Patch A.2.2

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Server Crash and Short Rollback

The server had a crash resulting a potential data loss near its last 5 minutes of it being up before the crash. Unfortunately the server will have forced rollback during this time and there isn't anything we can do about it. These 5 minutes of potential data loss are about all we expect right now. Leading us to....

Pori EXP

Since the server was down an extended time due to an unexpected server crash, we'll be giving you guys your boy once again. Jejeing is back with Pori EXP, just type @poriexp in game and get your unlimited EXP buffs while you can!

General Adjustments

1.) Novice Gear such as Novice Cutter[3] is now fully tradeable.

2.) King Schmidt MVP's HP lowered from 12m > 9m.

3.) Sohee's "suicide" skill chance lowered from 5% > 0.10%

4.) Wearing a Tuxedo or a Wedding Dress changes your sprite to your gender's specific type. (unfortunately these are locked, so wearing a wedding dress will still look like Tuxedo on male, and tuxedo on female should show wedding dress). Note that this also comes with the same limitations of wearing them normally, which means you cannot attack or cast skills. However you will now move normal speed while wearing them.

5.) Cicada Skin Shed is removed as an option for regular Plagiarism, it is still possible to be set for utility plagiarism.

Warp Adjustments

So this one is separated because it requires a bit of explaining. Basically a few locations were reachable with master account warps unlocked that shouldn't have been reachable by default. (Old Glast Heim, Nydhoggurs Nest F2, Rachel Sanctuary interior, etc.) As such we've adjusted the warp unlocker NPC to clear the warps for these warps and now everyone has to re-unlock them. Unfortunately this means some warps are still going to be CHARACTER based instead of master account based.

This affects the following warps:

1.) Brasilis Dungeon

2.) Old Glast Heim (all of it including Heart of Ymir)

3.) Nydhoggurs Nest (F1 and F2)

4.) Moscovia Dungeon

5.) Rachel Sanctuary

6.) Splendide

7.) Manuk

8.) Midgard Expedition Camp

EDP Damage Rate Map Flag Adjustments

Now that we've had time for dust to settle on the effects of the EDP Damage Rate flag, its very clear that its taking away from the fun of SinX players a bit TOO hard, while overcorrecting the balance on some maps. As such we'll be pulling back on the flag noticeably in some places and mildly in others.

Rate Changes by Map:

1.) Nif_Dun01 and Nif_Dun02 and Death Witch Instnace: Removed Entirely

2.) ogh_chiv2, ogh_cas2, ogh_cas1, and ogh_church: 50 > 80% rate

3.) ogh_prison1: 70 > 80%

4.) ogh_prison2: Removed Entirely

5.) ogh_step: 70 > 80%

6.) Himmelmez/Heart of Ymir: Removed Entirely

Skill Adjustments

1.) Reverberation's arrow cost lowered from 5 > 1.

2.) Adaptation to Circumstance's skill cooldown removed entirely.

Horror Toy Factory

1.) Dancing Marionette no longer casts Assumptio.

2.) Abandoned Teddy Bear's pulse strike replaced with NPC_PRESSURE

3.) Malicious Baby Ghost and Dancing Marionette no longer casts cloaking.

4.) Evil Dwelling Box's Quagmire chance reduced to 1/6 of its previous value.

5.) Dancing Marionette, Evil Dwelling Box, and Malicious Baby Ghost's attack (both high and low reduce by 25%)

6.) Base and Job EXP for all 4 regular mobs increased by 25% of their previous values.

7.) Celine Kimi's field and MVP Instance NPCs moved to the 3rd floor of Horror Toy Factory just outside the entrance to the 4th. Exiting will now warp you to near these NPCs instead.

8.) Reroll cost on Bolt Shooter, Bunny Slippers, Bloody Cross, and Angry Bear Bag lowered from 100 Holly Sprigs > 50 Holly Sprigs

Nightmare Clock Tower

1.) Neo Punk HP reduced from 51,760 > 41,760

2.) Neo Punk attack reduced by 25% (both high and low)

3.) Neo Punk INT reduced from 100 > 80

4.) Neo Punk Defense lowered from 40 > 30

5.) Neo Punk Magical Defense lowered from 55 > 40

6.) Neo Punk Cluster of Poison Spores drop rate lowered to 80%

7.) Neo Punk no longer cast Spider Web.

8.) Big Ben HP reduced from 51,240 > 41,240

9.) Big Ben ATK reduced by 15% for low attack and 25% for upper attack.

10.) Big Ben INT lowered from 90 > 75.

11.) Big Ben Cluster of Poison Spores drop rate lowered to 80%

12.) Big Bell HP lowered from 54,860 > 39,860

13.) Big Bell ATK lowered by 30% both high and low.

14.) Big Bell INT lowered from 100 > 85

15.) Big Bell HIT and AGI reduced by 10.

16.) Big Bell Cluster of Poison Spores drop reduced to 50%

17.) Big Bell Clock Gear drop reduced to 80%

Item Additions/Other Additions

1.) Toucan's now drop Delicious Strawberry which allows you to tame them and keep them as a pet.

2.) Toucan Pet now possible, item bonus when loyal is immunity to Confusion.

Bug Fixes

1.) Angry Bear Bag's item bonuses now work as they properly should.

2.) All Cards from Nightmare Clock Tower and Horror Toy Factory added to OCA's and MCA's (excluding Owl Marquees)

3.) All remaining missing cards from Nydhoggur's Nest (both dungeon and instance) added to OCA's and MCA's

4.) All remaining missing cards from new world added to OCA's and MCA's.

5.) The initial Master Account NPC information option now properly gives you said information instead of blah blah blah.

6.) Lounge Suit is now slotted.

7.) Somber Novice Hood no longer grants 20% neutral resistance.

8.) Celine Kimi is no longer able to be pulled out of her arena, additionally players can no longer leave the arena by going up the ramp.

9.) Reverberation can now be cast while playing songs.

Rogue Class Resets

Stalker and Rogue's were promised an extra skill reset last patch but never received it, you should have it this patch! Just try again, if it somehow isnt working once again please report it.

Coming Soon

So reverberation currently is experiencing some weird animation interactions with class rings that are being investigated, we didn't have time to squeeze in this patch (as the patch got pushed up due to a server crash) but just wanted to let you all know that we're aware of the issue and are working to fix it, in the event we cannot we have a few ideas as a last resort. This will hopefully be resolved within the week.

Beyond that, now that most of the changes for A2 are getting cleaned up you can expect A3 work to begin underway and hopefully a dev blog video soon! We'll be focusing on Solo Play, Leveling, Party Play, and most importantly the Market Economy as our primary focus with also making sure we also include the first Expanded Rework as part of this update in patch A3, which is Night Watch!

Additionally, expect weekly patches/maintenances as we're going to be trying to get in a groove of a set schedule moving forward so things feel more steady for everyone! There could still be additional patches/updates as necessary, but we'll be trying to at least keep up on the weekly ones as a minimum.

Lastly, the long awaited RWC mode will likely be included in this patch, but if time gets kinda limited we will push it to at worst A4 as a priority.

Thank you all for the patience with us. And please continue to provide feedback, I'm trying really hard to listen more and I'll have more insight on that soon.