April 28th Update

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As we near the end of the month we have a light patch for you. This one is mostly focused on making shopping less miserable on Alfheim as we've heard you that our @searchstore wasn't functioning well enough! So without further ado let's get into it:

New Commands: @wb and @ws

These are shorthand for @whobuy and @whosell. However, they function differently and bring up our old @searchstore function and search it automatically for you.

This is the ONLY way to use the searchstore NPC now. The reason is this will allow the NPC to not be case-sensitive, and find more items related to your search. For example, if you type @ws Bottle, it will come up with Acid Bottles, Empty Bottles, Bottle Grenades, etc.

If you type @wb Herb you will see White Herbs and Blue Herbs and any other herb that is up in a buy shop.

Additionally you can specifically look for specific refines, cards in the gear, and random options (AND the value tied to those options). You can see the format by typing @ws without anything after it.

Cards require brackets [] and options require parentheses ()

I'll have a gif/image of this in a bit and a web page with a list of the random options ID numbers for you to type out (since you need the actual random option ID and can't type the name)

New NPCS for @wb

Because the marketplace removed visibility of buyshops for newbies to sell their stuff to players, we added in NPCs to maps where newbies commonly farm mats to sell to players. Mandragoras, Verits, Nightmares, and more will all have a cat npc that will basically type @wb (item here) for you. This is so NPCs can easily sell their items to players without having to know the command @wb even exists.

Adjustments/Bug Fixes

1.) Floras now drop an extra roll of stems at the same rate as their other stem.

2.) You can now warp to the Alfheim Marketplace from any Kafra for the same cost as warping to Prontera.

Sakura Season Ends

Sakura season is over and Prontera has been reverted back to Verdant Prontera due to it winning the vote for what we should do with Pront when there is no event. You all liked Verdant so we are sticking with it. The costumes for Sakura have been removed from the Cash shop and the event headgear quest NPC.

The Sweets Festival will continue for a few more days and end on May 1st so use up your coins while you can.

NOTE: The sweets coins will not disappear and you can still evolve a Drops Pet into a Sweet Drops pet after the event ends.

Coming Soon (TM)

Just so we don't leave you in the dark I wanted to update you on what's planned/prioritized for Alfheim moving forward into may:

1.) Rachel/Ice Dungeon (2nd week of may)

2.) Socket Enchant (same update as rachel)

3.) Battlegrounds

4.) War of Emperium

5.) Improving our Marketplace on the website.

6.) Fixing our broken Rodex/mail system.

7.) Implementing the Test Server for public use.

8.) MVP Instance System

9.) Expanded Classes Transcendant Update