Patch A.1.4

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Yet another tiny patch with a few small adjustments to OGH and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

1.) Item Captor now properly ends when you drop the card again.

2.) Individual loot maps have scripted commands like @showrare working properly on them again.

3.) @droploot command is disabled on individual loot maps

4.) Cursed Raydric, Corrupted Wanderer, and Cursed Raydric Archer have had their Contaminated Magic drops increased from 50 > 100%

5.) Corrupted Bishop and Royal Clergy's second drop of Contaminated Magic increased from 50 > 100%


Expect more buffs to the party maps at OGH and some fun new items done in the niflheim shadowdecon/zelunium style for crafting in the relatively near future. I am aware that the maps are not rewarding enough relative to other party maps like Niflheim or Byalan. It wasn't meant to be super comparable as the temporal boots should be the main draw, but the gap right now is extremely wide.