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More OGH Balancing

So we've got some more edits to OGH maps. There's some things I noticed in my own playtesting that really stood out so far so I'll be focusing on what I can control and where I think the maps are still lacking. Some maps felt good but a lot of them really just aren't hitting yet!

The biggest thing I've felt and noticed is that the drops outside of the Temporals aren't worth it remotely. And while I do not wish for OGH to become like Niflheim, I also don't want it to feel like one big slog while you are going along the way. So there will be both mob balancing and item drop balancing as well in this update that isn't related to the temporal boots (which feel like theyre finally in a good spot)

All Solo Maps

This means ogh_sew, ogh_step, ogh_chiv1, ogh_prison1, ogh_prison2.

All these maps have had individual loot up to 2 people added to the map. you can still normally dual client and do whatever you want, but only two unique people will get loot on these maps. This is hopefully so playing with a friend at OGH is a thing and feels good.


Sewers feels "mostly" good in its current state, but could use a little bit of extra to make the grind feel worth it. The stings and gargoyle are just a little bulky but mostly feel good so we'll be toning down DEF/HP a bit since they're almost to where I wan them as is and don't need much balancing overall. Drops wise though both mobs leave much to be desired and will be getting some goodies.

1.) Contaminated Sting: HP: 57k > 53k

2.) Contaminated Sting: DEF: 35 > 30, MDEF: 35 > 30

3.) Contaminated Sting: Oridecon Drop > 13.68%

4.) Contaminated Sting: Stone Arrow Quiver drop removed

5.) Contaminated Sting: Trap added as drop at 100% chance

6.) Contaminated Sting: Coal drop removed

7.) Contaminated Sting: Yggdrasil Berry drop added at 3.94%

8.) Frozen Gargoyle: HP: 66k > 61k

9.) Frozen Gargoyle: DEF: 35 > 30, MDEF: 45 > 35

10.) Frozen Gargoyle: Elunium drop > 11%

11.) Frozen Gargoyle: Elemental Converter drop added at 8%

12.) Frozen Gargoyle: Crystal Arrow quiver drop removed.

Prison 1

So I'm gonna level with you guys straight, Prison is straight terribad right now and I apologize for missing the mark on this one. I definitely wanted people to need to kite and not instantly vaporize the mobs but I've definitely gone too far for prison even for the intended audience. You basically need a lot of gear already just to farm here in the first place and when you finally do, your damage is pitiful and feels terrible. There's something satisfying about being able to deal meaningful damage so we'll be changing up some elements here to allow for more damage to go through from ranged classes. I don't want to hit the Ice Pick builds too hard so we'll be adjusting things in a way that helps the snipers and gunslingers of the world, but also doesn't infringe on the ice pick chemist enjoyers in the process.

I'm also massively lowering the MDEF to open this map up to other magic enjoyers. I'll be keeping an eye on some builds that I think may overtake the map from the intended audience though and if that happens we'll buff the MDEF slightly back up but not to where it was before this patch.

1.) Mutating Prisoner: HP: 76k > 71k

2.) Mutating Prisoner: DEF: 55 > 20, MDEF: 70 > 35

3.) Mutating Prisoner: AGI: 90 > 70

4.) Mutating Prisoner: VIT: 80 > 110

5.) Mutating Prisoner: Elunium drop > 10%

6.) Mutating Prisoner: Element: Poison 3 > Shadow 2

7.) Mutating Prisoner: Now casts NPC Sleep Bubble instead of NPC Sleep attack on chase.

8.) Zombie Guard: HP: 82k > 72k

9.) Zombie Guard: DEF: 40 > 20, MDEF: 60 > 35

10.) Zombie Guard: VIT: 85 > 110

11.) Zombie Guard: AGI: 100 > 70

12.) Zombie Guard: Element: Poison 3 > Shadow 2

13.) Zombie Guard: Oridecon drop > 10%

14.) Zombie Guard: Now casts NPC Stone Bubble instead of NPC Petrify attack on chase.

Chivalry 1

After testing out chivalry since the changes its still not quite in the place youd ideally want it. I envision this map as something where melee soloers or mobbers/magic mobbers can go for their fun. If you're killing one at a time it should be slower than other maps, but it will be safer/easier than other maps. However, the 30% nerf was too harsh and we'll be reigning that in a little bit.

