January 11th Update

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This update is mostly major bug fixes but there are some mob spawn increases in attempts to increase party play and a few other things so let's dive into it!

Monster Spawn Increases/Changes

In preparation for our new spotlight system that's almost ready, we are giving you guys the adjusted spawn rates early. Most of these are simply making mobs respawn instantly rather having long respawn timers, but others are adjustments in attempts to make parties more appealing to certain locations that we feel suited party play better than solo play. We were originally going to adjust all dungeons, but mostly focused on those that are better suited for parties. Some dungeons were adjusted that are better for solo players as well of course, but the biggest changes target party locations. Locations like Magma Dungeon were not included in this because they would have been bonkers with our spotlight system. Below you'll find the list of locations affected and how:

       1.) Byalan Island = Strouf and Merman made random/instant respawn on the final floor.
       2.) Clock Tower 4 = Owl Dukes spawns massively increased
       3.) Turtle Dungeon = 4th floor heaters/freezers/assaulters spawn massively increased and made random/instant.
       4.) Glast Heim = Majoruros slightly increased in spawn, gl_prison first floor has rybios/hunter flies lowered and skel prisoners added to the floor and zombie prisoners increased greatly.
       5.) Juperos = Juperos Core has had venatus removed and the exp of all the remaining mobs have had their exp increased by 25%
       6.) Einbech Mines = waste stoves made instant respawn and number of spawns greatly increased
       7.) Amatsu Dungeon = Shinobi spawn slightly increased but made instant respawn/random, Tengu made instant respawn and random. The Paper made instant respawn
       8.) Gonryun Dungeon = Evil Nymphs made instant respawn on 3rd floor.
       9.) Louyang Dungeon = Yao Jun and Civil Servants moderately increased on the 3rd floor. 

Forged Weapons Fix

Hit was rolling on forged weapons first option when it shouldn't have for ranked forged. This meant you could have rolled double hit on a forged weapon. Obviously this was unintended so we re-rolled all forged weapons that had hit on first options to another possible choice. Nothing else was affected by this change. The options table has been fixed and hit should no longer roll on forged ranked weapons first option.

Chat Channels Updated

So with a lot of drama in the chat channels lately we're trying some new things out. For one main chat and other channels are now in different colors other than lime green. the lime green looks like party play chat a bit so that was pushed to the new "freshfinds" channel.

Speaking of which what are these new channels? Well there's "Fresh Finds" (#freshfinds) for you to announce when you got a rare drop or gear or want to share anything in general related to drops. "Lets Play" (#letsplay) is for sharing people your adventures in RO. Some people want to update quite often what they are doing in RO. That's not particularly toxic, but not everyone is fond of it. As such we're having an appropriate channel for sharing your adventures. Those who don't want to see this can opt out of the channel.

Lastly, @settings has been updated! All chat channels are not opt in automatically anymore. So you have to choose that you want to opt in to the appropriate channels with your settings to get them to show up. All of them are opt in so set them once and be done with it. That way if you wanna see LFG/Main/Trade only you can do that. If you want to see the new fresh finds or lets play you can! If you don't make sure you set it to not opt in automatically on your settings.

Monster Aggro/AI Fixed

Monster Aggro was super bugged on our server and this was our biggest change this patch. Basically monsters were turning even when being tanked by another person when it didn't make sense for them too. This was not normal behavior after investigating for certain mobs to switch as easily as they were. So now the mobs that don't switch easily, won't. The mobs that switch for melee still will, and those that have cast sensor will still aggro, but otherwise they shouldn't be switching onto you.

No Memo Flags removed from Niflheim Field 1

Just something I forgot to do last maintenance that needed to happen. You can now memo Niflheim Field 1. You cannot memo Nif Field 2. That's about it for now.

Same Sex Marriage Fixed

So same sex marriage wasn't working even though I had adjusted the file. Turns out there were two marriage files for default and the official one was being used not the custom. We simply disabled the official and put in the custom one that allows same sex. You'll still need the appopriate items, like two wedding dresses for two females, but you can now marry whoever you want. KappaPride.

And that wraps up this maintenance. More stuff to come in the future. We're still working on spotlights and a lot of your suggestions are NOT being overlooked. Many of them are wonderful suggestions we just have a lot to do and its been a lot of work. Me and Ken are working as hard and as fast as we can to get you guys the updates. We'll keep you all posted!