May 1st Update

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So our first Sweets Festival Event has come to an end! I know its painful to see an event go away, especially one that makes EXP feel so good. And its always sad to lose content, but I hope to use these patch notes to explain a lot of my reasoning for these temporary renewal events to help bring to light my vision for the server. It's not all losses with this update though, there are a few additions/changes to help soften the blow (if only a little) so let's get right into what's GONE and what's new:

Sweets Festival Ends

The following have been removed as the event is now over:

1.) Sweets Festival Coins no longer drop along with silvervine fruit.

2.) Costumes/Consumables purchaseable with Sweets Festival Coins removed from the Headgear Quests npc.

3.) Khalitzburg Knight Egg/Pet also removed from the same NPC.

4.) Sweet Annie/@eventexp buffer removed.

5.) Treasure Hunt and Memory Game mini games removed.

6.) Valentine's Heart Hairband no longer drops Fierce Cacao or Chocolate Strawberries

7.) Old Glast Heim and its respect maps have had all npcs/warps unlockers/warps/monsters removed from their maps (note: if you are somehow stuck on these maps please DM a GM. you should be able to Bwing however)

New Stuff

1.) New Command: @dailyexp ! This is basically the same as our old @eventexp buffer and just brings up the daily exp buffer from anywhere!

2.) Advanced Battle Manual (100% exp for one hour) has had its price lowered from 15 silvervine each to 10.

3.) Regular Battle Manual (50% exp for half hour) has had its price lowered from 3 to 2.

4.) Job EXP Manual (50% job exp for half hour) has had its price lowered from 3 to 2.

5.) Chef's Asssistant put back into the center of Prontera where she was by default. (behind the fountain)

6.) Cute Shark Hat costume added in as a drop from Phen at 0.10% (this ones for your Gawr Gura fanboys out there)

My Thoughts on the Sweets Festival 2022 Event

So this event overall was much more of a success than our launch event with Horror Toy Factory! It wasn't without mistakes though so I wanted to go over first what I thought I mesesd up on:

1.) Skull Cap as a drop was a big mistake as it put a lot of pressure on players to feel like they had to perma camp OGH Stairs or miss out. In the future don't expect absolute best in slot items at a card rate from event mobs. This is definitely my biggest mistake.

2.) Not having a lower level place for newbies kind of left a lot of people out of the experience of OGH. I wanted to force people to try to take on the harder content, which worked to some extent, but I also left some people out in the cold so expect the next event to have something for lower level characters/newbies. Farming the harder content should still be the most rewarding, but there shouldn't be nothing for you newbies.

3.) Treasure Hunt was a bit TOO vague, particularly with the big towns like Prontera/Payon. I should have gone far more specific in the bigger town to at least help you narrow it down. Additionally a lot of people (as expected) just abused gray world, so in the future I will try to create an event that can't be abused by gray maps/grf editing. I don't mind GRF edits, but you had too big of an advantage with it in this event. Overall the event was partly what I wanted, but it was simply too difficult sometimes to be worth. Also the lack of clarity was a big pain point for players. "why cant I hit this chest?" "what is this chest?" (etc.)

4.) Memory Game's rewards were likely too weak as the game was mostly not utilized after the first week or two of the event. In the future every mini game should feel worth it.

5.) the Bosses at OGH were simply too easy for their own good. Particularly Mr. Potato, I mean Root of Corruption. Expect Root to be much harder the next time around. Amdarias is mostly close to what I want but still doesn't quite hit hard enough. Expect him to be a bit more challenging as well. (although he was mostly good)

Now I want to talk about what I think went really well:

1.) Old Glast Heim saw much more participation than Horror Toy Factory from a variety of classes. Magic Classes had a place, defense pierce/crit builds had a place, Chivalry 1 was on point for what I intended allowing players to solo with a gear investment, but get blown up otherwise and still presenting a challenge to casual players while being easier for skilled. Chivalry 2 was nearly perfect in terms of difficulty, the only issue was the SP drain from pressure making the map off limits even if you could handle all other mechanics. Ultimately as well, the EXP simply wasn't worth it in Chivalry 2. But in terms of design the dungeon mostly hit what I was expecting.

2.) Sweets Coins were used for a variety of things and people had things to work for this event. Some of you rushed to get the Khalitzburg Waifu on day 1 of her release and others saved up for costumes. The vast majority as expected just burned everything on the event exp. Which was the point of the event!

3.) Less confusion around currency this time. The christmas event had 3 forms of currency with most of them being useless except for the star decos. Having only one currency made things much smoother.

Moving Forward

Expect Rachel/Ice Dungeon/Socket Enchant relatively soon. Current plans are for 2nd week of may, unless we get delayed for whatever reason, but so far things seem good to go and no set backs.

After that we will have a relatively quiet month while you guys invest some time into the content update.

Once school ends for me you can expect me go super hard on bringing you guys a lot more fun stuff. The new summer event, (and with it byalan 6/lasagne dungeon), the expanded classes transcendent reworks, mvp instances, and more. So much to do and I can't wait to really pour myself into it.

I appreciate all of the patience you've had with me. <3