Episode 12 Destruction Of Morroc

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So after months of delays and a slew of issues we had to overcome, Episode 12 is FINALLY upon us. There is a lot to unpack here as Episode 12 has a lot of things by default and we're adding in some renewal content, a reworked PVP room, new costumes, and much much more. So without further ado. Let's get right into it. I'll start with the vanilla Pre-Renewal stuff from Episode 12 and work my way to our unique custom stuff.


Moscovia has only a few changes to it, but theyre pretty impactful so let's go over them below.

Monster Cards Added In

Baby Yaga, Mavka, Uzhas, Les, Wood Goblin, and Gopinich all have their cards from renewal with some being reworked/nerfed. To see their effects you can type @ii and their monster name in game to see the card and its effect.

Mavka Drops Nerfed

As with our pre-emptive Sleeper and Geffenia nerfs we've also nerfed Mavkas to slow the rate of zeny you can get at 5x drops. Goal is to make them still good, but not hideously broken. We will monitor this and see if we didn't nerf hard enough or potentially over nerfed.

Moscovia Quest Skip and Changes

Moscovia Quest can be skipped for 500k, and the quest no longer requires a certain time of day to ride the boat to perform the quest manually if you so wish to go down this route.

Destruction of Morocc

We did a lot of different things compared to Vanilla so lets get right into what those changes entail.

How to get to Dimensional Gorge

So typically in Episode 12, the town of Morocc is completely destroyed, fields are removed from the game and new ones are added in. This feels particularly bad to us and we aren't a fan of it so we did an alternative method of implementing the Dimensional Gorge and Satan Morocc content.

In regular Morroc town, if you are base level 80, you can talk to the Time Traveler NPC to travel into the future when Satan Morroc has destroyed Morroc. This brings you to the Episode 12 version of Morroc and gives you access to the Continental Guard quest and the Dimensional Gorge maps.

Continental Guard Quest

Note there is no skip for the Satan Morroc quest as of now, (possibly will be added in the future), and you still have to do the Continental Guard quest on every character if you want access.

Mob Adjustments

All Satan Morroc mobs have had their random optioned gear drops raised to 1.75% minimum in line with our other "boss" mobs that act like normal mobs (such as a Salamander)

Endless Tower

Endless Tower has also been overhauled quite a bit and there's also an event for the launch of this update that I will explain below.

Two Versions: Regular and MVP Instance

So Endless Tower by default is an instance so making an MVP Instance version may sound kinda weird.

Basically the normal version has a 3 day cooldown, is character locked, and only rolls loot once with all the normal stuff including cards.

The MVP Instance version of ET is Gepard/Computer locked, still only rolls loot once for regular mobs, but MVP loot will roll once for every person excluding cards with OCA still having 75% reduced drop rate.

The MVP instance version also has a 6 day, 12 hour cooldown so you guys can run it around the same time every week since it takes awhile to complete.

ET will also check if you have complete floors before you can use Ashes of Darkness to skip floors. This is to prevent some bugs we ran into.

Naght Sieger and Entwehein Crothen Adjustments

All their major random optioned drops have been raised from 90% > 100% since they are already difficult to acquire we only felt it was fair to raise this to 100% since getting good options will be difficult with our system.

Naght Sieger also drops his card from renewal, unadjusted. To see its effect just type @ii Naght Sieger Card in game.

Launch First Kill Event

Until November 20th, all players who kill Naght Sieger and thus complete Endless Tower for the first time will receive the lower headgear costume "Magic Butterflies". This is an exclusive costume that will only be available during this launch event as a token of players who were here and completed the content.

Both the MVP Instance and Regular Endless Tower versions will count, but you can only receive the rewards once per person regardless of however many accounts you finish it on.

And with that let's get into non-vanilla stuff for this update that we did that caused the bulk of our delays.

Niflheim Dungeon

Niflheim Dungeon can be found in Niflheim town and is by far the most ambitious and unique content we've created. It has many unique rules and properties that we hope truly encourage party play/coordination. So let's go over what Niflheim offers, how it works, and why you'd want to party there.

Individual Loot Rolls

The most important mechanic about Niflheim Dungeon is that on the map everyone rolls their own loot! Yes, every UNIQUE person. This means dual clients won't count, but bringing a friend from another computer will! This applies to everything including cards! So there is never a downside to bringing another person.

Combined with Tapping EXP scaling the way it does, we hope everyone realizes that you should just always let someone tag along even if they aren't the best player or the most efficient as they will often just add to kill speed. Our goal with this is to make classes that are usually not invited to a party invited such as melee classes or off meta builds.

EDP, Star Gladiator, and Asura Strike Nerfs

With the expanded rework on the Horizon, Star Gladiator won't be a balance issue for much longer, but for now it is. Any time a boss monster is created they become THE go to pick due to the EXP bonus they provide to their party members. Further, their playstyle discourages anyone else from hitting the mob or participating which is counter intuitive for the design of THIS dungeon.

As such Star Gladiators cannot proc miracle nor can they even assign the map with their feelings. This will be adjusted in the future after the rework, but for now this is a no Star Gladiator zone.

EDP has reduced effectiveness on the map by 50% to slow down solo builds from just zooming around the map and ignoring party play. We don't think this will prevent solo Sinx, as there are other mechanics that make it hard for them, but we want to avoid the "cheerleader" parties where one guy carries the entire party by himself and instead want to see a need for more people to join in.

Asura Strike just like with Jungle Mandragoras will sap 75% SP and lock out SP recovery instantly upon cast on these monsters. This means, while it is not useless, its not going to be solo carry or one shotting by itself.

