December 30th Update

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Charlie here with a lot to update you guys with in this update. It's mostly fixes and small changes but there are some new things added to the server! Read more about them below in more detail. I'll try to explain everything as well as I can in depth.

Tapping EXP Bonus is Now IP Restricted

The tapping bonus you get from interacting with a mob in any way that gives EXP was already party exclusive. Despite this, players were still opting to mass multi-client. It was pretty efficient for them as well with how easy the new Tap skill made it for them. As such, we decided to make the tapping EXP bonus only apply to a maximum of two characters per IP address. You can still multi-client and we're not against that altogether, but playing with other human beings should always be more optimal. We're hoping this change lands and gets people playing together more. The reason we also chose to not restrict IP address to ONE was because there are roommates and husband/wives, etc. who live together and play RO together. We are less concerned with someone who may dual client a single priest or alt leech and more concerned with full parties run by a single person. Again, doing that isn't against the rules and if you wanna play that way more power to you. We just want playing with other active players be the best way to play the game. That was a goal of this server from the very first day I set out development.

Inn Buff Changes

Getting buffed by a regular acolyte class's increase agi or blessing will no longer override your extended inn buffs. We unfortunately couldn't apply this logic to all skills that are weaker than the one you have on for reasons I really don't want to get into in an update, but just rest assured your inn buffs are safe. If someone tries to buff you while you have the Inn buffs there will not be an animation which is a clear indicator to the person trying to buff you that you don't need the buffs right now. Per popular request in the community as well, it was pretty overwhelming that you guys wanted 30 minute duration over 20 minute duration. I wasn't really excited about this change myself, but I understand the de-sync with awakening/berserk pots being annoying so I went ahead and did it.

Updated Map Memo

Removed all the garbage "nomemo" flags from many maps. kRO apparently doesn't like the warp portal skill so I removed many of the restrictions from the no memo. The following maps should be memo-able now:

















































Sex Change and Name Change NPC

A sex change and name change NPC has been added to the main office just next to the Expanded 99 Rewards NPC (bottom side). For 10 Silvervine Fruits (green) you can change your name or gender. You must not be in a guild, party, and it will force log you out. Be sure to wait a few seconds before immediately trying to log back in or you may just waste your Silvervine. (heed the warning of the NPC: Please read!)

New command: @settings

Popular request by the players here, to remember your settings on login. This will remember @autoloot (not @alootid sorry) as well as your chat channels. We may have to change the default channels to be opt out now that we have this command with the exception of #main next patch if the channels aspect isn't working. @showexp is also included as an option if you want show exp to always be on.

Smaller Changes

Below you'll find a list of smaller changes that I put in as well this update. These are less impactful then above but still worth mentioning:

Celine Kimi Job EXP Nerfed

Celine Kimi was simply giving more job EXP than intended so she has been nerfed down to about 1.3m Job EXP.

Airship Rep in Yuno Removed

The airship rep in Yuno was kind of redundant with the Kafra right there and he was a cheaper alternative anyway. This was unintended as we need some zeny sinks so he was removed.

Warp Unlock added to Prontera Entrance for Hidden Labyrinth

Straight forward here, per a request we put in a hidden dungeon entrance for Pront even though we already had the Aldebaran entrance. Now you can choose which entrance you want to start at!

Commands @mvp and @mvpboard disabled for players

This command was not supposed to be in as we are still working on the MVP board functionality. the MVP board is bugged and displays for other players than the one viewing it which is obnoxious obviously. This command may never come back as you'll probably have to use the button once we fix it.

Party Name now shows

For some reason party name was not displaying, but we fixed it and now it is

Gospel Buffs removed on Logout

Gospel buffs are incredibly powerful and stacking them by logging out and logging in is unhealthy. As such you will lose your gospel buffs upon log out now.

Ayothaya > Alberta Warp fixed

Weird one but if you tried to warp back to Alberta from Ayothaya by talking to the NPC it placed you in the water. Now it properly places you where it should.

No Teleport flag removed from Amatsu Dungeon 1

So the maze is intended to be challenging by gravity, but it was an overwhelming consensus by players to remove this flag. I am not a fan of it personally, but I know the map is annoying to navigate when you just wanna get down to the later floors for farming.

Amistr Bulwark and Filir's Moonlight Fixed

Amistr Bulwark was locking out the Homunculus from using skills for 30 seconds instead of having a 30 second cooldown. We fixed this and made it only put the skill itself on cooldown so the homunculus can still use other abilities. Filir's moonlight only had 1 range and a 2 second after cast delay. This has been fixed to have a 15 cell range like it should and also give the skill itself a 2 second cooldown instead of the ACD.

Gangster Scarf added to Premi's Silvervine Exchange

For those of you who don't like the look of pirate dagger and wanna be a G, here you go. Like all other lower headgears it costs 50 Silvervine fruits. (green)

Coming Soon(tm)

Moving forward I'm looking into giving you guys more exciting places to farm at and mix it up with some form of a spotlight system. Not sure how I'm going to do it just yet but that is the main thing I'm looking at. We'll continue to see how people are partying or not partying with each other. My main goal of the server is to create content/situations where you want to play with other people so that will always be the biggest focus. We'll be looking to fix some erroneous signboards and NPCs as well. Also next update expect one cute little cat you see in town becoming tameable as a pet. We're still working on getting unevolved pets to have automatic feeding as well.