February 21st Update

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Short update today and mostly bug fixes and adjustments. Let's dive into it:

Tapping Adjustments

Tapping is not very intuitive for most of the player base and most don't even know how the tapping mechanic works. With that we've decided to make tapping apply with every skill casted. This means you'll apply your EXP bonus in a party much easier as long as you are actively using skills. The tapping skill itself also remains for when you dont have a skill to cast, but for when you already casting skills you wont have to tap. This means supports can focus on doing their job rather than having to prioritize tap over supporting their party. We hope this makes party play smoother/easier.

Autoloot Adjustment

Autoloot now requires you to be relatively on screen when you kill a monster to get the loot automatically looted to you. It checks for screen wide and then a tiny bit more for those edge cases where Storm Gust or a skill like Jupitel Thunder might push it off screen. This is mostly to prevent abuse of players doing two things: farming 100% safely with ground targeted spells/fly winging, and also dealing just enough damage to an MVP to get the loot but then leaving it for someone else to deal with while they farm the map.

Alchemist and the Greed Skill

We've added the ability for Alchemist to learn the quest skill Greed as compensation for their loss of autoloot with Homunculus. This will help it feel less punishing for legitimate Alchemist players who were not just AFK farming with their Homunculus. To learn this skill simply go to the same NPC as the Blacksmith would for their platinum skill quest.

Warps Added to Warp Unlocker

With OGH we got feedback that traversing the map to get to the dungeons was tedious so we added in warp unlockers to the following sections of Old Glast Heim:

Castle Sewers Staircase Chivalry

Khalitzburg Knight Pet

For 1000 Sweets Festival Coins you can get your very own Khalitzburg Knight Pet in the main office. To get this talk to Airi the headgear quest exchanger and choose "Pet Eggs". This pet gives 5% Physical and Magic Damage to Demon/Undead races.

Bug Fixes/Adjustments

1) Lord of Vermillion no longer stacks

2.) Alchemists can now receive EXP while leeching from active party members even with their homunculus out. Note that you still cannot get EXP or give EXP to party members while idle/afk yourself with your homunculus. Idle requires movement to go away, not just casting a skill.

3.) (adjustment) Plants/Mushrooms summoned by Plant Cultivate no longer work with gear and cards that drop items. This means things like our event hat, Myst Case Card, etc.

Coming Soon(TM)

Looking into getting an updated patcher for those who are weary of the false flag of the current one being a virus.

Adding more locations to the Treasure Hunt mini game.

Also looking into adding a few more pets and get the new MVP/Party Instance systems underway. We'll have more details about those as time goes on.