April 22nd Update

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Very short update today, this will be a very quick post as most of it is in the Alfheim Marketplace page.

We've been growing quite a bit lately and as such Prontera feels too crowded. We have added a new vending area that is now the only place you can vend. To read more about it click the page mentioned above.

So beyond that let's go over the only other change:

New Headgear: Mercury Riser[1]

` 1.) New Quest Headgear: Mercury Riser[1]
  3% ASPD, 3 CRIT, 3% CRIT DMG
  DEF = 1
  40 Weight
  All Classes
  If +5, add 1% aspd, 1 crit, 1% crit dmg
  If +7, further add  1% aspd, 1 crit, 1% crit dmg
  total at + 7 =
  1.) 5% ASPD
  2.) 5 CRIT
  3.) 5 CRIT DMG
  Requirements to make:
  1.) Gold x 3
  2.) Bone Helm[0]
  3.) Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch x 5