Further, to make this map feasibly mobbable we'll be lowering the HP substantially. I think even with the drops buff, this will still make the map slower than the other (now also adjusted) maps but viable in its own way. Again, I still feel this map can and should be less good for solo killers, but it shouldn't feel dreadful. This is one of the maps I envisioned would be a safe fall back for people who wanted their more vanilla experience.

1.) Contaminated Raydric: HP: 76k > 60k

2.) Contaminated Raydric: DEF: 30, MDEF: 20

3.) Contaminated Raydric: VIT: 40 > 70

4.) Contaminated Raydric: Oridecon drop > 8.6%

5.) Contaminated Raydric: Coagulated Spell drop > 60%

6.) Contaminated Raydric: Temporal Crystal Ivory drop > 0.10%

7.) Contaminated Raydric: Temporal Crystal Cerulean drop > 0.04%

8.) Contaminated Raydric Archer: HP: 68k > 58k

9.) Contaminated Raydric Archer: Coagulated Spell drop > 60%

10.) Contaminated Raydric Archer: Temporal Crystal Ivory drop > 0.10%

11.) Contaminated Raydric Archer: Temporal Crystal Cerulean drop > 0.04%

12.) Contaminated Raydric Archer: Elunium drop > 10%

13.) Contaminated Raydric Archer: Sharp Arrow drop removed

14.) Contaminated Raydric Archer: Cursed Water drop added at 30%

Prison 2

Not many changes here as Gigantes is mostly on the mark now, but still toning down bulk so theyre slightly less slog. Adding more counterplay to their sleep on chase with the new NPC skills, however.

1.) Gigantes (both): Now cast NPC Sleep Bubble instead of NPC Sleep Attack on chase.

2.) Gigantes (both): HP: 88k > 78k

3.) Gigantes (type A): DEF: 35 > 30

4.) Gigantes (type B): DEF: 30 > 25

5.) Gigantes (both): Elunium/Oridecon drop rates respectively both increased to 9%

6.) Gigantes (both): Big Defense potion drop added at 7% chance. (3% physical damage reduction for 3 minutes)


Adding in some goodies here and adjusting the skills of the mobs here to make it hopefully both less frustrating and more appealing.

1.) Dark Priest: Level 3 Aspersio Scroll added as drop at 7%

2.) Dark Priest: Elunium drop rate increased to 9%

3.) Dark Priest: HP: 80k > 70k

4.) Dark Priest: DEF: 30 > 25, MDEF: 30 > 25

5.) Bloody Wraith: HP: 90k > 80k

6.) Bloody Wraith: DEF: 35 > 30, MDEF: 35 > 30

7.) Bloody Wraith: 3 Fabric drops replaced with 1 Wad of Fabric drop at 100% chance. This is a consumable item like Bundle of Stems that contains 10 Fabric.

8.) Bloody Wraith: Now drops Oriental Pastry at 7% chance (+10 MATK consumable for 30 minutes)

9.) Bloody Wraith: Oridecon drop rate increased to 9%

10.) Standing Soul: HP: 85k > 75k

11.) Standing Soul: DEF: 60 > 40, MDEF: 30 > 25

12.) Standing Soul: Elunium drop rate increased to 9%

13.) Standing Soul: Now drops Sesame Pastry at 7% chance (+10 HIT consumable for 30 minutes)

Castle 1

Castle 1 is design wise hitting the mark I intended. Melee group up and beat em down. However, having seen it play out finally I can say that its just not where it needs to be so I'm doing the most dramatic adjustments here to get this map in a good spot.

My thoughts are that the kill speed being slow is fine, but its just a bit too slow. the HP is just too high even for 3 melees who will at some point have to back off and dodge. There's some other issues, putting knock back on mobs where the main dps is melee looks awkward watching it and their AOE skill spam which is intended to make you dodge simply happens far too often. I don't mind making you guys work for it, but I'm making you work so hard for so little on this map.

Given the kill speed I saw today the map could use huge adjustments to be fun so we'll be upping the drops as well to hopefully incentivize parties and make it not just fun but also worth your time and exciting to come to. I'm not nerfing the EXP at all to go with these sizeable HP reductions. I think the mobs are interesting and challenging enough to warrant "good" exp. especially since its very clear people will not be mobbing these efficiently I don't have to worry about there being "too much".

