanking and not moving. We'll monitor this and see how it plays out in real parties, and make adjustments to these skills as needed.

Another big thing with these new spells is they all use the red ground unit indicator (same as that of hell's judgement and floral flare road) and have been crafted with visual effects to hopefully make them clear and easier to see. (goodbye vanilla magnus, you will not be missed)

Lastly, these spells (mostly) have a lower duration overall than the vanilla spells while having a faster tick rate giving you counterplay to move out of the spells. The frequency has also been lowered a bit here on the spells so we're hoping there's more time to do your thing rather than run for your life constantly. (however if you don't kill the slaves you will still be running for your life, kill the slaves...they drop loot!)

I'll continue to monitor OGH Church and see how it goes, its possible an HP value reduction of a slight degree is in order as well, but hoping once people are not dying every 2 seconds and people can actually play this won't be necessary.

1.) All AOEs cast by monsters replaced by custom AOEs with hybridized damage.

2.) Royal Clergy's INT raised to 260 (this is an adjustment for the new spells)

3.) All AOEs cast times increased to a minimum of 3.5 seconds up from 2.5 or 3. (floral flare road is still 4 second cast time)

4.) All AOEs cooldowns increased to minimum 30 seconds up from 20 or 25.

5.) Royal Clergy no longer casts Hell's Judgement on attack state. (still casts when chasing like every mob on the map)


Vendors for once were not automatically restored with this patch unfortunately since our database work required us to boot them and not restore them. You'll have to set up your shops again!

Bug Fixes

1.) Romantic White Flower drop from Moskillro is no longer char bound.

2.) Job Change Tickets now properly check if you have used up all your skill points before letting you change.

3.) Fixed a bug with Survivor's Shoes and Survivor's Manteau combo that prevented the bonus from being gained when both were worn together.