January 20th Update

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Short maintenance today as I'm still working on the next event and content update. This is mostly bug fixes but there are few new features.

Silvervine Share Fix

Silvervine was scripted to go straight to inventory but it was erroneously only going to the killer in parties. This made parties even less favorable than they already felt. With our goal to encourage party play, this had to be fixed ASAP. Now silvervine will go to a random member in the party so long as they are on the same map as the killer.

New Command: @showrare

This command will announce to yourself when you drop a rare item. With autoloot it can be easy to not realize you dropped a rare item, so @showrare will help point out when you do drop that card you've been hunting for. You use this command by typing @showrare and the value of the % you want it to highlight. So as an example lets say you want to highlight every time you drop a card only? @showrare 0.05. You can turn it off by typing it again. This only announces to yourself, not to the entire server and not to your party members.

Monster Fatigue Reduced

Most monsters (not all) have had their fatigue rate dramatically reduced. This means they will not randomly emote and stop following you as often as they did before. Most mobs will do this very infrequently now. Some less important mobs will still have the same emotion rate, but higher level mobs should all do this fairly infrequently now. They still do it occasionally though so please don't report if you see your mob sweat once.

Grimtooth Stacking Updated

Monsters no longer immediately disperse upon going into hiding for the purposes of Grimtooth.

Bug Fixes

Two small bug fixes:

1.) Mental Charge's cooldown for Lif can now be reset by vaporizing the Lif or if the Lif dies instead of only by logging out.

2.) Amatsu Quest wasn't giving its EXP upon receiving the Feudal Permit, so now it gives the 200k exp it was supposed to.

Taekwon and Expanded Job ring

Taekwon Rankers/Girl/Boy can now look like Star Emperor when they were the Expanded Job Ring from our Cash shop.

Coming Soon(TM)

1.) New Patcher (working on this tonight)

2.) Abyss Lake/Thanatos Tower Update (already done, just pairing with OGH)

3.) Old Glast Heim/Sweets Festival Event Update

4.) Horror Toy Factory removal (will make a comeback and be adjusted when we reach the appropriate epsiode)

5.) New Costume Boxes for February

6.) Grand Cross hitting 3 times regardless of monsters being on same cell.