February 19th Update

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Ok this one is just fixing up some major bugs introduced by our Sweets Festival update and adjust Old Glast Heim and Alchemy Efficiency so lets just get right into it:

Bug Fixes

1.) Tapping bonus no longer reduces your EXP to 1 or 0. It now properly gives you 50% bonus EXP to you and your party members for each tap. (party of two can only get 1, always one less than your total party) Again, this stacks up to 11 for 550% bonus EXP. Another reminder that tapping is GEPARD/PC restricted and IP restricted. You can have two characters per IP address add a tap bonus, but only one per computer.

2.) Lord of Vermillion damage fixed to do its intended damage ratio at 100% up from 25% of its intended ratio previously.

3.) Soul Linker/Taekwon Warm Wind now doesnt stack and does not remove itself when you de-equip a weapon unless you are using level 7 warm wind (Holy)

Alchemy Efficiency Adjustments

Based on player feedback we're adjusting Alchemy Efficiency to be more...efficient! (hah) It now has two skill points instead of 1. Level 1 will do the same thing it did before, remove the cost of Acid Terror, but now it only costs 1 acid bottle instead of both acid bottle and bottle grenade. Level 2 is the same thing but with Demonstration (not acid demonstration) and requires a bottle grenade only.

If you previously learned this skill you MUST go back to Alchie Breno in the Alchemist's guild and talk to her again to relearn the skill. You will NOT have to do the quest. Just talk to her once.

Old Glast Heim Drops updates

1.) Heavenly Maiden Robe[1] to Khalitzburg Knight- 1.49%

2.) Berserk[0] - addd to Contaminated Raydric at 1.75%

3.) Elven Ears- added to Corrupted Raydric at 0.25%

4.) Sage's Diary[2] added to Ice ghost at 1.75% (replaces survivor's rod unslotted)

5.) Skull Cap added to Flame ghost at 0.05% (replaces survivor's rod unslotted)

6.) Krishna added to Corrupted Wanderer drops at 1.75%

OGH Castle 1, Sewer, and Staircase exclusive mobs have had their Sweets Festival Coin drop rates increased to 19.31%

(this means: Corrupted Wanderer, Prison Breaker, Contaminated Stings, Frozen Gargoyles, Ice Ghosts, Flame Ghosts))