Additionally all the mobs who drop Coagulated Spell will drop an extra roll of it if you have a full party of 7 unique people. (no dual clients) So since this is a melee party based map we should hopefully see some unique style of parties here that are worth it.

1.) Corrupted Duke: HP > 215k

2.) Corrupted Duke: ATK: 1400-1800

3.) Corrupted Duke: DEF: 45 > 40

4.) Corrupted Duke: VIT: 40 > 45

5.) Corrupted Duke: Oridecon drop > 10%

6.) Corrupted Duke: Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich drop added at 11%

7.) Corrupted Duke: Phantom Thrust Skill removed from Chase Status (will no longer pull you in while he is chasing)

8.) Corrupted Duke: Grand Cross > Cast Time Increased from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds

9.) Corrupted Duke: Grand Cross > Cooldown doubled from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

10.) Corrupted Duke: Bowling Bash skill removed.

11.) Corrupted Duke: Bash skill added in replacement of Bowling Bash at equal damage.

12.) Undead Noble: HP > 210k

13.) Undead Noble: Elunium drop > 10%

14.) Undead Noble: Regeneration Potion drop added 6%

15.) Undead Noble: Phantom Thrust skill removed from Chase status (will no longer pull you in while he is chasing)

16.) Undead Noble: Grand Darkness > Cast time increased from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds

17.) Undead Noble: Grand Darkness > Cooldown doubled from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

18.) Roaming Spellbook: Is now Boss flagged. (this makes all 3 enemies on this map boss protocol for easier itemization)

19.) Roaming Spellbok: HP > 200k

20.) Roaming Spellbook: Oridecon drop > 10%

21.) Roaming Spellbook: Chewy Ricecake drop added at 6%

22.) Roaming Spellbook: Phantom Thrust skill removed from Chase status (will no longer pull you in while he is chasing)

23.) Roaming Spellbook: Magnum Break skill removed.

24.) Roaming Spellbook: Heaven's drive skill added at 2.5 second cast time and 30 second cooldown.

Abbey (Church)

1.) Royal Druid: HP: 1.1m

2.) Royal Druid: Element: > Fire 2

3.) Royal Druid: Extra drop of Contaminated Magic added at 100% (this means it drops 3 contaminated magic at 100% each)

4.) Royal Clergy: 2nd drop of Contaminated Magic lowered to 50%

5.) Corrupted Bishop: 2nd drop of Contaminated Magic lowered to 50%

Bug Fixes

1.) Unidentified Creature now correctly casts fireball on chase on the player instead of making them cast ruwach.

2.) Goblin's once again properly all count towards the card for item captor.

3.) @hidepet now functions properly as does @hidepetttalk now properly check @settings and won't be hiding by default unless you chose that setting.

4.) Alchemist/Creator's Acid Terror now correctly has its proper 300% MATK ratio.

5.) Ship Captain's Hat can properly be stored and dropped/traded.

6.) Monk's Combo finish no longer deals 1 damage to mobs that have the ignore AOE flag.

7.) Alchemist/Creator's Alchemy Efficiency and Whitesmith's Cart Efficiency are correct to properly persist through death (per A.1.1 changes)

8.) Nydhoggur's Dungeon entrance portal no longer fails to recognize you have done the quest if you have skipped the quest and talked to the Petrified Sapha for furthering the New World Quest lines (or any further than that)

9.) Card based item drops now properly roll on individual loot maps. (like myst case card) They will still only roll once to the wearer of the card/killer and only auto loot if auto loot is on.

10.) Roaming Spellbook Card art now properly shows up.

11.) Cursed Raydric and Cursed Raydric Archer cards have had their prefixes appropriately added.

12.) Baba Yaga card spelling corrected. No longer a baby yaga granny.

13.) You can now properly use warp portal on all OGH maps.

14.) Map GATS for ogh_step, and all ogh_ymirs updated for walkable cells that should not have been walkable.

15.) Peco Peco Hairband appropriately moved to the Upper Headgears section of the silvervine shop.

