Patch A.2.1

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New Client and Walk Delay

We've heard that players are having some issues with the new client's buttery smooth input delay as it causes issues with macros and skill spam. We've adjusted the client once more so now you can enable or disable the input delay reduction with /walkdelay.

Simply disable /walkdelay to have low delay. If you want more input delay to help with the aforementioned issues above simply enable /walkdelay.


1.) Reverberation no longer forced neutral, physical attack ratio buffed from 265-525% ratio to 285-625% ratio.

2.) Stalkers and Rogues given 1 more extra free reset as compensation for the Plagiarism skill issues.

3.) Celine Kimi's custom skill rotation increased from 30 seconds > 50 seconds.

4.) Celine Kimi and Kimi's phantom cooldown on earthquake increased from 30 seconds > 50 seconds.

5.) Celine Kimi's rude attack teleport made less sensitive and on par with other mvps like Death Witch.

6.) Celine Kimi and Kimi's phantom earthquake cast time increased from 0.5 seconds > 2.5 seconds.

7.) Celine Kimi's custom skill rotation will not begin until she or her phantom are engaged.

8.) Celine Kimi's custom debuffs now have proper icons displaying you have them.

9.) Whip size modifier vs large monsters increased from 50% > 75% to match that of instruments.

10.) Warp portals added to Nightmare Clock Tower F3 so you can now reach an area without fly wing. (the bottom strip on the lowest part of the map was previously inaccessible without fly wing.

11.) Magnum Break no longer has a damage fall off based off distance from the caster. If a monster is hit by any part of the AOE it is the same.

12.) Necromancer's Hood now procs its autospell dark strike when hit by normal attacks instead of skills.

Bug Fixes

1.) Triple Attack can now properly be learned with Plagiarism.

2.) Fixed various issues with the Card Captor Sakura NPC.

3.) Reverberation's attack ratio no longer include's Soul Destroyer's in its ratio as well.

4.) Utility Plagiarism is now properly learned automatically after putting 10 points in plagiarism.

5.) You can no longer waste points in utility plagiarism since it is a free skill upon learning plagiarism 10.

6.) The Lasagna Quest now allows you to continue if you have already unlocked the Dragon's nest warp on your master account.

7.) Death's Dance base attack is now properly 140 instead of 130.

8.) Creepy Demon's empty bottle drops fixed to be 100% up from 0.05%

9.) Severe Rainstorm's arrow cost is now 10 instead of 20 arrows.

10.) Reverberation can now be cast when performing.

11.) Maximum number of game accounts linked to one master account greatly increased. This should enable storage/warps for people who had many accounts.

12.) Kimi's phantom is now properly an MVP flagged monster. (she still has no drops)

13.) Individual Loot now properly works in xmas_dun04.

14.) Kafra Cards can now allow you to access master storage.

15.) Patreon Tier 2 Token now allows you to choose the current months costumes as your "last 3 months" costumes.

16.) No Ice Wall flag properly applied to Horror Toy Factory (xmas_dun03 and xmas_dun04)

17.) Star Gladiator can now no longer memo or get miracle in Horror Toy Factory.

18.) Bloody Cross now properly has 2 slots.

19.) Reverberation is no longer flagged as a trap and treated as a melee skill for the purposes of safety wall.

20.) Grade B and Grade A Demon Race shadow weapons correctly give demon race damage instead of brute race damage.

21.) Stalkers can now properly learn skills that are in their skill tree like Double Strafe/Back Stab. However if you have learned these skills you cannot set it as your plagiarized skill.

22.) Individual Loot maps now lose their individual loot properties properly if someone in the party is multi clienting on the same map. (this was a change intended as part of A.2.0)

23.) Asprika item now properly reduces physical damage overall instead of just melee damage.

24.) Owl Viscount Card now be compounded into accessories. Note that if you have two equipped the item will give no bonus as it is a left accessory only card.

25.) Fixed various bugs with Golden Thief Bug card related to ground targeted support skills like Land Protector and Pneuma.

26.) Lounge Suit is now properly craftable with Mrs Button in aldebaran just outside the clock tower.

27.) Patreon Tokens can now redeem September 2023 Costume eggs as part of their costume box choices for tier 2 and 3.

28.) Cicada Skin Shed is now listed under utility plagiarism skills as an option in addition to regular plagiarism. (this is to not screw with anyone who for whatever reason may want to use their offensive plagiarism slot on cicada still?)