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With the launch of Project Alfheim coming around Christmas time, we will be releasing with our very first event!

Many monsters in the land of Rune-Midgard are celebrating the holiday season. You can find them in their normal locations relative to the normal versions of themselves. Additionally, these mobs have gathered up to help Santa at the Toy Factory so you find them there as well. Speaking of Toy factory, you'll find that with a busier than normal holiday season, the 3rd floor to Toy Factory has opened up. But be warned....these workers are not the most friendly and pack quite the punch. With that introduction out of the way, let's go over what is different with the event specifically and where. Also, we'll cover what your rewards are at the end for participating!

Exclusive Event Drops

Star Decoration Holly Sprig Candy Cane Rod

List of Mobs in Overworld & 1st/2nd Floor of Toy Factory

Monster (ID) Locations Star Decoration Drop Rate Holly Sprig Drop Rate Candy Cane Rod Drop Rate
Santa Poring (1062) Novice Grounds, Toy Factory 1 2% N/A N/A
Christmas Orc (1588) Geffen Field 10, Toy Factory 2 10% 1% 0.05%
Christmas Goblin (1245) Geffen Field 11, Toy Factory 2 10% 1% 0.05%
Christmas Jakk (1244) Geffen Dun 2, Toy Factory 2 10% 1% 0.05%
Myst Case (1249) Toy Factory 1 and 2 10% 1% 0.05%
Cruiser (1248) Toy Factory 1 and 2 10% 1% 0.05%

Horror Toy Factory

A third floor has been added to Toy Factory. It is the same map one would find in the renewal instance for Horror Toy Factory, but now adjusted with portals to get around on the map. Teleport is enabled. All mobs, including the mvp around found randomly on the map, but some have less spawns than others because they are particularly difficult mechanically. All these mobs are intended to be for end game players and the dungeon is not meant to be able to be taken on solo. Make no mistake: you will need gear even if you party here. The mobs magic and spells hit hard and they each have unique mechanics. You can find the portal and entrance in the top right of Toy Factory's 2nd floor. You can freely come and go between floors, but heed the warning of the Creepy Lady. This is intended for players Level 85 and higher.

List of Mobs in Horror Toy Factory

Monster (ID) Amount on Map Star Decoration Drop Rate Holly Sprig Drop Rate Candy Cane Rod Drop Rate
Decorated Evil Tree (2987) 35 90% 35% 10%
Vicious Cookie (2989) 35 90% 35% 10%
Corrupt Cruiser (2990) 10 90% 35% 10%
Evil Dwelling Box (2991) 35 90% 35% 10%
Creepy Demon (2992) 35 90% 35% 10%
Malicious Baby Ghost (2993) 35 90% 35% 10%
Dancing Marionette (2994) 35 90% 35% 10%
Abandoned Teddy Bear (2995) 10 90% 35% 20%

Custom Monster Skill Analysis

Celine Kimi

A dangerous boss also resides in the Toy Factory's 3rd Floor. She is quite powerful and is intended to require a full party to take down. I don't want to spoil too many of her mechanics, but I do want to warn you to be prepared for her difficulty to ramp up as she gets lower in health. Good luck!

Monster (ID) Element Race Size HP ATK DEF MDEF Drops 1-5 Drop 11 Drop 12 Respawn Timer
Celine Kimi (2996) Ghost 4 Undead Large 1,111,111 7000~10,000 49 33 Candy Cane Rod- 100% Old Card Album- 25% Mystical Card Album- 2.5% 2 Hours

Custom Monster Skill Analysis

Event Rewards

With the exclusive drops for the event comes rewards! You can exchange your Star Decorations, Holly Sprigs, and Candy Cane Rods for consumables and/or exclusive event costumes! To do this go to the main office in prontera and talk to Airi. She is the normal headgear quest NPC and will temporarily include all event items now and in the future. You can find the main office at prontera,136,186.

Black Knitted Hat

During this event, for 50 Star Decorations and 5 Sprigs of Holly, you can craft this headgear. For the duration of the event it will drop Candy Cane at 2% and Candy at a 8% chance from all monsters. It also improves healing from both of them by 300%. When the event ends, however, the Flat HP/SP +50 will remain permanently.

Consumable Rewards

Consumable Item # of Star Decorations # of Holly Sprigs # of Candy Cane Rods Description
Advanced Battle Manual 30 3 0 100% EXP for 1 Hour, Account Bound
Plus 5 Stat Foods 30 3 0 Plus 5 to one stat. Varies by the food.
Old Purple Box 30 3 0 Gives a random item at a chance when opened
Battle Manual Box (5) 50 15 5 Contains 5 Regular Manuals. (+50% EXP for 30 minutes each)
Job Battle Manual Box (5) 50 15 5 Contains 5 Job Battle Manuals (50% Job EXP for 30 minutes, stacks with Normal Manuals)
Orleans Full Course 50 15 5 Plus 7 to all Stats for 30 minutes

Event Timeline

The event will continue until the end of January so don't feel rushed to get everything right away! If you have any questions about the event or if this event guide wasn't clear enough, feel free to ask us in the discord! Happy holidays everyone =]


December 2021 Costume Boxes, Patreon Exclusives, and Costume Job Rings

With our launch comes the first 3 costume boxes on the server. Below you will find a preview of what is in each box.

Costume Box 1 Preview
Antique Pipe (Lower) Antiquepipe.png
Balloon Hat (Upper) Balloonhat.png
Black Cat (Middle) Blackcat.png
Bunny Headdress (Upper) Bunnyheaddress.png
Eremes Scarf- Red (Lower) Eremesscarfred.png
Inari Ears (Middle) Inariears.png
Khalitzburg Knight Helm Khalitzburgknighthelm.png
Minstrel Hat (Upper) Minstrelhat.png
Twinkle Little Star (Upper) Twinklelittlestar.png
Vanargand Helm (upper) Vanargandhelm.png
Costume Box 2 Preview
Baby Penguin (Middle) Babypenguin.png
Fallen Angel Wings (Garment) Fallenangelwings.png
Floating Ice (Lower) Floatingice.png
Hair of the Strong (Upper) Hairofthestrong.png
Inari Mask (Upper) Inarimask.png
Magic Books (Lower) Magicbooks.png
Majestic Devil Horns (Upper) Majesticdevilhorns.png
Reginleif Wings (Middle) Reginleifwings.png
Sitting Pope (Upper) Sittingpope.png
Wind Milestone (Upper) Windmilestone.png
Costume Box 3 Preview
Cat Ear Hat- Black (Upper) Catearhatblack.png
Eleanor Wig (Upper) Eleanorwig.png
Inari Tail (Garment) inaritail.gif
Jumping Poring (Upper) Jumpingporing.png
Protection Cloth (Lower) Protectioncloth.png
Sacred Torch Coronet (Upper) Sacredtorchcoronet.png
Servant Deviling (Middle) Servantdeviling.png
Shelter Wing Ears (Middle) Shelterwingears.png
Master's Hat (Upper) Shipcaptainshat.png
Test Subject Aura (Lower) Testsubjectaura.png

Patreon Exclusives

Additionally, we have a Patreon you can visit here to support us! You will get 1 free costume box (of your choice) and 2 exclusive costumes every month this way. To visit our Patreon and subscribe click this link:

Below you will find a preview of our first two exclusive costumes. These costumes will NOT be account bound so even if you don't subscribe to our Patreon you can still likely purchase them from other players. Once the month is over however these costumes will never come back, so get em while you can!

Patreon Exclusives Preview
Moon and Stars (Middle) moonandstars.gif
Floral Waltz (Lower) floralwaltz.gif