March 31st Server Migration

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Hey guys, so after much of a long wait we're finally able to migrate the server back to the old type of server we had before. To put it simply the "upgrade" we did recently ended up a downgrade. That isn't really the main reason for our lag, but given we had to make a slew of changes anyway, we felt this was the best possible option. Server location is still the same! Just make sure you run your patcher for the latest client info. The Test server has also been moved to the dev server now so you'll need to update the clientinfo to reach that as well. All proxies are removed from the list as they are never coming back. They did nothing but stress the server really anyway and were legitimately placebo. For those of you with a bad path to the server we recommend a VPN. Free one is SoftEther which we will have a mini guide here on the wiki in the coming weeks for that we hope. For now, let's get into the few minor changes that come along with this update. Major Change first though! Smaller changes below.

Sign Quest Updated

The Sign Quest is one of those long tedious quests that has a lot of arbitrary issues that limit you for no reason. Below you'll find the list of changes we made to make the quest a lot easier overall and hopefully lessen the number of tickets we get about it.

・ Removed failure paths from Kirkena and Serin sections, you can now no longer fail the quest

・ Removed waiting for Metz and Engel Howard, you can now receive the items immediately

・ Engel Howard no longer teleports you to the entrance of Deadmines floor 2

・ Sir Jore is now available at all times

・ Removed the dance section of the quest, you will still be teleported but won't have to actually perform the dance itself.

・ Removed Melkaba's chance to fail making Vigorga

・ Frank now has an increased chance to translate the ancient document (2% -> 20%)

・ Removed Ashe Bruce RNG failure when getting the spell correct

・ Pleur no longer teleports you to floor 1 and 3 of Hidden Temple and instead always teleports you to where you need to go.

・ Added inventory capacity checks before giving items to prevent quest progress from being blocked

・ Added a fix for previously failed quests:

     If you failed The Sign Quest before this update talk with Kirkena, Serin,
     or Valkyrie Sandra to automatically be put back on the successful quest path

・ Arian no longer takes all the quest items away from you before he asks for them

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

-the command @protect now does not allow guest logins to change guild storage permissions/roles/or kick people, etc. Basically if the guild leader account is loaned out the person loaned can't do anything the guild leader would be able to do without permission.

-Kaizel Disabled in BGs. Gotta admit one, this one had me rolling when I found out about it.

-MVP Instances no longer have regular mobs in the instances themselves for the majority of mvps.

-Lif's mental charge now properly fully restores its HP and SP.

-Poring Cake Hat is now properly available as a reward with Sweets Festival Coins

-Earth Spike, Heaven's Drive, Flaming Petals, Freezing Spear, and Lightning Jolt added to the Plagiarism Master NPC

-Typing in chat channels now requires Level 50 or higher. This sucks for new players, but hopefully slows down our resident Zeny Seller scam guy.