November 16th Update

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Hey guys, as promised we're doing more frequent update to push smaller changes, adjustments and fixes! let's get right into it!

PVP Room Adjustments

1.) Forced to respawn at one of the 8 spawn in locations around the map on death instantly (like in WOE forcing you to save point)

2.) Parties can now join together as a group and spawn in at the same location. Party leader MUST initiate this.

3.) PVP Room now has the same settings as BGs for damage ratio and skill restrictions (aka no assumptio)

4.) You are now dispelled upon entering the PVP room.

5.) Exit NPC added for when you do decide to finally leave since dying wont warp you out. (near the therapist)

6.) Stat tracking corrected for PVP Room and Duels will be reset after maintenance so everyone gets a fresh start. sorry guys!

7.) Wizards can now counter reflect magic damage from Kaite WITHOUT soul link in the PVP room. they just need crystal fragments.

PVP Room Supply Adjustments

Acid Bottle/Bottle Grenades: 40 > 60

Efficient Acid Bottle: 0 > 3

Efficient Bottle Grenade: 0 > 3

Poison Bottle: 3 > 5

Green Potion: 5 > 20

Red/Blue/Yellow Gems: 50 > 75

Cowbweb: 5 > 30

Ele Converts (Fire/Earth/Water/Wind): 2 > 5

Crystal Fragments: 0 > 25

Holy Water: 0 > 10

Cursed Water: 0 > 5

Speed Potion: 0 > 5

PVP Room Bugfixes

Stat tracking has been properly updated and reset.

Skill and Class Bug Fixes

1.) Grand Cross now properly always hits 3 times again.

2.) Chase Walk STR buff is not lost on fly wing and teleport.

3.) Twilight Alchemy 4 (blue potions) can now be used again.

4.) Kyrie Eleison now properly blocks physical damage

5.) Homunculus EXP can now be shown properly with the @showhomexp command.

6.) charming wink properly draws aggro again

Other Bug Fixes

1.) Pets now have 20x their normal catch rates again.

2.) Going over 100% drop rate on an card based drop rate (i.e. double snowier) will now autoloot properly.

3.) Sitting Regen no longer stacks with normal regen like Eggyra Card or Incubus/Succubus cards. (this was a bug and should have always worked this way)

4.) Moscovia Cards added to MCA/OCA pools

5.) Instances now properly give EXP, specifically MVP instances.

6.) Airship maps updated to allow walking again to the airships.

7.) Death Witch Auto heal removed due to bugs. Replaced with rude attack teleport onto the stage somewhere.

8.) Varetyr Spear skill ratio lowered to be partially reverted back to what it was. should be stronger than release varetyr, but weaker than the last patch. (Dragon's Nest 3, charge basilisks skill)

Balance Changes

1.) Ifrit's Earthquake and Powerup cooldowns moderately increased.

2.) Geffenia zeny making drops like diamond ring, blue potion, mastela fruit, etc. all increased by 5% of their rates.

3.) Crystal Mirrors and Witherless Rose have had their sell prices increased to be more than before, but less than official still. (Mavka Buffs)

4.) Niflheim Dungeon mobs both floor 1 and floor 2 no longer switch on melee. So melee can participate in parties now!

5.) Strong Shield[1] can now be worn by all transcendent classes! It still requires level 75

6.) Ninja Stones such as flame stone, ice stone, shadow orb, etc. all weight 0.1 now.

7.) Death Witch and Endless Tower first kill rewards extended to November 30th. Additionally Endless Tower gepard cooldowns have been reset due to the big changes.

8.) Cursed Jackknife now has 5% ASPD added to it.

9.) Cursed Jackknife and Dagger of Evil Spirits now roll "Special" random options like Bazerald.

Endless Tower Adjustments

1.) Can now skip to 25/50/75/99 floors without Ashes of Darkness. (must still clear the floors)

2.) MVP Instance Version now allows for dual clients, but you will not get loot dual clients.

3.) MVP Instance Version allows people to join others just to help like normal MVP Instance and wont consume your gepard cooldown, but will have a character cooldown. (still have to make alts!)

4.) Normal Version of Endless Tower, which has been character cooldown based now has an additional gepard cooldown globally. You can do 15 characters total per 3 rolling window with the timer starting with the first run.

5.) ET runs now flag the cooldown beginning starting after clearing floor 4. This means if you clear past floor 4 and go to Floor 5 and try to destroy instance, your instance goes on cooldown. Ending the instance by killing Naght Sieger or timing out also apply this.

6.) Time Limit extended from 4 hours > 6 hours.

7.) Everyones Gepard cooldown has been reset for this maintenance.