January 8th Update

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Short update tonight that mostly introduces our new costume boxes, but a few major fixes so let's get right into it!

New Community/Event GM: Introducing Patsi!

The server has continued to grow since launch and I am well aware that trying to manage this solo by myself is not a smart endeavor. As such I'm turning to some of my long time trusted friends to help me out. Patsi is a wonderful person who will be there if you need her in game. If I'm not online, she can be as well. So pinging either of us with an issue is fine. Patsi does not have full power like I do as a GM so don't bother her about bugs and server dev stuff, you can report that in #bug-report. She DOES have authority to punish you for breaking our rules, however. If she jails you, and you feel it was unjustified you can make your case to me directly to contest it. Don't expect me to take you at your word, however, as I know Patsi is extremely honest and trust worthy. Expect to see Patsi running events throughout the day especially when I can't or am sleeping. I'm sure she'll help make the server a lot more lively and fun as she is a very fun person =] I'm sure she's just as excited to host events with you all as well!

Homunculus EXP Fixed

Homunculus was fixed in the last update, but it didnt fully work as you couldn't receive EXP from party share. Now you get 10% of your owner's EXP even if they receive the EXP from party share. Now its never a bad idea to join parties as an Alchemist/Creator!

New Command: @killcount

Track how many kills you've done vs a specific mob with @killcount. You type @killcount and the mob ID number to see how many in the last 7 days (server days not 168 hours). See how unlucky you are, or maybe that you haven't killed as many as you thought you did!

Monster Info (@mi) Command Changed

Monster Info now also displays the HIT required to hit the monster 100% of the time and the FLEE required to flee the monster 95% of the time just like on Ratemyserver. This is a small change but doing math is annoying so now the server just does it for you.

Performer Songs no longer Affect Homunculus

An oversight on our part, performer songs on homunculus are pretty broken. We don't want to open up ourselves to an exploit here so we're playing it safe and making songs not affect homunculus.

Various Bug Fixes

The following skill bugs have been fixed:

1.) Ankle Snare no longer releases a mob from its snare immediately sometimes. Sometimes mobs would snap through 2 or 3 traps in a row. It was inconsistent, but did happen sometimes. It should not happen anymore after this update.

2.) Chain Action no longer crits. This was a hang over from our renewal client. Double attack shouldnt be able to crit, not even on gunslinger so it was removed.

3.) Assassins can now equip arrows to apply status with their grimtooth with things like Cursed Arrows.

4.) Gunslinger can equip bullets with Grenade launchers for use with the Triple Action skill. They still cannot auto attack or use other grenade launcher skills that require spheres, but this one skill is special cased like its supposed to be.

5.) @hidepetttalk is now fixed and properly hides pet chat. so no more annoying spam from pets. Note that this also disables their emotes as well though so you won't see those either. This has also been added to @settings as a choice as well due to request.

6.) First Class figures now properly apply their bonus to appropriate classes. So before Archer Figure was only working for archer instead of hunter/bard/dancer. After this fix it will also give its bonus to the 2nd classes as well. This applies to all of them for every class.

7.) 3rd and 4th job rings should no longer mess up your skill view when worn. If this does happen still after the fix please report it in #bug-report in discord.

IP Restriction removed from Daily EXP Buff

The daily manual EXP buff no longer checks for IP, but still checks for computer/Gepard. This is to go in line with our "ok with roomates/families" kind of thing. The buff still does not stack with manual as well for any of those who are still somehow not aware of that.

January 2022 Costume Boxes and Patreon Exclusives

With our update comes the next 2 costume boxes on the server. Below you will find a preview of what is in each box as well as our exclusive Patreon Rewards for this month.

Patreon Exclusives Preview
White Cat Ear Hat (Upper) Catearhatwhite.png
Zealotus Doll (Upper) Zealotusdoll.png
Costume Box 1 Preview
Aura of Downpour (Lower) Auraofdownpour.png
Cat Ear Beret (Upper) Catearberet.png
Drooping Lunatic Ears (Middle) Droopinglunaticears.png
Evil Scythe (Garment) Evilscythe.png
Whisper Tall Hat (Upper) Ghostringhat.png
Giant's Helm (Upper) Giantshelm.png
Sakura Coronet (upper) Sakuracoronet.png
Shiba Inu (middle) Shibainu.png
Sleep Sheep (Lower) Sleepsheep.png
Valkyrie Circlet (Upper) Valkyriecirclet.png
Costume Box 2 Preview
Angel Marching Hat (Upper) Angelmarchinghat.png
Aura of Tornado (Lower) Auraoftornado.png
Giant White Rabbit (Garment) Giantwhiterabbit.png
Ignis Cap (Upper) Igniscap.png
Lady Tanee (Middle) Ladytanee.png
Loki & Nidhoggurs Hat (Upper) Lokiandnidhoggurshat.png
Poring Beret (Upper) Poringberet.png
Poring Racing Cap (Upper) Poringracingcap.png
Test Subject Aura (Red) (Lower) Testsubjectaurared.png
Tirayana Bonnet (Upper) Tirayanabonnet.png