No Teleport

Unlike most dungeons where you can teleport, you cannot fly wing around. We want people to have to actually deal with all the mobs on the map, and if you can't? Well find a party! By not allowing teleport on this map we hope this forces people to work together more. Its possible this is changed in the future once we get a chance to see how it plays out, but for now there is no teleport on either floor.

Death Witch and First Kill Event

Death Witch is a new boss reworked entirely from the ground up from renewal. She is extremely bulky and difficult and we hope requires a fully party to take down. But more importantly, for anyone who takes her down before November 20th will get a reward just like the Endless Tower Naght Sieger costume reward.

The costume reward is a garment, "Crown Wings". Same rules as ET apply with first kill you get giving you the costume, while all others after not giving you the reward. Both MVP Instance and Field Death Witch will count.

In the field, only one set of loot will roll for Death Witch despite the map otherwise rolling individual loot.

Zelunium, Shadowdecon,

The first floor of Niflheim Dungeon drops Rough Zelunium and Rough Shadowdecon, with the second floor dropping the full version of both. Zelunium is used to craft armors while the Shadowdecon is used to craft Weapons with Nathaniel.

Nathaniel can also reroll the random options you get on these for a smaller amount of Zelunium and Shadowdecon.

You can find Nathaniel just outside Niflheim Dungeon.

For a complete list of craftable items visit our Niflheim Dungeon page.

PVP Room Rework

The PVP room has been reworked entirely/simplified. Now the PVP room has both a dueling/matchmaking system and a room that works kinda like BGs with their being only ONE map that everyone goes to. You must be level 80 to go to the PVP room map.

Matchmaking and Dueling

You talk to the npc near the center square in Prontera on the left out of the 3 PVP NPCs and choose a different type of duel to set up or join someone elses and accept their challenge.

           -First there is 1 v1 same class, this will make it a mirror match with your own class so High Wizard vs High Wizard, Champion vs Champion, etc.
           -Second there is 1 v 1 anyone, so you can duel any challenger regardless.
           -In both options you can choose how many rounds the duel will be. 1, 3, or 5. 
           -You can set a zeny price and bet on the match. Winner will take all with a 10% tax going to the server. 
            So for example: You set a 1,000,000 zeny PVP bet match. Then someone joins and you win. You will then
            get 2m zeny sent to your mail/rodex with 10% tax taken off. so 1.8m zeny should be sent to you. 

There is also a RANKING system for duels and we eventually plan to add this rank to the website!

PVP Room

The PVP room functions mostly like a normal PVP room but now tracks kill streaks and announces them globally in the room to everyone. We've also added PVP supplies that function just like BG supplies. You cannot access the therapist if you are in combat in the PVP room.

The PVP room also tracks your stats for kills and deaths and ranks you as well! but this is also solely for fun, and has no weight other than bragging rights.

New Command: @listenpvp

PVP room entry and duels both have announcements every time someone enters or sets up a match or wins a duel. You can opt out of these announcements with this command. This command is also in @settings if you permanently wish to avoid the announcements as a non-pvp player.

Plagiarism NPC

With the rework of the PVP room we don't want people going into the PVP room just to get a skill with plagiarism so we're finally adding in a plagiarism NPC for rogue players. This NPC is upstairs in the main office and will only give you skills you could copy from a player normally so nothing whacky like waterball 10. Simply talk to the NPC if you are a rogue/stalker and have learned plagiarism and choose the skill you want to copy. Not much else to say here.

Event Exclusive Stuff

1.) Silvervine Drops now also give Bat Cookies

2.) Memory Game added back to Jawaii, costs Bat Cookies

3.) @eventexp command returns, costing 30 bat cookies

4.) Costume previews can be found on our |Costume Previews page.

5.) Scatleton Pet can be crafted with Bat Cookies and exclusive drops from Niflheim Dungeon only during this event. (which will last until the christmas event since it was delayed)

6.) Scatleton Pet can be evolved with these same requirements mentioned above albeit in differing amounts.

7.) Niflheim Dungeon mobs drop Bat Cookies/Yummy Meat/Memory of Gyoll for Scatleton and other event exclusive stuff.

Other Adjustments

1.) Alchemist's "Alchemy Efficiency" skill now uses two new items called Efficient Acid Bottle and Efficient Bottle Grenade. You can convert these 1 to 1 with an NPC in the Alchemist guild with regular Acid Bottles and Bottle Grenades. This was done so you do not acccidentally use acid terror when your buff runs out and waste all your acid bottles or bottle grenades by spamming them.

2.) Convex Mirrors have been added to the Silvervine Shop for 3 Silvervine and only work in MVP Instances. Beelzebub Wing Box (infinite fly wing for 7 days) added for 25 silvervine.

3.) Homunculus only kills no longer drop silvervine. This was being abused by multi client chemists pretty hard at stationary fixed respawns and while I don't mind the semi-AFK playstyle it was being abuse to an extent I am simply not comfortable with. Just make sure you smack a mob even once to have a chance at dropping silvervine on alchemist.

4.) Geffenia zeny making drops like Mastela Fruit, Blue Potion, Gold Ring, Diamond Ring have all had their drops reduced by 15-20%. Additionally Incubus only drop two sets of white herbs now instead of 3.

5.) Spider Web when cast by MONSTERS can now be status recovered or broken out of with magnum break.

Future Stuff

Expanded Rework is on the horizon and Episode 13, WOE:SE, and more in the future.