Transcendent Expanded Classes

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NOTE: This Page Is Currently Work In Progress. Transcendent Classes are NOT released and are being worked on. This is tentative work in advance of release


On Project Alfheim, The Expanded Classes will all be able to transcend like normal classes and have been heavily reworked including their pre-trans skills. This means they can get the following buffs:

         -25% more HP and SP
         -100 Status Points at level 1
         -Ability to Equip Trans Exclusive Gears

They transcend in the same way by going through the rebirth quest like all other trans classes after paying the 1.25m zeny fee to read the book in Yuno.

After transcending how each job moves forward is different:

Gunslinger and Ninja

Both Gunslinger and Ninja become their transcendent classes after rebirth by simply revisiting their first job changes.

Gunslinger goes back to the Gunslinger guild in Einbroch to become a Night Watch.

and Ninja goes back to the Ninja guild in Amatsu to become a Shinkiro.

Taekwon Kid

Taekwon Kid is a special case. If you choose to not become a Soul Linker or Star Gladiator but hit 99/50 in levels, you can choose to rebirth as a Taekwon Kid.

This is a unique case that will flag you differently when you rebirth and you will become a Star Emperor upon talking to the first job change in Payon like you did in pre-trans.

Note that you cannot choose to become a Soul Ascetic or Sky Emperor after rebirthing as a Taekwon Kid and you are locked in as a Star Emperor forever!

Soul Linker and Star Gladiator

Soul Linkers and Star Gladiators must first go back to the Taekwon Kid job change in Payon once again first and go through the process of being a High Taekwon before they can reach their rebirth versions.

Upon hitting job 50, they must revisit Valhalla like all other trans classes and go back to the Valkyrie map by talking to the book in Yuno once more.

Once there they talk to their respective NPC to job change again just like other trans classes do.

Soul Linkers become Soul Ascetics and Star Gladiators become Sky Emperors

Super Novice

Super Novices simply go back to the Super Novice job change in Aldebaran just like Ninja and Gunslinger do upon hitting base level 45 again post trans as a High Novice.

Super Novices become a Hyper Novice