January 4th Update

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A lot to unpack with this update as we have lot to go through. This update will nerf zeny drops for random optioned gears, add in an update to the Horror Toy Factory event, and a lot more. Let's get into it.

Sell Price nerfs for Gears with Random Options

This one is going to feel bad for a lot of people, but I waited to do these changes because I wanted to see how the server would land with the drop rate increase on random options. On our server, all gears that roll random options have their drop rates increased to a minimum of 1.75%. If they are already higher than this at 5x rates (our drop rates) then they weren't increased. As such many gears that usually rolled for very low rates before and sold for a large amount of zeny, are now rolling at a very high clip. We pre-emptively nerfed some of these such as Khukri from Sky Petite and Damascus from Sleepers. This was not enough after assessing, however. Things aren't too crazy, but this is one of those "I'm going to err on the side of caution" kind of things. Better to be safe than sorry.

As such we are lowering the sell price of all gears that roll options to a 2k zeny ceiling. What does this mean? It means if the gear sells for less than 2k zeny it won't be affected at all. If it sells for 2k zeny or more AND was affected by our random options increase, then it will be lowered to the flat 2k.

I understand that this is going to feel bad at first, so we're monitoring it actively. If it feels like its too harsh of a nerf we are prepared to reign it in. It will not be fully reverted, but we can make it less harsh if we feel we need to. If after the changes you feel frustrated or feel like it was too harsh, we recommend making your voice heard in the discord.

Homunculus now gets 10% of its Owner's EXP

Pretty straightforward, but our client showed that you could gain 10% exp for your homunculus from the owner. This, however, was not the case in pre-renewal so it wasn't actually affecting the homunculus. This was misleading. We decided to just match the client because it encourages Alchemists to go into parties more as their homunculus can still gain exp as they level together.

Blessing can now remove curse status from Inn Blessing

This was an unintended side effect of the Inn Blessing and AGI changes. Regular Blessing couldn't remove curse from targets who had the 30 minute Blessing buffs from Inns. Now it can.

Party Share Level Range changed to 20

There are many times people have been just outside of share level range for parties and unable to play with friends or others on the server. Since one of my main goals is to bring people together I don't mind nudging the share range up a little so people can play together easier. Also to match the share range, devotion is having its share range increased from 15 > 20 so you can always devo people you are in a party with.

Horror Toy Factory Update

We've added in a new 4th floor to Horror Toy Factory. It functions and looks exactly the same as the 3rd but the spawns are different. All of the mobs have been adjusted. Hit and Flee have been lowered across the board. Some of the mobs in the former 3rd floor remain in the 3rd floor and have been reworked. The ones that are mostly the same and harder are pushed to the new 4th floor. We'll have more details this on the updated Christmas event page once I have time to update it tonight. But for now assume the following:

3rd Floor = Soloable if invested, but still difficult. Better with parties. Intended Level 80 plus, but you shouldn't need a bathory card or ridiculous gear to go there either. Overall should be better for smaller groups/solo players.

4th Floor = same as the old 3rd floor, much harder. Essentially requires a full group and gear. Without it you'll probably struggle.

Rewards for 3rd floor are significantly lower than the 4th due to the difficulty difference, but the 3rd floor still has much higher rates than the 2nd floor. Candy Cane Rods should now be much more accessible for the average player.

Forged Knuckle Weapons now roll options

Knuckles weren't rolling options as a bug. Obviously this was unintended so we fixed it and you can roll options on all Level 3 or better Knuckle weapons.

Clock Tower Warp Unlocker for Bathories/Penomena

Just outside the entrance to Bathories a warp unlocker has been added. This will give easy access to the 4th basement floor and the 3rd. You will still need a key to get into the 4th floor however, so make sure you stock up.

Same Sex Marriage

Marry whoever you want regardless of gender now! For some reason this is off by default, but it was a simple change so we turned it on.

No Memo flags removed from Prontera Fields

When we did our no memo removal from all the field maps we forgot a handful of Prontera fields. Now you can memo all of them including the Acolyte Job change maps. You still can't memo the monk job change map itself, but you can memo just outside of it.

Class Figures and Advanced Assassin Mask added to Silvervine Exchange

For 50 Silvervine you can get the official iRO cash shop accessories such as Merchant Figure or Thief Figure. Each one is relatively weak but has a bonus if you are of the class associated with its name. Advanced Assassin's Mask is a lower headgear that gives 1 crit and 1% crit damage. This was changed to be able to be equipped by all classes instead of just Asassin/Priest.

Smaller Fixes

1.) HP Bar now updates when a party member benefits from our sitting regen without having to use @refresh

2.) Witherless Rose/1 carat diamond seller npcs in morocc moved to their locations listed in RateMyServer to avoid confusion.

3.) Rainbow Scarf level requirement lowered to Level 10. Helm Of Abyss changed to be equippable by all to match its item description.

4.) Comodo Tool Dealer no longer sells Iron Arrows twice.

5.) Signboards updated in Izlude....again. Now they should match the proper locations for the Ferry and Jawaii. Moscovia signboard also removed.

6.) Stat Resetter and Daily Buff NPCs made more explicitly clear. stat resetter now clarifies that you can only reset 1 stat point at a time. and the daily buff npc warns you that it does not stack with manuals.

7.) jRO dancer sprite equipment view will no longer crash other peoples clients who try to view it. This didn't happen to everyone but we fixed it for those that did. If you view anyone's equipment and your client crashes please post in Bug-Report in the discord with a link to your crash log so I can fix it.

8.) @hidepet and @hidepettalk are now enabled for players like they always should have been.