16.) Contaminated Magic and all Temporal Crystals all appropriately flagged as available to be placed in buy shops.

Other Balance Changes

1.) Himmelmez: Earthquake on chase removed.

2.) Phantom Amdarais: HP: 6m > 5m, DEF: 40 > 30, Earthquake on Chase Removed, All AOE spells cooldown increased

3.) Enraged Amdarais: HP: 6m > 5m, Earthquake on chase removed.

4.) Gigantes (both) hammer fall skills lowered to level 5 from 8.

5.) White Knights and Khalitzburg Knights removed from ogh_chiv1

6.) Contaminated Raydric Spawns increased from 130 > 150 in ogh_chiv1 (mobbing classes please provide feedback in discord!)

7.) Star Gladiators can no long assign hatred to mobs in ogh_cas1, ogh_cas2, ogh_chiv2, or ogh_church (players who already had these mobs assigned have had this data cleared in the database to reset)

8.) Warp Unlocker added to monk_test near Sealed Shrine. Sealed Shrine's warp will be under the "special" category.

9.) Warper NPC now separates Dungeons by A-J and K-Z so the list is shorter for both. It also separates Glast Heim and Old Glast Heim so its less confusing.

10.) Sealed Shrine Instance now can be re-entered if you die or disconnect/log out by talking to the entrance npc in monk_test.

11.) Sealed Shrine Instance will now warp you to either the main starting point if you are in the first phase of the instance of the 2nd floor starting point if you have already walked through the portal with a Token of Apostle. (wont have to do the maze again if you die or log out in the 2nd phase)

12.) Sealed Shrine and Nidhoggur's Nest Instances now allows you to dual client and guest without getting loot just like other MVP instances.

13.) Nidhoggur's Nest instance will warp you to various check points based on how far your character has gone into the instance if you disconnect or log out and have to return. 1st is main starting point. If you have entered the maze but not found your way through it will warp you at maze starting point. If you have completed the maze and are taking on Nidhoggur then it will warp you to her arena area.

14.) Nidhoggurs Nest instance cooldown lowered from 3 days > 2 days and 12 hours.

15.) Priest's Aspersio buffs/status now lasts 2/4/6/8/10 minutes based on ranks 1-5 respectively. This also affects the new Aspersio scrolls.

16.) Fabric sell price lowered from 51 > 21 (to account for new Wad of Fabric item)

17.) Himmelmez, Root of Corruption, and King Schmidt first kill reward date window extended until November 29th. (this means if its November 30th it ends)

18.) Plagiarism NPC updated to include every possible skill a rogue or stalker can plagiarize. (waterball 10 or monster exclusive levels are still not included in the NPC)

19.) Unidentified Creature's MDEF lowered from 30 > 1

20.) King Schmidt, Root of Corruption, and Unidentified Creature all roll individual loot in their field instances appropriately. (card still rolls only once per other field mvps)

21.) Airship Assault 1st and 2nd floor decks both made significantly more "empty" for easier navigation and mobbing. There still exists areas to line of sight if you so wish.

Future Plans

So some last things to go over that are important. Coming into the transition into Episode A2 we will begin work on things like NTC (nightmare clock tower), and primarily first Card Captor Sakura.

With that, that means we will finally be transition to a basic master account system.

No, this does not mean we are getting a launcher or anything fancy like you've seen on other servers, but it does mean you WILL need to protect your account passwords now and change passwords ahead of the consolidation.

In the coming weeks, Ken and I are going to begin the consolidation process on the website where you can register new master accounts and also assign existing game accounts into your new master accounts. This will help us with the new card captor sakura system where the new items you acquire from it are account bound so you can use them between your master accounts only.

Consider this your warning. There will also be a warning in game added to the 30 minute rotations for players to know that they need to protect accounts now and make sure only they have access to their own accounts for when the transition happens. Once your game account is safely yours under your master account, you'd be safe to loan it out again with @protect.

With Old Glast Heim work mostly finishing up and people solving the content pretty well, I'll mostly be keeping an eye on the party maps only moving forward and potentially looking at crafting/rolling options in the future but don't expect that any time soon. Old Glast Heim work isn't 100% done forever, but I do feel its finally in a good spot with this update where it should hopefully be fun and desireable for more people.